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275x250.jpgAn Italian doctor claims that he has been able to diagnose the illnesses suffered by some of the people in the world's most famous paintings.

Dr Vito Franco of the University of Palermo says the intriguing smile of the Mona Lisa was the result of very high levels of cholesterol.

He came to this conclusion by studying the details of the Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece, where he says he can see a build up of fatty acids around her left eye.

But he has not stopped there, he has analysed a host of renaissance works -- finding that most subjects suffered from one disease or another.

It sounds to us like someone has been watching too many episodes of House. 

A irate diner has trashed a McDonald's, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage… because she didn't like her burger.

The woman had ordered and eaten her burger at a Kansas City McDonald's, before storming up to the till and demanding her money back.

For several minutes she shouted at staff, claiming that the burger had not been made correctly, before walking off.

But five minutes later she returned carrying a large bucket of water which she threw over the counter.

She then hurled 'wet floor' signs at staff and pushed computerised tills off the countertop - it was clearly not a happy meal. 

275x250.jpg A designer who wants to see wheelie bins double as public toilets has tested his creation on the streets of London.

Stephan Bischof thinks his 'Pee-lie Bin' could be the solution to the growing problem of public urination in city centre streets.

The Swiss designer has modified the traditional wheelie bin to include a funnel on one side which carries liquid to the base of the bin where it is converted into bio-fertiliser.

Tests in Lewisham, London, showed that (mostly drunk) people were more than happy to use the wheelie bin urinals… though convincing people to put one at the end of their garden might be  bit harder.

275x250.jpgA man tried to purchase a CD-ROM which was mis-priced on for $3billion (£1,800,979,540) -- just to see what would happen.

Brian Klug says he was browsing the online store when he came across a copy of the Discovery Channel's 'Cells' CD-ROM.

Nothing too exciting there you might think, but the CD was priced at a massive $2,904,980,000 (+ $3.99 postage) and it clearly intrigued Brian.

The brave/foolhardy man from the US, assumed there was some sort of error but wanted to see what happened if he clicked to buy it - so he entered his credit card details.

Luckily for Brain (and his bank account) he soon received an email stating that they were unable to complete his order,  meaning he doesn't have the sort of debt many countries would be jealous of. 

275x250.jpgA trainee hypnotist accidentally put himself into a five hour trance -- by practising in front of a mirror.

Helmut Kichmeier - who had been practicing his skills after taking a hypnotism course - was found staring vacantly at his reflection.

His wife says that when she returned home from work the Circus of Horrors performer, who was sat in front of a mirror, did not respond to her voice and was not moving.

She then phoned the hypnotherapist who Helmut had trained with, and he told her to hold the handset to Helmut's head, he then talked the would-be hypnotist out of the trance.

It turned out he'd hypnotised himself at 10am and was not found until 3pm. Mrs Kichmeier now has a keyword to get him out of a trance should it happen again… and she wants to.

275x250.jpgA pair of robbers who killed themselves by overestimating the amount of dynamite they needed to break into a bank have received a posthumous award for their stupidity.

The dumb duo have been named as the winners of the Darwin Awards 2009 - an annual award which each year celebrates people who took themselves out of the gene pool by dying.

Our would-be robbers had been trying to blow their way into a Belgian ATM cashpoint in the city of Dinant, by using dynamite. But they wildly overestimated how much it would take.

The resulting blast was so large that it not only demolished the entire building where the ATM was housed, but also killed the pair instantly.

Police say their death was so quick no-one even got a chance to say to them, "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

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