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A US man accidentally shot a three-inch nail into his brain -- and didn't realise until the following day.

Dante Autullo had been working in his Chicagow orkshop when a nailgun recoiled near his head, not feeling anything, he carried on.

It was only when he started suffering nausea the following day that he went to the hospital and doctors took an X-ray.

The X-ray revealed a three-inch nail had entered his brain, but because the brain doesn’t have pain-sensitive nerves he didn’t feel a thing.

275x250.jpg A selection of odd and bizarre coffins, including those in the shape of a car, ballet shoe and a lion, have gone of show at the Southbank Centre in London.

Bringing together designs from famous Pa Joe workshop in Ghana and Crazy Coffins in Nottingham the coffins are part of Death: Festival for the Living exhibition.

They are said to tell the story of the growing number of individuals around the world who choose to celebrate their life and death in the form of a uniquely designed coffin.

Other coffins on show include a skip, a giant cocoa bean and a flying kite. The exhibition runs from January 20 – 29. Check out some more crazy coffins here.

An inventor who created a bizarre contraption to help him turn the pages of his newspaper has seen his device go viral on YouTube.

Joseph Herscher (who may have too much time on his hands) came up with the stupid, but brilliant invention in a bid to find an 'easier' way to turn the page of his newspaper.

In a video which has been viewed more than 4 million times, he can be seen reading his newspaper before reaching for a cup of coffee.

This pulls a pencil from the wall, which causes painting on the wall to tilt, in turn releasing balls which… oh forget this, just press play and see for yourself.

275x250.jpg In a move which could make weather forecasts considerably more interesting, meteorologists in South Africa have been told they could be jailed if they get it wrong.

It's hoped the rules will prevent weathermen causing panic and economic damage by getting it wrong about things like drought or flash-flooding.

As such, those wanting to issue a severe weather alert will reportedly have to get written permission from South Africa's Weather Service Bill first.

Weather forecasters getting it wrong for the first time could face a four or five-year sentence and a £400,000 fine, while that's upped to 10 years or an £800,000 fine for repeat offenders.

Russian cows given bras to keep them warm

275x250.jpg It might sound udderly bizarre, but cows in Russia's republic of Yakutia are being given hand-made fur bras.

Because Yakutia is officially the coldest place in the northern hemisphere, even the cattle need to be prepared for very low temperatures.

And with it sometimes reaching minus 55 degrees Celsius, some farmers have taken to producing hand-made rabbit fur accessories for their animals, reports

The cow bras are said to consist of a rabbit fur pouch for their udders which is held in place through a series of straps.

Kayak fisherman saves dog from sea (VIDEO)

A US fisherman couldn't believe his eyes when a traumatised dog appeared alongside his kayak off the coast of Florida.

This video shows the moment the exhausted pooch swam towards the man -- known only as midget2000x -- after running into the sea following a hit-and-run accident.

The fisherman was able to lift the bleeding and shivering dog from water of the Gulf of Mexico and take him to the safety of a local vets.

There it was discovered that the dog, Barney, had been out running with his owner Donna Chen when she was hit by a car and killed.

Woman rubbed her bottom on $30m painting

275x250.jpg A US woman has been charged with attacking an $30 million artwork by punching, scratching and sliding her buttocks against it.

36-year-old Carmen Tisch is said to have assaulted the work "1957-J no.2", by abstract expressionist Clyfford Still.

Tisch had been visiting the recently opened Clyfford Still museum in Denver when shepulled her trousers in front of the oil-on-canvas.

She reportedly then proceeded to rub up against the work and attack it before urinating on herself -- causing $10,000 worth of damage.

A spokesperson for the museum said: "On December 29, 2011, an incident of criminal mischief took place at the Clyfford Still Museum.

275x250.jpg A pilot in New Zealand couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a shark swimming/flying past him at 7,000ft.

He'd been preparing to land a passenger jet Christchurch International Airport when he spotted the 1.5m long shark staring back at him.

But there was no need to worry -- because the shark in question was actually an inflatable remote-controlled toy which had flown off.

The 'Air Swimmer' toys have been a popular present this Christmas and police have been bombarded with reports of escaped inflatable sharks.

Experts say that other than giving the pilot a shock, the helium-filled shark was unlikely to pose any threat to the flight.

275x250.jpg Police in China are investigating whether a billionaire was murdered with a  poisoned cat meat stew.

Long Liyuan died at the end of December after having a dinner with business associates during which they all ate the local delicacy of cat meat.

But while all three men were ill -- feeling dizzy and sick -- just 49-year-old Long died and a police investigation was launched, initially quizzing the restaurant owner.

However, a local official has now been arrested on suspicion of poisoning the dish with a toxic herb called Gelsemium elegans.

It's claimed the men had argued about money and it's suggested the official had embezzled money from Mr Long.

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