Unicef recently published a report showing the reality that childhoods suffer, increased to a 14.3% the number of boys and girls who fell into destitution in Argentinawhich means that 1.8 million children are in the most extreme poverty.

Meanwhile, in the first half of 2023 poverty monetary and deprivations linked to their rights It affected 57% of girls and boys, that is: 7.1 million girls and boys, there are 630 thousand more girls and boys who cannot even access the basic food basket. It should be noted that many of them are even more vulnerable: 83% live in homes with a very low educational level or in popular neighborhoods (84%) or single-parent households (68%).

UNICEF estimates that currently 70% of children are poor

The data refers to the situation of children in 2023 and they warn that if we continue with these adjustment policies, policies that today, with the Milei government, have deepened, generating even greater social inequality, Child poverty will be around 70% in March 2024 and destitution will be 34%.

If current trends continue, the prevalence of monetary poverty in children and adolescents by the first quarter of 2024 would reach values ​​around 70%, while indigence would reach 34%, with repercussions on current and long-term well-being. term” warned Sebastián Waisgrais, Specialist in Social Inclusion and Monitoring, member of the organization, in the presentation of the report.

At the moment, The AUH represents only 21% of the Total Basic Basket, and 45% of food. It is outrageous to hear that they adjust to caste when they are attacking and impoverishing the most vulnerable. It is urgent to emergency surge for all employed, unemployed, retired and pensioned workers that allows the entire population to access the basic basket and decent housing.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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