Patricia Bullrich continued today what she had started several days ago when the date of the bill’s treatment in the Senate was known: that day she said that she would not allow “the streets to be occupied,” in a threatening tone against the right to protest. She continued with a series of threats and preparations that she carried out today.

From the early hours of the afternoon, the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, used the excessive operation of security forces that she had mounted early on to unleash a violent repression against thousands of people who were demonstrating against the sanction of the Law Bases and the fiscal package.

The objective was clear: to clear the streets of downtown Buenos Aires surrounding the National Congress, so that when the Bases Law is voted – a great package in favor of the great economic power -, the territory would be clear. An attack across the board against those who expressed their discontent against a very serious social situation and an economic plan to deepen the adjustment and delivery.

But it not all ends there. In the hours of the night, The official used the screens of Grupo Clarín’s TN channel to praise the unions that were “peacefully” and instead attack the left and Kirchnerism for being “violent.” It is no coincidence: the union bureaucracy did an enormous favor to the Milei Government and big capital. Not only the “fat ones” aligned with Daer that were erased from the beginning, but also those apparatuses of other CGT and CTA unions that were (Truckers, banks, metalworkers, state workers, etc.), but were erased after noon (in some cases without even reaching the square) while the law had not yet been approved and the street demonstration was key to trying to defeat the law. A surrender that made the Government’s task easier. It was impossible to advance in the eviction of the Plaza and its surroundings if Truckers and Smata decided to assert their numbers, their weight and their right to protest. Bullrich prevented Moyano’s union from reaching the Plaza, and it, despite gathering a column of more than 7 blocks, withdrew shortly before 3 p.m.

And at 4 p.m., when the CGT columns had been removed but the arrival of sectors that were leaving their jobs, as well as groups and sectors that had convened when working hours ended, was expected, the Police and Gendarmerie began with a provocation. , pulling from above the fences, pulling with the hydrants, generating runs and confusion, as well as the response of some sectors. Some organized and others, it is not clear, organized by whom.

But that was not all: hours later from the “Office of the President of the Argentine Republic” they broadcast a message to congratulate “the Security Forces for their excellent actions in repressing the terrorist groups that, with sticks, stones and even grenades, attempted to “perpetrate a coup d’état, attacking the normal functioning of the Congress of the Argentine Nation.” The show was completed with false accusations such as possession of grenades.

Previously, presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni had tweeted against the left, accusing it of being violent, “coincidentally” at a time when the harshest repression was beginning.

The montage – confusing actions of intelligence services and infiltrators, things that Bullrich already did previously as Macri’s minister -, with people who legitimately marched to express their anger, was completed early in the afternoon by the screens and covers of many hegemonic media. that accompanied with catastrophe titles the campaign of demonization of the thousands of people who were demonstrating to confront the laws.

The combo, absolutely orchestrated by different factors in power, had a single purpose: to justify an enormous militarization, a hunt throughout downtown Buenos Aires and arrests to clear the streets before the vote on the law. But they are expressions of a government that has enormous difficulties in moving forward with its plan. Mobilization must be redoubled to confront the entire overall plan.


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