It wasn’t what Javier Miley intended and had announced on March 1, when he said in Congress that he would reach this date with his Base Law enacted and would sign a “May Pact” with all the governors of the country. Neither law nor pact. The fact is that almost three months later, the monstrosity with which Freedom Advances seeks to legalize its plunder plan for the benefit of national and multinational corporations, increasing the already very high poverty received at the hands of the Front of All.

Milei arrived on May 25 at the worst moment of his short management. He still hasn’t gotten Congress to approve any law. To the delay of the Base Law disappear the rejection of DNU 70/2023 that the Senate has already voted and that may end up buried in the Deputies. Even his journalist friends talk about changes in the Cabinetstarting with none other than Nicolas Posse. Your financial swordsman Toto Caputo continues to wait for the bourgeoisie to commit to the “plan”, but the business community responds with more doubts than certainties. And even sectors of concentrated power repudiate his idea of ​​colluding with Ariel Lijo in the Supreme Court.

Thus, this Saturday the only governor who received the President and his entourage at the learned party was Martin Llaryora, the competent authority by jurisdiction. The majestic courthouse of the capital of Cordoba, where he had promised to sign the “pact”, was changed to the historic Council provincial, located in Independencia and 27 de Abril. And the “crowd” that he intended to summon ended in a few thousand concentrated in the street and not occupying more than half San Martin Plaza.

It was a number of fans barely higher than what happened on Wednesday at Luna Park. “It was not more than half of what he called months ago, when he closed the campaign, which I think was about 16 thousand people”said to this newspaper an expert on the popular mobilizations and concentrations in Córdoba.

The event was impregnated with all the private methodology that embodies Freedom Advances. A exclusive transmission through a signal managed by the Government. It was prohibited to install cameras or mobile phones that they could record their own images around the stage. And whoever wanted to cross the perimeter fence had to refrain from carrying signs or bannersmuch less any non-libertarian distinctive that at the Police It might seem “suspicious” to you.

A preview full of messages

Early mercy he had to deal with words and images he didn’t like. In the Buenos Aires Cathedral a critic received in the front row tedeum in the mouth of the archbishop Jorge Garcia Cuerva, a Bergogliano with a black palate. There the clergyman said before mercy and his Cabinet that “must be accompanied with actions and not just words.” He criticized some of the official policies, but without giving them a name or surname. Typical of the ecclesiastical leadership (which should be separated from the State but has remained tied to it for centuries). That pulpit is stained by historical tedeum of the most prominent collaborators of crimes against humanity. Mr.’s request for “self-criticism” Cuerva is emptied when it comes from the least self-critical institution in the history of humanity, complicit in genocides and looting around the world.

Leaving the Cathedral mercy He saw on television how state workers were “waiting” for him in front of the airport. Córdoba, cutting part of the bordering highway. In order of Patricia Bullrichthe Gendarmerie tried to repressleaving a new postcard of State violence against social protest.

And he also saw on the screens that thousands of combative workers, organized women, neighborhood assemblies and young people they met in Congress Square in a national meeting summoned to coordinate the ongoing fights against the Government’s war plan and to organize the fights to come.

Almost a Luna Park |  Photo X by @marianherrrera
Almost a Luna Park | Photo X by @marianherrrera

An (p)act with oneself

After 3:30 p.m. mercy He took the stage accompanied by the sounds of the Alto Perú military fanfare of the Horse Grenadier Regiment. After the singing of the Anthem, she greeted with her hoarse “hello everyone.” She then began to read her speech. You know that when she has to say really important things requires a layout. The natural exposition of ideas is not his strong suit. She only improvised to return some screams from the fans.

The President said that “mayo” for your government “It is a concept, it is an idea that is summarized in two principles: freedom and democracy”. And he gave himself the air of a statesman by seeking to establish a “connecting thread” between the Creoles of 1810, the constituents of 1853 and his rabid far-right administration. In this sense, various analysts highlighted that all their speech had a curiously conciliatory tone with the political regime as a whole. Direct effect of its complicated political moment. For example, she did not smile or harangue when the audience chanted on several occasions “the caste is afraid!”

Milei once again repeated his idea, never empirically demonstrated, that Argentina was “First world potency” at the end of the 19th century. According to him, “the explosion of wealth, growth and progress generated by the adoption of the May principles has not and has not been (sic) paralleled in history.” At most, he insisted, only America’s “revolution” can be equated with what was done by liberals like “Mitre, Sarmiento, Avellaneda, Roca and Pellegrini”.

He also reiterated that, “unfortunately, at some point,” those principles were abandoned and “we allowed ourselves to be deceived by the siren songs of those who buried Argentina for decades in the deepest of darkness.” According to him, “the direct descendants of the tradition of the May revolutionaries.”

In one of his usual mystical outbursts, mercy He said that “in vain will tyranny, brute force and worries (sic) make wars against us and place invincible obstacles against us. Nothing will be able to discourage us, Faith that encourages us is incontrovertible. Godthe Patriathe cry of our conscience and our reason imposes on us the duty to consecrate our strength and shed, if necessary, our blood for the holy cause of democratic freedom and for the complete emancipation of the land in which we were born.” Dirty memethey said there.

About the already frustrated “May Pact”the president said with a grim gesture that reiterates the call (to the governors, although without naming them) to sign that agreement. From below the fans chanted “law of bases!” And he announced that will continue “working” towards the signature of that agreement, at the same time that he promised, after the sanction of the fiscal package law, the creation of the “May Council” made up of all the powers of the State at the national and provincial level, adding business and union representatives, to “complete this sagrada task”.

He also promised that, if the laws he wants are approved, there will be a “significant tax reduction”starting with the Country Tax (applied to someone who buys dollars) that he and Caputo They increased as soon as they took office in December. A handful of faithful then sang “olé, olé, olé, Toto, Toto“, whom mercy called “crack”. Gallant.

With words copied from other speeches of his (he even plagiarized himself), he spoke of the alleged hyperinflation that managed to stop the basis of extreme fit (“the greatest in the history of humanity”) and the constant liquefaction of salaries and pensions. According to him, that is the sign of “the responsibility” assumed by his government.

Of the devastating effects of that policy, not a word. Although as a final reflection, mercy He posed sensitively. She said she recognized that “these five months They have been difficult for everyone, fundamentally for the majority who are heroically putting their body up.” But he immediately blamed those difficulties on “a good part of the political, business and union leadership” whom he in turn called to sign his pact.

In the midst of an economic and social crisis that his own government only deepened, mercy says propose “a new Argentine dream”faced by “a new generation of patriots” that has “the courage to do what history demands, even if the cost is our own reputation”. In the same sentence, he announces a dubious epic and recognizes that fewer and fewer people believe in berreta patriotism of a guy who hands the country over to multinationals and admires Margaret Thatcher.

Knowing that the very harsh, material and concrete reality that the working majorities are being subjected to leaves little room to promise them an encouraging future, the President ended up asking God “May he bless the Argentines and may he the forces of heaven accompany us.” After shouting along with their acolytes “long live fucking freedom!”, the band of Grenadiers He closed it to the sound of the typical military fanfare. Meters away from him, he smiled pleasantly Victoria Villarrueladmirer of Jorge Rafael Videla y defender of genocides.

Bonnets and cerpentines

Both before the event and during the deconcentration, the mobile phones of the national television channels interviewed many attendees. There was since conservative nationalists what do they see in mercy to a recoverer of the old military party, until youths that follow the cuddly kitten of economic power (Bregman dixit) believing him to be a lion that will eat the State.

There was also evangelists that highlighted the connection of mercy with the beyond. And there were even interviewees who They said they voted for it but today they regret it and they only went to the event “let’s see this clown”.

Resigned to not getting a photo that shows a national “pact” with the governors and the bosses’ opposition, Milei and her troupe they were content to have a colorful birthday along with a diverse and unconditional fan base.

After the event in the Council Cordoba, in the Buenos aires city the commissions of the Meeting called in Plaza Congreso by combative unionism, neighborhood assemblies, social organizations, women and the left. Something much more similar to a “town hall” than what was experienced in the learned, from which it is expected to come a vigorous worker and popular coordination to fight the war and anti-national plan of the libertarian gang. Until you beat them.


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