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275x250.jpgOne in two men admit they won't order a soft drink in a pub because 'it's not manly enough', a study has found.

Researchers discovered millions of blokes buckle to peer pressure and order a beer at the bar when they would have happily enjoyed a soft drink.

One-in-ten went as far as to say they 'wouldn't dream' of ordering a non alcoholic beverage in front of their boozing mates.

Around 47 percent of the 2,00 men polled said doing so made them feel 'a bit of a wuss' and 17 percent were worried their mates would take the mickey.

More than half of men also thought it was harder for them to order a soft drink in the pub than a woman. Even though she actually wanted a glass of wine.

When Katie Price recently claimed in court her poor driving was because she was a 'typical woman driver' - many couldn't believe she had pulled the sex card.

But according to a recent study, she's not the only one and 88% of women have used their gender to excuse their actions or avoid situations completely.

What's more, just over half (52%) of the 1,451 women polled, claim they do it regularly, and for a variety of reasons.

Problems parking the car are the top situation in which gender excuses are cites with 67% of women trying it on, followed by catching insects (56%).

Carrying heavy items (48%) cam next, then opening jars (40%). 35% also say they use gender to 'avoid confrontation' -- which could be harder after the results of this poll.

A 'miracle cream' which it's claimed can increase a woman's boobs by half a cup size goes on sale in the UK today.

The £125 'Boob job' gel promises to plump, firm and lift boobs by as much as 2.5cm if applied daily for 56 days.

Makers Rodial claim it works by blocking fat cells as they travel round the body, increasing a woman's bust size.

Celebrity fans of the gel are said to include Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Victoria Beckham and Kelly Brook.

Before you ask, no, we don't think Scarlett Johansson will need to take you up on your kind offer of rubbing it in for her.

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