Next Wednesday the mobilization called within the framework of the national strike will take place. Combative unionism, picketing organizations, popular assemblies, student centers, activists from Unidxs por la Cultura and all left-wing organizations call to participate with an independent column. They call to gather at 10 a.m. in Plaza Lorea (Rivadavia and Paraná).

The organizations that met last Wednesday the 17th in Ademys decided to call to form an independent column on the day of the general strike. They call concentrate from 10 a.m. in Plaza Lorea (Rivadavia and Paraná).

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He Monday the 22nd in the afternoon there will be a new meeting at Ademys, to finish defining the latest organizational themes. This is an important need since the majority union leaderships obviously do not have the policy of continuing this fight and unleashing all the forces necessary to win this fight.

That’s why the independent column that will bring together combative unionism, movements of unemployed workers, human rights organizations, student groups, cultural groups, popular assemblies, environmentalists and the left, will raise a perspective of consistent struggle. They demand a fight plan until they defeat Milei and the IMF’s adjustment, the Omnibus Law, the DNU, the Bullrrich protocol and Caputo’s adjustment package.

National strike / CGT / Strike January 24


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