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275x250.jpg The man with the world's biggest penis claims his unusually large package prompted a security scare at San Francisco Airport.

Jonah Falcon - whose penis is 9 inches long when flaccid and 13.5 inches when erect - says he was traveling through the airport when TSA officials noticed his big bulge.

Apparently interpreting it as a 'biological threat' guards asked the 41-year-old if his pockets were empty, before carefully giving him a pat down.

Despite telling the security "It's my d**k", Falcon claims his trousers were sprinkled with a white powder to test for explosives.

In case you were wondering, the record holder told the Huffington Post he was not erect when he was stopped. It's a hard life isn't it?

A mayor in Alaska has recently been re-elected. Nothing strange about that you might think, but that's before we tell you the mayor of Talkeetna is a cat and has been in charge for 15 years.

The 15-year-old moggy - or Mayor Stubbs to give him his official title - was voted in as mayor just a few days after he was born.

Residents nominated the then kitten for the role because they did not think there were any other viable candidates and surprisingly he won. Since then he keeps getting voted in.

His main role as mayor seems to be getting publicity for the town and he's appeared in local and national magazines and newspapers. And well, we wouldn't be writing about Talkeetna if it wasn't for him, would we?

A baseball fan has become an instant American hero after catching a foul ball between his legs.

The man had been holding his snacks and a drink as he walked back to his seat at the game between the Blue Jays and Indians.

But that wasn't going to stop him when Clevelands Jason Kipnis hit a high fly ball which ended up in the stands.

The ball bounced over fans and the man somehow managed to stop and hold the ball between his legs. The crotch catch got a standing ovation from other fans… when was the last time your crotch got that?

When Sarah Brame decided to give fishing a go during a trip at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, she couldn't have expected that she would end up netting a YouTube hit.

But that's exactly what happened after a shark decided to steal her catch from the end of her line.

As this video shows, Brame had been in the process of landing her catch when the cheeky shark dived in an swallowed the fish at the end of her rod.

What also helps the video reach internet fame was Sarah's responce, “It's a shark! A shark! It's a shark! It's a big-a** shark!” she screamed.

275x250.jpgThe 2012 Olympics is almost here and the world's top athletes will be competing against each other and the record books. So here at Newslite we're celebrating in the only way we know how -- by looking at some of the weirder sporting champions.

Together with Guinness World Records -- who have released the e-book 'Totally Bonkers Sporting Champions' -- we will count down to the London games with one quirky record holder per day.

Today we have the privilege of introducing you to Japan’s Kenichi who in 2008 recorded the Fastest 100m on All Fours in an astonishing 18.58 seconds; just 9 seconds longer than Usain Bolt! 

The 29 year-old self-proclaimed “monkey enthusiast” from Tokyo has spent years developing a style of running based on the movements of the West African Patas monkey.

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