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275x250.jpgCompetitors with nimble fingers have battled it out in a bra-removing contest at Chinese shopping mall.

Participants each had to see how quickly they could unclasp eight bras, which were worn by models on a stage in Gungzhou city.

The models - who all had their hair tied up to allow easy access to their bra fastenings - stood in a line as countless men tried their luck.

As if the men needed extra encouragement to relieve the women of their bras in record time there was a prize of 1,000 yuan for the fastest.

But the blokes were all put to shame by a woman who undid the eight bra clasps in just 21 seconds… though to be fair she's had a bit more practice than most of the men.

275x250.jpgA bra manufacturer in Japan has unveiled a "Grow-Your-Own Rice Bra" which they say would be ideal for urban farmers.

Each year Triumph reveals a unique themed bra which taps into the Japanese cultural zeitgeist with previous examples being one with solar panels and one which doubled as a golf mat.

Now makers say there's a trend or city dwellers to dabble in urban farming - with rice a dietary staple they decided to combine the two with lingerie.

The bra can be tied together to create pots which also double as the cups. These are to be filled with soil, and rice seedlings.

As with previous stunt bras the 'Grow-Your-Own' is not due to go on sale publicly… which is a shame as wearers watering seeds could have prompted spontaneous wet t-shirt contests.

275x250.jpgThe average woman wears clothes and accessories worth over £1,000 every time she leaves the house, it has been found.

A study tallied the cost of various items from underwear to handbags to work out what the typical British woman has with her at any one time.

It was discovered the average woman wears lingerie worth around £26, a skirt costing £30, shoes worth £51, a top costing £22 and a cardigan or jumper worth £38.

This is then finished off with £378 jewellery, a £76 watch and a handbag £106 containing and purse worth £146 (including contents) and a £106 mobile.

That's a total of around £1,000 -- around a £100 more then the average man… who was wearing cheap jeans, a cheap t-shirt and had a really nice mobile phone in his pocket.

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