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275x250.jpgMen are more likely to be involved in a car accident over the summer - because they're distracted by scantily-clad women, it has been found.

A recent study discovered that in 2009, men made 16.4 percent more car insurance claims during the summer than women.

25 percent of blokes also admitted to having had a summertime crash at some point in the past and being more prone to road rage in hot weather.

However it isn't just the rising temperature getting men hot under the collar, it's also what women are wearing.

29 percent of men say they are distracted by women's summer attire (or should that be lack of it) while only 3 percent of women say the same.

275x250.jpgWomen are more organised in the workplace than men and are generally better at keeping to deadlines and turning up on time, it has been revealed.

A recent study looked at the the differences in the organisational skills of men and women, to see who made the better employees.

It was discovered women are the better prepared with 43 percent rating themselves as "very organised" compared to just 32 percent of men.

This means men are more likely to forget to phone people back and lose documents on their messy desks… while 40 percent of women say their desk is spotless.

1-in-10 men also admitted they have no structure to their work life -- which could explain why so many have lost an important document (17%) missed a deadline (44%) or been late for work (41%) in the past month.

275x250.jpgOne in three men claim they don't feel safe when their other half is driving, it has been found.

Millions of blokes find themselves pushing their feet down into the footwell because their wife or partner brakes late.

Others say they regularly spend large chunks of the journey gripping the edges of the passenger seat and are in constant fear of crashing.

One in ten even said they've been forced to grab the steering wheel as the missus took her eyes off the road and careered towards the central reservation.

Other common complaints included flicking the accelerator, braking too hard, fiddling with the stereo... and generally just not being a man.

275x250.jpgWomen are consistently better at multitasking than men, it has been claimed by psychology experts.

Boffins from the University of Hertfordshire say they've conducted a study into multitasking ability and found women come out top.

While men and women performed equally when they multitasked on simple maths and map reading tasks - as the tasks became harder the women far excelled the blokes.

In one test where people were asked to 'search for the lost key' by drawing on a piece of paper how they would search a field 70 per cent of women performed better than the average male.

However, this could just be because women have had much more practice looking for lost keys... and they know they are actually always in the bottom of their handbag.

275x250.jpgWomen are at their most beautiful and attractive at the relatively mature age of 31-year-old, it has been revealed.

A study of 2,000 men and women from the UK looked at a variety of aspects of beauty including, confidence, looks and style, in a sample of women.

Overall it was found that a fresh-faced look was rejected in favour of women who also backed their beauty up with confidence and life experience.

This meant women were considered their most beautiful at the age of 31 - good news for current 31-year-olds Katie Holmes and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

However not all responses agreed, when asked when a woman was her most attractive one man said: "After my sixth pint."

275x250.jpgA bizarre bra has gone on sale which is designed to help women hide a bottle of wine in their underwear during a night out.

The 'Wine Rack Bra' looks like a normal sports bra, but actually holds 750ml (an entire bottle of wine) inside the cups.

In addition to giving wearers bigger-looking boobs, there's also a straw which allows them to covertly dink the contents.

Makers claim the 'Wine Rack Bra' is perfect for sneaking booze into movies, concerts, sports events and clubs.

However, users should consider that while a fluid filled bra can boost breast size from an A to a D -- the more drunk you get the smaller your boobs will appear.

275x250.jpgWomen who struggle losing weight and have pear-shaped bodies are predisposed to suffer from poor memory, scientists have found.

Researchers say women with wide hips are significantly more likely to experience memory loss and mental decline as they get older.

The team from Northwestern University in Chicago conducted a study of 8,745 women aged 65 to 79, testing memory and brain function along with weight.

A connection between brain function and body-shape was found, with each increase in BMI resulting in a loss in memory score points.

At least the study give those women with pear-shaped bodies a reason their diet isn't working -- they probably keep forgetting they are on it.

275x250.jpgThe average woman will work her way through more than 100 hairstyles in her lifetime, it has been found.

Researchers discovered the typical female will have her hair layered, shortened or coloured twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65 - or 104 times in her life.

The main reasons for a shift in style are 'boredom' with their current look or the end of a relationship.

It also emerged the average female tries out three different colours over the years.

But the change isn't always for the better, almost three quarters of women admit they've deeply regretted at least one style, and no, it's not always a mullet.

275x250.jpgDuring her lifetime, the average woman will spend a boyfriend-terrifying £16,000 on pairs of new shoes.

A study has found girls pay for their own shoes from the age of 14 and then continue to snap up seven pairs per year for the rest of their lives.

This means the average woman will have owned an Imelda Marcos-esque 469 pairs of flip flops, heels, boots, pumps, sandals, wellies and wedges.

With the average pair costing £34.99 the shoe addiction will cost £244.93 annually and £16,410.31 over a period of 67 years.

The study of 3,000 women also revealed that most women have 19 pairs of shoes at any one time -- meanwhile men (who weren't surveyed) just have one pair of shoes and one pair of trainers. 

275x250.jpgTwo thirds of men have no idea the lengths their wife or girlfriend goes to look her best, it has been found.

Research revealed most men are oblivious to the extensive beauty routines -- which average 5 hours per week in the bathroom plucking, fake-tanning and waxing.

It was also found 28 per cent of men are unaware any women do things like pluck hairs from their chin, wear false eyelashes or file their nails.

A sneaky 18 percent of women say they purposely keep their partner in the dark about their gruelling beauty regime and amazingly 1-in-20 claim their bloke has NEVER seen them looking 'au natural'

However, this is probably a good thing... because looking at this beauty routine list  - those ones must off looking like the incredible hulk.

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