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wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our (sometimes) daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Rebels who took control of Colonel Gaddafi's compound say they have found an odd photo album the Libyan leader kept with pictures of Condoleezza Rice. (Daily Mail)
Free-running has always looked dangerous enough to us, and that's when you're just leaping around on stationary objects. Combine it with speeding trains and that just stupid. We can't believe this guy is still alive. (ABC News) (YouTube)
A strange phenomena which is being described as a 'bubble cloud' has been reported over the skies of Beijing. (CBS) (YouTube)

A dash cam on a police car in Oklahoma City has recorded the moment an alleged drunk driver drove onto the wrong side of the road and ploughed straight into the deputy's squad car head-on. (ABC Local) (YouTube)

A loyal dog who refused to leave the side of his fallen Navy SEAL master in an emotional funeral will now go to a good home. Hawkeye, a Labrador retriever -- who sat by the coffin of his master Petty Officer Jon Tumilson last week -- will be staying with Scott Nichols, who had previously looked after him. (Daily Mail)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our (sometimes) daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

She was covering a story about staff getting paid extra for being able to speak multiple languages, so it's a same NBC 5 news journalist Susy Solis wasn't even able to get through her report in English. (YouTube)

In the past we've seen the lengths people will go to to snag themselves a foul ball - whether that means dropping your child, or fighting someone else's - but this baby was less bothered at a recent Giants game, he threw it back. (NBC Sports)

NASA has activated a humanoid robot which was recently launched into orbit. Robonaut will initially be operated inside a laboratory on the on International Space Station. (Asylum)

Something tells us Philippe Senderos is going to get a bit of stick for this. The Fulham defender was discussing the tackling skills of Joey Barton when he uttered the line: "He's going to come strong in the tackle and come in your face." (SportsGrid) (YouTube)

A Dutch football fan was not happy when the referee gave his team six yellow card and they lost a recent game - so he tried to run over the official with his mobility scooter. (NBC Sports) (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our (sometimes) daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

First of all we want to assure you the TV sports presenter in question is not Gary Lineker. A Costa Rican TV soccer reporter surprised a footballer she was interviewing by lowering her jeans and asking him to autograph her arse. (NBC) (YouTube)

A 12-year-old girl has left police in the US red-faced - by using the knowledge she gained during a forensics class to solve the burglary of her great-grandmother before they were able to. (WSBTV)

We've seen plenty of swear words sneak their way into the media, normally it's tongue-tied news presenters who make the error… but something tell us this one - shouted at a news reporter live on TV - was very much intended. (YouTube)

Everyone is familiar with how monster truck shows work, the big-wheels trucks drive over normal-sized vehicle as petrol-heads cheer. Or that's what's meant to happen, this monster truck got stuck trying to take on a fire engine. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

A bungling crook who tried to steal a TV from the garden of a US bar left empty-handed after falling over as he climbed up to a shelf to swipe it and dropped it on himself. (All Voices) (YouTube)

It's meant to be the referee and officials who dole out the punishment during a football match, but this game in Uruguay saw a player slap a referee's assistant across the face. (The Sun) (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our (sometimes) daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

An ABC News presenter suffered a green screen fail when the colour of her short meant that she appeared as a floating head. (Examiner)

A US trucker who had his penis amputated during a circumcision when doctors found life-threatening cancer says it was done without his consent. (BBC)

A German golfer who was so determined to repay a debt of a drink - which he lost in a wager - he spent five years and thousands of pounds tracking down the man he owed the pint. (Telegraph)

At Newslite we have a strange relationship with baseball, while we couldn't really care less about the sport, it does throw up a surprising amount of off-beat occurrences and for that reason we are fascinated… what other sport give you things like this off-the-head catch? (CBS) (YouTube)

After watching this clip we guarantee you will want to deal with telemarketers like this guy who answered as though he was from 911. (Thedailywh.at)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our (sometimes) daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Players and fans at a Mexican first division football match were forced to run for cover when a gun battle started just outside the stadium in Torreon. (Telegraph) (YouTube)

With a lot of practice and some beige knitwear this little kid could become the American Paul Yarrow - just look at how he trolls the CNN coverage of Kim Kardashian's wedding. (YouTube)

It was meant to be an event to promote international relations but a recent match between a US and Chinese basketball team recently erupted in a brawl. (Mirror)  (YouTube)

Tightrope daredevil Freddy Nock has scaled a two inch thick cable to the top of the 10,000ft high Zugspitze mountain in Germany, with neither a balancing pole or a security harness. (Telegraph) (YouTube)

Police in China have recruited a team of monkey statues to help them stop drivers from speeding. The monkeys have been issued high-vis vests and situated at the side of the road. (Metro)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our (sometimes) daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

We're not going to lie to you, there isn't too much to this other than a cute photo of a cat and baby deer snuggling up and having a snooze together. (Metro)

We thought the story about French actor Gerard Depardieu peeing on a plane was pretty amusing, but apparently not as much as CNN presenter Anderson Cooper, who couldn't stop laughing as he worked his way through a pun-filled report. (VVV) (YouTube)

A man is apparently causing a stir in Mexico after claiming he discovered a fairy, which he's now charging people to look at. 3,000 people are said to have visited wanting to see the creature… which looks suspiciously like a plastic model to us. (LAHT) (YouTube)

TV viewers claim to have seen a UFO flying behind MP Tom Watson as he was interviewed on Channel 4. But is this an alien invasion… or a bird. (Asylum)

It was an odd broadcast from Fox 5 News, not only were TV news presenters were left in the dark when there was a power failure during a live sow - but they were reporting on an odd story about a couple getting married on a bridge. (YouTube)

WNWDW: Bobby Charlton dances to Beyonce

wnwdw.jpgOur (sometimes) daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Sir Bobby Charlton is a footballing legend, he won the World Cup and is a hero to Manchester United fans around the world… but did you know he's also a rather impressive public dancer. (The Sun) (YouTube)

News reporter Shepard Smith was left red-faced after making a rude blunder on live TV -- rather than say 'top cop' the Fox News anchor said "top cock". (Asylum)

A Chinese TV news reporter has become a bit of a online sensation after covering his microphone with a condom to keep it dry as he reported on a typhoon. (Metro) (YouTube)

When we were younger and imagining the sort of flying car we'd be driving/flying by the year 2011, we didn't think it would look anything like this… then again we didn't think we'd still be relying on DIY Russian vehicles. (Daily Mail)

A two-legged robot called MABEL which was created by boffins at the University of Michigan has become the world's fastest… after reaching 6.8mph. (Daily Mail)

WNWDW: Street named after Justin Bieber

wnwdw.jpgOur (sometimes) daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When 11-year-old Caroline Gonzalez became "mayor for a day" in Forney, Texas, she knew exactly what she wanted to use her new-found powers to do… name a street after Justin Bieber. (E! Online)

What's a suitable birthday present for your ex-wife? Well, if you are anything like Canadian mayor Dany Lariviere - and you've had a bitter public divorce - how about a 20-tonne spray-painted boulder? (Asylum)

After hearing about Otis the skydiving pug, we're beginning to think the average dog is braver and lives a more exciting life than us. (Metro)

A US woman called 911 to tell police that a burglar had stolen the remote control to her TV and nothing else. She said it wasn't possible she'd misplaced it and that someone had taken it. Officers found it. (WLFI)

A raver at the Big Chill festival has become an online sensation after throwing more shapes than salsa-dancing dog or a young boy in a Mircosoft store. Oh how we love public dancing. (The Sun)

wnwdw.jpgOur (sometimes) daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Workers at a US technology firm were devastated when they heard they were losing their jobs as part of lay-offs, but it was short-lived… because they won $7 million on the lottery the next day. (Todays THV)

As any parent will tell you, babies and young children will copy anything they see… which is why we think there should be more videos like this one of a baby copying Freddie Mercury, thank you very much internet. (Asylum)

An 11-year-old German boy alarmed police by calling to tell them he was being made to do 'forced labour' - but when officers arrived at the address he gave, they discovered his mom had just told him to tidy up his toys. (Yahoo)

A young boy who made an almost impossible $50,000 prize ice hockey shot may not get the money, because his identical twin brother had meant to be hitting the puck (The Star) (YouTube)

Parts of New Zealand have seen snow for the first time in 80 years. Meteorologists say the last time snow fell in Auckland city centre was in the 1930s. (China Daily)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Sometimes it can be hard to find what you're looking for in the supermarket -- like if you're looking for real-life invisible man Liu Bolin who photographs himself camouflaged against different backgrounds. (Yahoo)

A language student who was struggling to get her tongue around Korean words and phrases has had it surgically lengthened to help her pronounce certain crucial sounds in the Korean alphabet. (Daily Mail)

Rupert Primelmoser was giving his daughter a driving lesson when she accidentally drove off the road and into a river which promptly swept them 150 yards downstream. Oops. (9 News)

A baseball fan and father has made an impressive one-handed foul ball catch while holding his baby in the other. All the more impressive is that he apparentlty attempted this while sitting next to his wife. (Yahoo) (YouTube)

Have you ever wondered whether a video of a cute kitten watching a video of another cute kitten could somehow cause the internet to break? We have… turns out we were wrong, you just get another cute cate video. (CBS News) (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

NBC17 weatherman Wes Hohenstein was trying to look professional, he didn't want to be seen swatting away a bug as he delivered his report on live TV so he didn't… but he probably didn't want to be seen swallowing a bug either. (NBC17)

A Chinese tightrope walker lost he footing as he tried to walk along a high-wire 100m above the ground and suspended between two hot air balloons -- luckily he was able to cling onto the 15m-long steel wire (Sky News) (YouTube)

The seven-year-old son of TV adventurer Bear Grylls has saved a girl from drowning after she fell into a river. (Daily Mail)

How's your driving, or more specifically your parking? Personally we look for a space the size of a small country before attempting a parallel parking manoeuvre, but Ronny Wechselberger doesn't he's set the world record for squeezing into a space just 26cm bigger than his Volkswagen Polo. (Asylum)

Thirty quick-footed babies in the US have competed  in New York's third annual 'diaper derby' to find the fastest baby. (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

The force is strong with this sushi chef… he's recreated characters from Star Wars as food, carving Yoda, R2D2 and Han Solo out of carrots, sweet potato and radish. (Metro)

A video of a cat rearing up on its hind legs and walking off camera has become an online hit after web users noticed it was reminiscent of Michael Jackson's dance routine to Thriller. (Asylum)

Always fancied going water-sking but can't be bothered to drag yourself off the sofa? Well this could be just what you need - a water-going retro 70s sofa. (Geekosystem) (YouTube)

Serbian tennis ace Bojana Jovanovski had an important game lined up in Carlsbad, California as part of the WTA San Diego Open… shame she flew to Carlsbad, New Mexico instead. (Yahoo)

This video looks kind of old to us, but it's currently doing the rounds online and given our penchant for on-air TV news bloopers, who are we to argue. (The Daily What)  (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A video of a woman whose head has been "replaced" by four Apple iPads wandering around New York has become a hit online. (The Sun) (YouTube)

We can understand the urge to reach for a camera when you find yourself in the middle of a storm - we love freak weather too -- but you have to be careful not to get a little too close to the action. (YouTube)

When a Russian reporter asked Justin Timberlake “why movies?” at a press junket for Friends With Benefits, co-star Mila Kunis (who moved to California from Ukraine) jumped in and verbally slapped the reporter down. (Daily What) (YouTube)

While there's probably no-one in the UK who doesn't know about Pippa 'the arse' Middleton it appears she's not as well known in the US, a recent poll found two-thirds don't know who she is, but 2% think she's an adult-film star. (Guardian)

Manchester City footballer Mario Balotelli is said to have been on the end of a 'training ground prank' which has ruined his £150,000 Maserati sports car - pals hid kippers in the car for two weeks, meaning it now stinks of fish. (Asylum)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Climber and BASE jumper Toby Benham prefers to go by the name Lucky Chance, and we can see why -- he recently suffered a parachute fail as he jumped off a 590ft ‘Death Swing', but survived without a scratch. (Climber) (Vimeo)

We know a thing or two about sporting brawls, but this one which broke out at a junior basketball game between Bahrain and Kuwait had it all, fists, kicks… basketball shoes being brandished as weapons. (Washington Post) (YouTube)

A pilot had a lucky escape when his F-16 fighter plunged nose-first into the ground after running off the runway at an air-show. (Fox 11) (YouTube)

We have absolutely no interest in news surrounding the sacking of the Melbourne Demons' AFL coach Dean Bailey -- but that didn't stop us enjoying this link from Channel Seven News… "Amy Parks now joins us from AAMI Park." (Nine MSN) (YouTube)

A group of British troops in Afghanistan have recorded a video of themselves performing a mime of Glee's "Don't Stop Believin". (Asylum)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A video of a bizarre meal called 'dancing squid' being served in Japan has (unsurprisingly) become an online hit and officially freaks us out. (The Sun) (YouTube)

Leanne Suter is not a war reporter, but the ABC7 journalist was recently shot during a live TV report. Admittedly only by a BB gun shot at her hand, and most viewers wouldn't have noticed, but that's still getting shot, right? (ABC Local) (YouTube) (YouTube)

A group of women who are hoping to see Vladimir Putin win a 2012 presidential vote in Russia have held a bikini carwash to support him… which wouldn't really be worth mentioning if it wasn't for this awkward TV moment it prompted. (Nerve) (YouTube)

The baseball foul ball is possibly the best thing about the sport… especially when things like this happen and it hits a fan in the face. (NBC Sport) (YouTube)

Wu Zhilong wants to be entered into the Guinness World Records after pulling a car weighted down by 12 people by sticking a metal bowl-like object to his belly. (Telegraph) (YouTube)

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