Voting at United Nations Headquarters in New York
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The Brazilian government’s commitment to democracy requires consistency. A democratic country cannot endorse the cynical idea that it is legitimate to resolve international disagreements by violence, by the law of the strongest (the force of arms, not reason), as Russia did when it invaded Ukraine a year ago, violating all norms and values ​​of the international system.

The US has committed similar crimes many, many times, including on recent occasions, such as, among others, in the covert intervention in Nicaragua (1980s), and in the invasions of Grenada (1983), Panama (1990), Yugoslavia/Serbia ( 1998/1999), Iraq (2003) and Libya (2012), in addition to the infamous economic sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and several other countries. But these aggressions by US imperialism do not give Russia or any other country the false right to commit atrocities, to violate international norms and invade a neighboring country, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and destruction on an unimaginable scale, without having suffered any threat. or previous aggression that could justify this conduct.

The Lula government voted correctly for the UN, and in accordance with our Constitution, which defends the peaceful resolution of conflicts, the territorial integrity of countries and respect for their sovereignty and the self-determination of peoples. I’m with Lulu.

Along with Brazil, 140 other countries voted, including Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Chile, which are part of the group of Latin American nations with progressive governments. Only 7 countries voted against the approved resolution and 32 abstained from condemning Russia for the invasion of Ukraine and illegal annexation of a portion of Ukrainian territory. All Mercosur countries voted in the same way.

Brazil, with this vote, remains an international actor qualified to the role of mediator, along with other countries, since abstention meant, in this specific case, a vote in favor of Russia.

Lula’s position, of emphasizing the need for immediate peace, while recognizing Ukraine’s right to defend itself against aggressive military forces, expresses the Brazilian policy of non-alignment in the face of the “new cold war” that is brewing in the world—an irrational path that will only bring misery, death, and suffering, endangering human survival itself.

Our government must not be towed by the USA, nor China, nor Russia nor Europe, it must not adhere to any policy of geopolitical blocs or “camps”, but rather defend, above all, the legitimate interests of the Brazilian people, with based on the values ​​of peace, justice, democracy, human rights and respect for international institutions. Against all types of militarism, violence and imperialism.

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