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New shoes hurt women after just 34 minutes

275x250.jpgThe average woman can stand their new pair of shoes for just 34 minutes before grimacing with pain on a night out, it has been found.

Researchers discovered once women have stepped out of the taxi and into a pub or club, they survive just over 30 minutes before their feet hurt.

Four in ten said they even take a spare pair of pumps 'out of habit' to change into because they know their shoes will rub.

And more than half have ended up walking home bare-foot, while one in ten have abandoned their shoes altogether or borrowed someone else's.

But despite this, one fifth claim they would NEVER be put them off wearing a pair of killer heels… maybe that's because the one in ten who have been fireman-lifted home enjoyed it.

275x250.jpgMore than three million British women have received medical attention or been rushed to hospital - because of their shoes, it's been found.

Researchers say one in ten females have gone to such extreme lengths to wear trendy shoes that they've ended up twisting their ankle or tearing a tendon.

Another third have fallen flat on their face as a result of their heels with many damaging their teeth and breaking their wrists.

The poll of 3,000 women found other injuries sustained in the name of fashion include broken ankles and twisted knees.

But despite this, six in ten girls said they'll grimace and continue to wear killer heels for the sake of fashion… and hope their wounds healed.

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