The head of the Investigating Court number 4 of Ceuta has opened a separate piece in the case that since January 13 has kept the former Minister of Health of the City Government, Javier Guerrero, in provisional prison without bail, for an alleged crime of abuse unaccompanied migrant children and adolescents. According to the evidence collected by the Civil Guard, while he was being investigated for it, he plotted a lesson against those who had accused him of trespassing from the public protection entity.

The judge sends the former Minister of Health of the PP in Ceuta to prison without bail for sexual abuse of minors


In the new proceedings, a conspiracy for the crime of injury is attributed to him after the Civil Guard gave full credibility to the conversations he had with a friend just before Christmas in his car, where cameras and microphones had been placed. The dialogue dealt with what would be the best way to send “a little message” to the workers of the Child Protection Service who had warned of their improper behavior with minors under the supervision of the administration.

According to the sources consulted by, the “sons of bitches” – the former minister addressed them with those words – to whom Guerrero and his buddy, a Red Cross driver whose identity responds to the initials LL.LM, had In their sights, they were an official, the director of the La Esperanza Temporary Relocation Center that the administration manages directly, and a person in charge of the SAMU Foundation in the same facility. Collaterally, another minor public employee also appeared in their conversations.

The first two were already pointed out publicly and directly before the cameras on September 30 by the former counselor, who was forced to resign in January 2021 after learning that he had skipped the vaccination protocols against COVID-19. In an impromptu press conference for related media before the Higher Headquarters of the National Police, Guerrero announced that in the following hours several complaints would be filed attesting to the existence of “coercion” against unaccompanied migrant minors under the guardianship of the City to denounce him and thus ruin his political career after leaving the PP.

months of secret investigation

His colleague, now also being investigated for coercion, was one of the three people who complied with that script to feed a case initially filed by the investigating magistrate. The doctor still denied then that, as had published in summer, the Children’s Area had vetoed him from January to continue accessing its centers or that the Ministry of Health had issued and prohibited him from giving gifts to children behind the backs of their caregivers .

At the beginning of autumn, the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard had already been investigating Guerrero for months under summary secrecy. The new separate piece is detached from the main cause that, due to abuses and, it is not ruled out, corruption of minors, is followed by the Investigating Court number 3 of Ceuta.

Sources familiar with the investigations assure that in the framework of the wiretapping ordered, the doctor had already been heard flirting with the idea of ​​doing something against those who had pointed him out, but in principle his words were not given credibility because “he lied or fabricated to slight”.

However, the alerts from the agents went off when, a few days before Christmas Eve, Guerrero and his friend, who boasted of contacts in the local underworld, began to think about what would be the best way to send “a little message” to those who had alerted to his inappropriate behavior with the children in custody, to whom he gave gifts or cash and received them in their public and private consultations secretly from their legal guardians.

“It’s too little for those people”

The buddy suggested going ahead, but the doctor thought it would be smarter and safer to buy a card, move the warning-threat, and then throw it away. “It’s very little for those people,” his colleague scolded him, who claimed to have willing “people” who, yes, move “for money.”

The talk stopped there, but later Guerrero’s interlocutor insisted that it was necessary to give a lesson and stop those “sons of bitches” who “invented” things. So he no longer placed so much emphasis on the need for financial compensation, but basically to gather information about data, routes and routines of the targets, how they moved from home to work…

When the guards verified that the steps that Guerrero and his ally planned were being meticulously fulfilled, alibis with trips outside of Ceuta included, they alerted the director of La Esperanza in the middle of the Christmas holidays to avoid walking down the street alone, to modify all his customs and adopt all kinds of self-protection measures.

The other target, the SAMU employee, who had already been verbally “reminded” that in Ceuta in exchange for a few tickets it is easy to “seek a problem”, saw how his car was partially destroyed by stones on the hood and he was left without a mirror and a trim in the parking lot of the municipal stadium during the match between AD Ceuta and Castilla that took place on January 15, a few days after Guerrero’s arrest and imprisonment.

The former counselor’s conspiracy theory

The former Minister of Health has not stopped defending in recent months that his fall from grace is the result of a “plot” of “powers that be” led by the PP and the PSOE. According to his conspiracy theory, both would be scared by the strength of the party he set up in the summer, Ceuta Avanza, and that practically all of its co-founders have already abandoned.

His entourage has come to involve the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande Marlaska, in the conspiracy for meeting with the local heads of the National Police and the Civil Guard in Madrid shortly after his arrest.

The doctor entered politics in 2015 at the hands of the PP of Juan Vivas as a low-level regional deputy (he did not want to be a councilor so as not to lose income by renouncing public and private medicine). In 2019 he agreed to join the Government as vice president, with a salary increase and being able to combine his position as Minister of Health with a private consultation.


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