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Doctors in the US has come up with an interesting way to get men to have a vasectomy --  offering a free pizza and telling them they'll be able to watch basketball while recovering.

The Urology Associates of Cape Cod have produces an advert which suggests a vasectomy is a great excuse to sit on the sofa watching sports.

The 30 second advert even suggests that men book themselves in for the 15-minute procedure on a date which means they will get a week's worth of rest by watching the NCAA's college basketball tournament.

275x250.jpg There's something reassuring about seeing a boffin wearing a white lab coat isn't there?

Well apparently the feeling is justified, because researcher have discovered wearing a lab coat makes people concentrate on their work and make fewer errors.

The boffins from Northwestern University -- who we assume were wearing their own lab coats -- tested their theory with 58 undergraduates.

The students (half wearing lab coats) were asked to name the colour of a word flashed on a computer screen, while ignoring the word itself.

It was found that those wearing the classic white lab coat made half as many errors.

275x250.jpg A woman from Leeds -- who has a medical condition which makes people fall in love with inanimate objects -- says she's got the hots for the Statue of Liberty.

27-year-old Amanda Whittaker says the iconic New York monument is the only 'person' she could truly love.

Speaking to The Sun, Amanda said she first fell for the 151ft statue when a friend sent her a photo online.

Since then she has visited "Libby" four times, where she leans out of the window to kiss its hair and has a 6ft replica at home.

But this isn't the first time Amanda has been in love with an object… she apparently had a passionate love affair with a drum kit while still at school.

275x250.jpg A furniture store has been banned from using the slogan "Our prices are Sofa King low" after advertising bosses was a little too close to swearing.

The Sofa King -- which uses the slogan on its shop front and vehicles -- prompted complaints after running an advert in the Northampton Herald and Post.

Three people reported the catchphrase was "offensive and unsuitable for general display" to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

And now the ASA have upheld their objections and banned the firm from using the phrase… which is Sofa King annoying.

275x250.jpg What do you think of when you see all those sponges in the above photo? If you're anything like us it's probably a nightmare washing up session.

But if you are more like Kerry Trebilcock from Cornwall, it probably makes you a bit peckish -- because she's reportedly eaten more than 4,000 washing-up sponges.

In an interview with The Sun the 21-year-old said she suffers from a rare condition called pica, which causes victims to crave non-edible objects.

In addition to the washing-up sponges -- which she like with hot sauce or mustard -- Kerry says she has munched her way through 100 bars of soap.

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