Juan Grabois launched himself as a candidate for national deputy. She announced it this Monday night, in an interview with Gustavo Sylvestre, on C5N. Yeah, a year and a half before the electionswhile the country is witnessing a brutal adjustment that has been awakening resistance struggles, the political leader is already thinking about a parliamentary position.

Meanwhile, is practically erased from the ongoing fights against adjustment. Throughout the five days that there were in the streets against the Omnibus Law, he was seen only once. He arrived quite late to Congress, when the repression and resistance had already ended. A few hours earlier, when the demonstration was repressed, Grabois said from a television studio that this was “logical” because they were “small marches.”

In the following days, when the repression intensified and there were protesters with serious injuries (As the lawyer Matías Aufieri shot in the eye), Grabois was not seen on the streets. Unlike, for example, the deputies of the Left Unity Front, who were trying to prevent the repressive advance and ended up suffering.

Grabois was also not present at the different demonstrations called by the GPS-Aerolíneas Argentinas workers.. Various sectors were present in these protests against the layoffs and against the attempt to privatize the flag airline. Obviously, the deputies and representatives of the Left Front but, also, a broader political and union arc, which repudiates these attacks.

Finally, in the weeks that passed, the resistance of the state to the mass layoffs also did not have the active support of Grabois. He was not at the Ministry of Labor, where the most important concentration of the day took place. Nor in other departments, where there were different measures of struggle as part of the massive entry called for.

The strategy of Peronism: let the adjustment pass

Grabois alone got ahead of everyone else. The general strategy of Peronism as a whole has been to let the adjustment pass to try to return electorally in 2025 or 2027. That is the strategy of its political leadership and also of the union leadership.

Cristina Kirchnerpossibly the most important reference of Peronism, does not even denounce the adjustment measures in progress. Even less would I call for resistance. On the contrary, in his last important statement (a 33-page letter) he enabled labor reform to be discussed and privatizations to be discussed. A turn to the right that agrees to negotiate the adjustment program of Milei and the large employers.

Sergio Massaits last presidential candidate and the former Minister of Economy who brought poverty to 42% and inflation to 200%, is also deleted. That disastrous management helped a lot to Javier Milei’s victory. In addition, Massa and the Frente Renovador helped put together the lists of La Libertad Avanza in PBA and other points. Now him former official works for a vulture fundthat is, speculators who benefit, among other things, from the country’s debt.

It is worth remembering that In 2023, Grabois ended up being an electoral collector for Massa. He appeared in the PASO only to prevent the electoral growth of the Left Front and then called to vote for the minister who applied an adjustment to the IMF service.

The CGT and the CTA work in the union field with the same objective. Instead of uniting existing resistance struggles through actions such as new national strikes, they leave each fight isolated, resisting alone. That is, they facilitate the progress of the adjustment. At the same time, a sector of the CGT leadership follows the line set by Cristina Kirchner and offers to negotiate a labor reform where the right to dismissal compensation would be jeopardized.

Grabois is part of that general policy of Peronism. The strategy is to let Milei devastate the country at the service of the IMF, Rocca and the big business community, let it sink politically because of that and so that Peronism can return by electoral means. This political strategy means allowing poverty, misery and unemployment to continue growing. Is electorally speculate on the hunger of the poor people.

On the contrary, it is necessary to strengthen the organization and resistance struggles. Actively support all ongoing fights so that they succeed, develop democratic coordination and organization from below, promote fighting measures in the streets, facing repressive threats. Only this way you can impose on the CGT and the CTA to resume the path of struggle with a new national strike and a plan of struggle that reaches the general strikethe only way to defeat the entire adjustment plan.

You cannot speculate electorally while poverty and unemployment grow. We have to face the adjustment now.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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