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Massive waterspouts 600 metres high have been filmed off the coast of Australia just north of Sydney… and presumably scared the life out of local residents.

The massive fountains of water sprouted up from the ocean and made an impressive sight as they moved across the surface of the sea.

Filmed from a helicopter by Australian Channel Seven News the swirling columns of air and water luckily dissipated before they reached land.

Waterspouts are caused when tornadoes develop over the sea and they can move as fast as 80 miles an hour picking up and then dumping sea-life… which could explain where Nemo went.

A woman says she was refused service at a McDonald's drive-through because she was riding a horse and carriage -- luckily she wasn't far from a friendly KFC.

Debbie Murden from Derbyshire had driven her two-wheeled carriage to the drive-thru window at the Alfreton branch and ordered her burgers and milkshakes.

Having done this before, she didn't think it would be a problem, but staff said that due to health and safety rules they couldn't serve her -- prompting her to angrily head off to a nearby KFC.

Commenting on the incident, a spokesperson for McDonald's said it was company policy not to serve customers in horse-drawn carriages… which suggests this happens more often than we would have thought.

275x250.jpg It looks like we will soon find out which side of the Marmite 'love it or hate it' debate the Danish government stands -- because the spread could be banned from shops.

The potential ban comes as part of a clampdown on foods fortified with vitamins and minerals, and the sticky stuff will need to be accessed by food officials.

It had been reported earlier today that Marmite had already been pulled from shelves in Denmark, but officials say they are yet to make a ruling.

The Danish Food and Veterinary Administration say an application for sale could take up to six months to be decided… whereas most people know if they love or hate Marmite in an instant.

What's wrong? You look like you've never seen a man trying to board a train with his friendly pet pony before.

A rail passenger in Wales recently barred from boarding a train from Wrexham to Holyhead after taking his pony down to the platform in a station lift.

According to Arriva Trains Wales, the unnamed traveller had arrived at Wrexham station and promptly tried buying ticket for himself and the animal for the 7.02pm service.

As these images show, despite being told the pony was too big to travel in a carriage, he then proceeded to take it down to the platform where he was stopped from boarding. Thank goodness for CCTV.

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