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wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When a Brazilian mother saw her 3-year-old son petting something behind the sofa, she probably thought he was displaying his imagination. Wrong! It was a 5-foot-long which had found its way in during a flood. (AZCentral)

A time-traveller from 33AD has arrived in Ohio on a mission from God to visit a dance club… at least that's what man told police when they asked why he'd stopped his car in the middle of the road. (Aol Weird News)

Video of a car speeding over a pedestrian bridge in an Italian city, it's got to be another remake of the Italian Job, right? Nope, it was a pair of young couples looking for a shortcut to their night out. (Daily Mail)

Chris Hopper wasn't going to stand there and take it when a pair of armed robbers tried to raid his jewellery store. He wrestled with the thugs before throwing one of them over the counter and chasing them out onto the street. (Asylum)

If there's one neighbour you don't want to have a fight with, you'd think it was the military enthusiast with the tank parked outside his home. But that hasn't stopped residents in Wolvercote from complaining about the eye-sore. (Telegraph)

Police in Essex are on the hunt for a boy-racer who filmed a video of himself driving at 167mph in a 50mph area and then posted it to YouTube. (Daily Mail)

275x250.jpgBritish women spend more money on their looks than they do on their health, a study has revealed.

The typical female forks out an average of £336 a year on hair products, make-up and fake tan in a bid to look young, but just £228 is spent on vitamins and gym membership.

And while three quarters enjoy spending cash on looking their best, just 41 percent say they like heading to the shops for healthy stuff.

The statistics emerged in study of 3,000 women aged between 18 and 65 who were quizzed on their spending habits and attitudes when faced with choosing between image or health.

Maybe that's because 56 percent said they could cover up the effects of a late night with make-up and going to the gym just sounds like hard word.

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