Message in a bottle (red)

We are opening. Brand new socks, even if they are socks, is always pleasant and comforting news. Sincere gifts are welcome. We launched a ‘newsletter’, a letter to readers who are hungry (or not), and we launched a gastro channel, named with a few drops of cava or champagne: Cata Mayor, which takes its name from the video series in which great chefs They demonstrate their practical sense by tackling popular dishes. Drops, I have written. Is it a time for moderation or for tempered debauchery, even if it is an oxymoron?

The spirit of Cata Mayor is that: to tell what is extraordinary in everyday life. We will give a voice to chefs and sommeliers and waiters and waitresses, but we will also listen to producers and suppliers, to specialists who master a subject. We will be practical: we will offer services, we will serve! We are at your service. Ideas for eating at home, for eating in restaurants, for eating wherever there is space to put a plate and cutlery or, simply, a sandwich. I have combined ‘simple’ and ‘sandwich’ in the same sentence and it is a mistake: there are sandwiches more ornate than the Taj Mahal.

In Cata Mayor everything (EVERYTHING) related to gastronomy fits, from the green salad (which we will try to green) to the origin of the dishes. Let’s see: in Rome there is no such thing as Roman-style squid.

This weekly message in a bottle (preferably red wine) will try to unite shipwrecked people in love with the act of cooking and eating and drinking (in moderation: hello, DGT and College of Physicians).

I open a priorat while I bake a lamb shoulder. In the spirit of recycling, I will use the glass container for the next shipment.



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