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275x250.jpg A house in Swansea has become the centre of world-wide internet attention after it was noticed the residence bares more than a passing resemblance to Hitler.

The terrace house in Swansea shot to fame after a photo of it was posted to Twitter and subsequently tweeted by celebrities including Jimmy Carr and Chris Addison.

Some people claim the slanting roof of the Port Tennant Road house resembles the Hitler fringe while the door lintel is his famous moustache and the top windows are his eyes.

If you want to find the house for yourself, one Twitter user offered the hand directions: "Go through the lights, take the third reich and youll find it on your extreme right."

Imagine if the popular iPhone game Angry Birds was made into a movie, and imagine that movie was directed by Michael Bay… or alternatively just press play below.

That's because someone has done all the imagining for you and this faux-trailer shows what it could be like if Angry Birds become the latest computer game to receive the Hollywood treatment.

In the two-minute trailer a soldier is tasked with rescuing eggs which have been left behind enemy lines. He is then introduced to the catapult and disturbing real-life Angry Birds.

The video was created by Rooster Teeth and is very-much a spoof… for now. Although given what has happened to other games-turned films this could well happen.

275x250.jpg Boffins say they've come up with a way to keep footballers cool at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar… UFO-style robot clouds which hover over stadiums.

The bizarre solution is the brain-child of researchers at Qatar University who were trying to come up with a way of cooling temperatures on the pitch.

Dr. Saud Ghani says the carbon fibre and solar panels would be around the size of a jumbo jet and automatically programmed to move as the sun moves in the sky

The helium gas-filled remote controlled clouds could then be used to hover over the stadium - lowering pitch temperatures by 10 degrees. Making playing conditions just mildly unbearable.

NHL fans were recently left scratching their heads in disbelief, when a shot which looked destined for the goal changed direction at the last minute.

Seemingly defying the laws of physics, the shot had looked sure to end up in the back of the net during the game between the Los Angeles Kings and Calgary Flames.

But out of nowhere the puck appeared to veer off to the right and away from the goal - much to the dismay of fans and confusion of experts who have tried to explain the bizarre miss.

Possible explanations have including an unseen glance from the keepers stick, and optical illusion… and the goalkeeper secretly having superpowers.

275x250.jpg Musicians form the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra are used to playing to a packed auditorium… just not normally an audience made up solely of plants.

But that's exactly what happened when they performed a three-hour recital to over 100 different varieties of plants in a bit to see whether it helped them grow.

It's been claimed that classical music - and the reverberation of sound waves - stimulates protein production in plants, and could lead to increased growth.

While we're not sure the potted audience of geraniums, fuchsias and perennials enjoyed the performance which included Mozart's Symphony Number 40… at least none of them got up to leaf.

A cartoon attempting to explain the Japanese nuclear crisis with a story about a flatulence problem and toxic poo, has become an online hit.

Aimed at educating children, the four and a half minute video tells the story of 'Nuclear Boy' who has had a bad stomach ache since the big earthquake.

It says he has notoriously stinky poo and that people are worried he will do one soon if he doesn't get enough medicine (sea water an Boron). Aready watched more than one million times, the cartoon goes on to say doctors are helping, but that Nuclear Boy has already done some stinky farts making some areas smell bad.

There's also talk of the time he had diarrhoea in Chernobyl. We just wish this had been played on BBC news to help us understand the situation a little earlier.

275x250.jpg A record-breaking cosmetic surgeon who specialises in breast surgery has revealed how he spends his spare time -- throwing knives.

And bizarrely Dr Ted Eisenberg attributes his knife-throwing to winning a place in the record books for "the most breast augmentation surgeries performed in a lifetime."

Eisenberg says it was only while competing in a knife-throwing tournament and watching someone attempt to break the "most bullwhip cracks" record, a friend asked him how many boob jobs he had done.

After totting them up, the plastic surgeon realised he'd performed 3460 operations and contacted Guinness World Records to see if it was more than anyone else. Let's hope he doesn't make a boob while knife throwing.

275x250.jpg A designer has created a bizarre cycle which is powered solely by two screwdrivers and can carry the rider at speed of around 20mph - as long as they don't mind being uncomfortable.

Dubbed The EX, the odd skeleton contraption sees daredevil riders lie close to the ground with their hands on two triggers above the front wheels.

From there they can control the two 18-volt Bosch screwdrivers which act as the engines on the bike and steer by leaning their weight on specially developed joints.

Designer Nils Ferber says the bike cost just £900 to produce and is considerably more environmentally friendly than most other vehicles… and haw many of them can be used to put up a shelf.

275x250.jpg The sand's too hot and the women look too good in bikinis are just two of the odd complaints made by holiday-makers it's been revealed.

Customer services at an online travel agency have taken a look at some of more bizarre complaints they received in 2010 and produced a top 10 of the silliest.

1 - On arrival to the airport in the UK, when asked to present their passports, some ladies found themselves in a sticky situation as they claimed they were not reminded to bring their passports and thought that they didn't need them.

2 - On a trip to the Canary Islands, a lady who took her family of four on holiday put in a complaint about their beach experience. She claimed that, due to the warm weather, the sand was too hot and her children could not walk down to the sea for a swim.

275x250.jpgEveryone thinks the potholes on their street are worse than those anywhere else… but we think residents on Patshull Road in Shropshire might be right.

That's because a 4x4 pickup truck recently became trapped in a massive water-filled pothole as it was driving down the country road.

Chris Nedic had been driving home along the road in Albrighton on Monday evening when his front wheels of his Nissan Navara sank into the 4ft deep hole.

He and his brother luckily managed to leap from the the vehicle shortly before the road collapsed and the car was left sticking up from the hole.

Police say it was only the size of the vehicle which prevented it from becoming fully submerged.

275x250.jpgCans filled with the delightful odour of cow farts are said to have become a popular gift after going on sale in Germany.

Selling for £5 each the 'Stable Fragrance' tins are said to let people take the "original Bavarian stable smell" home with them.

The canned cow farts are the brainchild of designer Daniela Dorrer who says they would be good for people who have moved from the countryside to the city.

She says the farts are captured by hanging industrial cotton wool in stables to adsorb the smell and this is then packaged in the aluminium containers.

While early online interest suggests Dorrer could be onto a winner with this idea, other people say it stinks.

What's better than seeing a great basketball shot where the ball swoops straight through the hoop? Seeing one where it doesn't.

And basketball misses got get much better or more bizarre than this odd missed foul shot during a game between UConn and West Virginia.

Alex Oriakhi had stepped up to take a free throw for UConn at 22-22 when his shot hit the back of the rim, bounced off the front and then landed on the back.

That's right, the seemingly physics defying ball was left balancing at the back of the hoop as the players looked on in disbelief. West Virginia went on to win the game 65-56.

275x250.jpgA referee has set what is thought to be a new footballing record… by issuing a massive 36 red cards during a single match.

In case you are wondering how that is even possible, Damian Rubino showed red to all 22 players and substitutes and technical staff.

It all happened during a fifth division match in Argentina between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas when a brawl broke out between players.

The fighting got so bad the ref is even said to have begged police to lock raging players in their respective dressing rooms.

For any pub quiz buffs out there the previous record for red cards was a 1993 game in Paraguay which saw 20 players sent off.

Footballers around the world often celebrate goals with gymnastic jumps and flips -- but only in Brazil do team medics get in on the action too.

During a recent Copa do Brasil match between Comercial PI and Palmeiras, one of the players went down and required medical attention.

Nothing too unconventional there right? Wrong! After running out onto the pitch with his bag the Comercial PI medic did a cartwheel before looking at the injured player.

This (quite understandably) prompted thousands of the fans in the crowd to cheer… which in turn prompted the medic to do backflips, wheels and rolls every-time he came out.

While the match ended with a 2-1 win to Comercial PI, we know who our man of the match was.

Some football fans know how to make the best of a bad situation - whether that's pretending to score while getting hammered, or swimming in the stands.

No you didn't mis-read that last bit. The rain was so bad at a recent football game in Brazil, some fans were quite literally left swimming in the stands.

The torrential downpour hit the 80,000-seat Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo just before a game between Palmeiras and Sao Paulo.

And while it would have been enough to cancel any Premiership game, they are more hardy in Brazil and fans simply packed their swimming trunks.

They then proceeded to splash, swim and float their way though the 1 - 1 draw.

A US man has formed an unusual friendship with goose at his local park, after it started following him around whenever he was there.

Dominic Ehrler says Maria the goose now waits for him at the side of the road each morning and then dutifully follows him around Echo Park in Los Angeles.

Maria is also said to get over protective if Dominic gets too close to anyone and has even been know to chase off dogs which dare to come near him.

The besotted Toulouse goose will even fly along at the side of Dominic as he rides his scooter. Which is something you just have to see, click play, you know you want to.

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