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275x250.jpgA man who constantly pops up in the background of live TV broadcasts has now invaded over 100 live news reports.

Paul Yarrow, a 42-year-old community worker from London can often be seen lurking in the background as reporters talk to camera.

Sometimes he's talking on his phone, sometimes he's reading a newspaper, but he always stands in front of the camera.

In fact his plump frame, balding head and trademark beige jumper made Yarrow and online sensation and sites were even set up to chart his appearances.

So far he's appeared on BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, Sky News, Al  Jazeera… and now NewsLite, which means he has really made it.

275x250.jpgA US newspaper has hired a marijuana critic who is paid to get high and write about his experiences like a restaurant reviewer.

The Denver Westword will run a regular column by "William Breathes" as he goes around reviewing local medical marijuana dispensaries.

The writer, who goes by the pen-name so he is not recognised while 'working', will offer his insight into the quality of service and the quality of the marijuana served.

In Colorado, where medical was legalised 10 years ago, more than 100,000 have applied for medical marijuana licenses, including the critic who suffers from chronic stomach pains.

After the marijuana critic job was advertised earlier this year the paper was inundated with applications. Bosses say he stood out because he "could punctuate and he could spell".

275x250.jpgThe world's new strongest beer has gone on sale… in controversial bottles made using the bodies of dead animals.

Brewery BrewDog's 'The End of History' beer - which has a 55% ABV and sells for £500 per bottle - is the strongest and most expensive beer in the world.

It's a blond Belgian ale infused with nettles and juniper berries to give unique taste.

But it will be the bottle which stands out for most people, they're encased in the bodies of animals which have been specially produced by a taxidermist.

Stoats, squirrels and hare have been used… and just in case it wasn't odd enough already, some of then are dressed in eccentric outfits.

275x250.jpg A couple on a whale-watching trip near Cape Town, got a closer view than they expected when a massive 40-ton whale jumped from the sean and onto their yacht.

Amazingly, as they looked for whales, a massive 10 metre one leapt from the water off the coast of South Africa and headed straight for their diminutive yacht.

The Southern Right whale then smashed into the 33ft boat and snapped the mast before eventually sliding back into the water an swimming away.

Luckily the accident was caught on camera by a nearby tourist… otherwise no-one would have believed their whale of a tale.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a parasailing donkey flying over the sea in Russia, obviously.

A Russian leisure firm is being investigated by police on animal cruelty charges after using a flying donkey in a stunt to promote their parasailing service.

Beach-goers looked on in a mixture of intrigue and horror as staff at the private beach club in Golubitskaya led a unwitting donkey towards their parasailing equipment.

The ass was then attached to the parachute harness, and before many sunbathers had worked out what was happening, it was launched high into the air.

Shocked holidaymakers watched as the terrified donkey spent the next 30 minutes flying over the the Sea of Asov… and wondered if they'd had one too many holiday cocktails.

275x250.jpg A red-headed music fan has become the latest unlikely internet hero after being filmed singing along to an Eminem performance at T in the Park.

The young fan - believed to be named Robbie Snowden - now even has his own Facebook fan page with over 11,500 fans after he was spotted on TV coverage.

In the clips - which are surging on YouTube - he can be seen staring wide-eyed into the camera, singing along with Eminem and waving his fists 'gangsta-style'.

Commenters and fans are now calling for Robbie to become a star in his own right -- and he's already more entertaining than many of the acts at T in the Park.

275x250.jpgPaul the psychic octopus - fresh from a string of correct predictions at the South Africa World Cup - is retiring from the soothsaying business.

Correctly predicting the result of eight football games in a row, Paul - known as 'oracle of the deep' - became a bigger star than Wayne Rooney.

But now bosses at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, where he lives, say he's retiring from making predictions, despite his uncanny ability.

A spokesperson said the two-year-old cephalopod will go back to his old job of "making children laugh" ratherr than the "oracle business".

She added they'd received several offers for Paul from betting firms, but insisted he was not for sale… we wonder if he can foresee being kidnapped by a gambling ring any time soon.

275x250.jpgA psychic octopus dubbed 'oracle of the deep' has predicted Spain will win the World Cup final against Holland on Sunday.

Paul - who lives at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen - currently has a 100% prediction record after correctly foreseeing all the Germany results.

He predicts winner by eating mussels from a box draped in the flag of the team he thinks will win, sometimes taking as long as an hour to pick.

But this time the canny cephalopod took just ten minutes to predict Spain will win the South Africa World Cup final.

The news will no doubt go down well in Spain… much like a squid paella. 

275x250.jpgThe humble jacket potato has been given a gastronomic make-over by a foodie chef who is selling them for £40 each.

Ben Kingdon says his 'Tuxedo spud' creation - which is topped with a spoonful of luxurious Italian caviar - justifies the cost with an unbeatable taste.

It comes served on a wooden board with roasted vine tomatoes and features creme fraiche, lemon, chives and spring onions in addition to the pricey caviar.

And bosses at Cary Arms, in Torquay, Devon - which launched the dish to weeks ago - say several people have already splashed the cash on the lavish spud.

Customers are described as being "affluent people wanting to try something different" -- we have a gold-plated tin of baked beans with their name on.

275x250.jpgPaul the 'psychic' octopus has done it again, he correctly predicted the result of the World Cup clash between Spain and Germany.

Dubbed 'oracle of the deep' Paul - who lives at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany - kept his 100% record if foreseeing the results of his homeland.

Earlier in the week the eight-legged mystic made his prediction by eating mussels from a box draped in the flag of the team he thought would make it into the final.

And last night, as a Carlos Puyol goal sealed the 1-0 win for the Spanish, Paul notched up yet another correct prediction, reaffirming his position as the real star of this World Cup.

In fact, his predictions have been so much better than pundits like Gary Linekar and Adrian Chiles we think Sky Sports should snap him up to front their Premier League coverage, what do you reckon?

275x250.jpgA "psychic" octopus with an uncanny ability to predict the result of World Cup football matches has tipped Spain to beat Germany in the semi-final.

Paul the octopus, from he Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany has so far correctly predicted all the  games involving the national team.

His predictions involve handlers at the attraction putting two boxes of tasty mussels into his tank, each with the flag of one team on the front.

The mussels he goes for first are then taken to be his "psychic" prediction and bookies claim many people even place bets on the back of them.

However, the creature has a less then perfect record when these two teams meet - during Euro 2008 he wrongly picked Germany as the victor against Spain. If he is right this time he could end up in a paella.

275x250.jpg Six-time hot dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi was arrested when he stormed the stage at this year's New York International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Speed-eater Kobayashi had refused to take part in the event because of contract issues - but tried to get on stage after the champion was crowned.

Joey "Jaws" Chestnut was gobbling his way to his fourth title by (munching 54 hotdogs in 10 minutes) when Kobayashi jump onto the stage as fans shouted "let him eat".

After wresting with police he was arrested and taken into custody overnight --  it's not know if he was given a hot hog while in jail.

275x250.jpgSomeone who spends far too long staring at their computer has claimed they've found an image of Jesus... on Google Earth.

Zach Evans, from Southampton, says he was looking at possible holiday destinations when he stumbled upon the christ-like image in a Hungarian field.

He insists he's not the sort of person to look for religious icons everywhere he goes, but found the image on farmland near Puspokladany too striking to ignore.

Obviously this isn't the first time, and it won't be the last, that Jesus is spotted in everyday items with previous examples including toast, irons and drainpipes.

However, if you have a pareidolia predilection we want to see what you see -- feel free to send us photos of any odd sighting in everyday objects.

275x250.jpgPolice in New York are hunting for a woman who robbed a store while wearing a Catwoman mask -- and have released comic book inspired wanted poster.

In fact the wanted image looks like it could have come straight from a DC comic and can't be too helpful in tracking down the crook.

Officers say the woman went into a high-end shoe store and spent over half an hour looking and shoes while wearing the feline mask.

She then went to the till and handed over a note which said Give me the money. I have a gun.’ before grabbing the cash, stuffing it into her bag and leaving.

Cops have now released CCTV of the incident and the less than purrfect photofit in the hope someone can help locate her -- we think they are hoping Batman is around.

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