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wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A pair of women from Bulgaria claim they've found a series of hidden cameras in the apartment they are renting in Florida. (CFNews 13)(YouTube)

Drivers in Australia got a shock recently, when a 1.5m crocodile was seen slithering out of a drain and onto the main street of a town. (Yahoo)(YouTube)

Professional sportsmen are generally macho types who don't like to show any weakness -- shame then that Logan Morrison of the Florida Marlins responded like this when he saw a Praying Mantis. (YouTube)

A plumber has built the world's longest motorbike which measures 72ft long and can seat 25 people… as long as they don't mind not going around corners. (Daily Mail)

By day, Roger Hayhurst is a 19-year-old gardener, but by night he's a real-life superhero known as the Knight Warrior… at least to himself. (The Sun)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Princess, an eight-week-old kitten has survived after being stuck in a washing machine cycle for almosts an hour. (BBC)

343 hot air balloons have takes off at the Lorraine Mondial international hot air balloon festival in France making an amazing sight, and setting a new world record in the process. (Telegraph)

This mascot got what he deserved after cheating two little kids out of winning a game of musical chairs - the lads kicked him in the groin. Making the story even better, it was "Blue Balls" night. (Business Insider) (YouTube)

A TV reporter was attacked live air while covering animal cruelty case involving a naked man and an Iguana. (MyFox) (YouTube)

A Chinese teenager has somehow survived having a sword impaled in his skull. We barely survived looking at the photos and X-ray. (Asylum)

It's never good to prang your car. But it must be even worse when you do so into a Mercedes, a Porsche, a Ferrari and an Aston Martin all at the same time. (Daily Mail)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

We've seen what happens when a kitten takes on a tennis ball and now it's time see a puppy tackle a pine cone… now will someone hurry up and add an appropriately dramatic soundtrack. (YouTube)

Given the speed at which the man in the background of this live news broadcast disappears, we think it's safe to say he didn't mean to be there. Either that or someone had tied a bungee rope to him. (YouTube)

A 19-year-old female worker at a  US convenience store has fought off a would-be robber despite the man using a stun gun on her. (ABC) (YouTube)

A 56-year-old woman was forced to spend a night stuck in her car as it teetered on the face of a Cornish cliff after she lost control of her car. She was spotted by a jogger the following morning. (Guardian) (YouTube)

A video of two culture shocked Brits wandering around a Wal-Mart store in LA while being horrified and impressed by products in equal measure has become an online hit. (Asylum)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A reporter who knocked on the door of woman who was said to have locked her baby in a car on a hot day was shown the family do know how to cool down… when she had water thrown on her. (Guyism) (YouTube)

A man riding a mobility scooter has had a lucky escape after surviving being hit by a train doing 100mph as he drove over a level crossing. (Asylum)

Swiss daredevil Ueli Steck has set a new record by climbing the north face of the Grandes Jorasses - part of Mont Blanc - in just 2hr 21 min… with just an ice axe. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

A magician/prankster has filmed himself being served spontaneously burning burgers at fast-food joints in the US. And while the burning burger prank impresses us… we bet it scares McDonald's lawyers (YouTube)

So this video is from way back in 2009, but if there's something you are considering quitting, this message is as valid as this video is cute. (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

It's happened before and it will happen again, but we still can't imagine how much of a shock it must be to see a 'corpse' wake up and start screaming. (Telegraph)

Strong winds in Australia have became so extreme recently that a waterfall has been recorded flowing upwards. (Asylum)

We kind of feel sorry for England's 12th man Tom Hampton. You don't expect to find an open bucket of paint in the middle of the field at Lords, but he did… quite emphatically. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

For many men, the idea of getting married is a scary one and they are not sure they are ready for the commitment… in the case of this seven-year-old boy we think he's right. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

If like us you've ever thought getting into yoga poses looked a bit too much like hard work, imagine how difficult it would be while balancing on a paddleboard in the middle of a lake. (Fox 11) (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When people in a Chinese village discovered a weird-looking creature with a bald head, bug-eyes and a scrawny body, some thought it was an alien… turns out it was a malnourished monkey. (The Sun)

What makes men pull these faces? No not that. Diving. A sports photographer has focused on the gurning faces of divers at the FINA World Championships in Shanghai. (Telegraph)

A "Keep off the grass" sign has been installed on a tiny patch of turf in London, despite the fact it's almost too small to do anything on it. (ThisIsLondon)

We don't care if Whale Sharks are ilter feeders which eat plankton, we'd still have been bricking it if we'd been as close as this diver to being swallowed by one. (Daily Mail)

A grizzly bear which had his head stuck in a jar for up to three weeks has finally been rescued after it was tranquillised and the plastic jar removed. (Daily Mail)

What's under your bed? Actually don't answer that, instead just marvel at what was discovered under the bed of a pensioner in Guatemala… a 40ft deep sinkhole. (Metro)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

It may not have the same appeal as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, but the chupacabra 'goat sucker' has for years been the thing of legend - now a Texas teenager says he's shot and killed one. (Fox News) (YouTube)

We're beginning to think that animals spend more time in swimming pools than humans do. This time a horse had to be rescued from a pool in Florida. (MyFox)

Police in Texas say they are on the look for someone who stole what they probably thought was a normal camera, but actually took a radioactive camera device which is used to detect leaks in pipes and has Iridium 192, a radioactive material. His glow should make him easy to find. (WIVD)

Some people of good drivers who are bad at parking. But this person is bad driver who's inadvertently good at parking… they crashed on a busy road and ended up in a parking spot. (Asylum)

A bus stop in Honolulu has been relocated because of complaints from drivers about the stench from an adjacent bus shelter where a homeless woman has been living. (WeInterrupt)

Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

That Loch Ness monster gets about a bit doesn't she. A fisherman claims to have caught a 20 to 30ft long creature with humps on its back on camera swimming in an Alaskan bay. (MSNBC)

A storm in Montreal saw so much rain come down in a short period of time that it caused a sewer geyser powerful enough to lift a car off the ground. (CTV) (YouTube)

Three ostriches are said to have caused chaos when they escaped from a van in the Estonian city of Tartu and proceeded to run around roads. (DPF) (YouTube

It's just a couple of weeks since we brought you an amazing time-lapse video of a haboob hitting Phoenix, but another one has struck. This time it was 3,000 feet high and cut visibility to about a quarter of a mile. (NY Daily News) (YouTube)

A US man who decided to try removing his son's cast with a 10-inch circular saw ended up cutting off the top of the 15-year-old's right thumb in the process. (NBC Miami)

Hundreds of people fled from a high-rise building in South Korea thinking there was an earthquake… but experts now believe it was caused by a vigorous gym exercise session. (Yahoo)

You know what it's like, one minute you are having a nice relaxing bike ride through a park, the next you've got a moose charging at you. (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Japanese researchers have created a radio-controlled sphere which can fly at speeds of 37mph and dart in and out of buildings. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

She is one the most powerful women on the planet, but US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was recently upstaged by two cats during a live appearance on CNN Turk. (Todays THV)

In the past we've said how much we like mixed sports sports, you know like chess boxing, skyaking and snowboard basketball. So it was pretty obvious we were going to be fans of Kung Fu Volleyball wasn't it? (Buzzfeed) (YouTube)

Given how often sporting events get interrupted, pitch invaders have to do something special to get noticed.. which is why we presume this guy donned a wedding dress before running onto the field at an  Atlanta Braves game. (Yahoo)

A skydiver who saw his iPhone 4 fall from his pocket at 13,500ft says he couldn't believe it when he found it and discovered it was still workings. (Daily Mail)

Many people get strangely anxious about going to the beach and want to make a good first impression whether that means having a perfect beach-body, the right pair of sunglasses or making an impressive entrance like this… did you notice the word 'fail' in the title. (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A US man accidentally set fire to his own house while trying to cremate his pet dog and caused $70,000 worth of damage. (Arcamax)

Well there's something you don't see everyday. A man dressed as a Stormtrooper is currently walking the 3,106 miles across Australia from Perth to Sydney. (Metro)

When Harald Mikkelsen was told by a neighbour someone was trying to rob his store in Alta, Norway, he jumped in his tractor to do something about it. An oh boy did he… he caught them by lifting their car off the ground. (NRK) (YouTube)

Large parts of the Netherlands have been left without radio reception after the collapse of a broadcast tower. But that's not the impressive bit, that's the video of it happening. (BBC) (YouTube)

They say it's not news when a dog bites a man. But we're going to go out on a limb and guess that a dog biting a shark is. A video of a dog rounding up sharks in shallow water and then giving one of them a bit has become an online hit. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When her cat died, Luciana Matalon wanted to commemorate the departed kitty and a burying a box in the back garden wasn't going to cut it… so the 77-year-old took out a full-page newspaper advert to mourn Sky. (UPI)

Have you ever had a burning desire to learn how to fit a new tap or un-shrink clothes? No, neither had we, but all that could be about to change thanks to these sexy instruction videos. (The Sun)

Michael Wolff is a well known and respected journalist who is an expert on Rupert Murdoch. He doesn't know much about baseball, which is a shame, because that's what BBC News tried to quiz him about after mixing him up with another guest. (Yahoo) (YouTube)

When we reach our twilight years, we hope we're still having as much fun as these lip-syncing OAPs. Heck, we wish we were having that much fun now. (Telegraph) (YouTube)

If, like us, you get queasy at the mere thought of a dislocation or broken bone, do not click play on this, because the headline does not lie. (YouTube)

A video of a raccoon running around with a can stuck on it's head before eventually being freed has become an online hit. (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Dave Grohl has kicked a fan out of a London gig after he saw them fighting. And as he puts it: "You don't come to my show and fight, you come to my show and f**king dance." (Laughing Squid) (YouTube)

It's not exactly normally news when West Bromwich Albion lose a football game, especially when it's a friendly out of season match. But that said, the goals they concede aren't usually this bizarre. (Fox News) (YouTube)

A group of artists in Germany have turned a mundane traffic junction into an impressive artwork by dumping 500l of paint on the roads. (Architizer) (YouTube)

A two-headed snake has become a hit after going on display at a zoo in southern Ukraine - despite the two heads not getting on with each other. (SMH)

Oh how time on the internet flies, it was only a couple of weeks ago but we'd almost completely forgotten about eHarmony Debbie and her cat-loving ways… but then this musical remix of her video cropped up and she went viral again. (The Sun) (YouTube)

A pair of self-described 'hard-core kayak anglers' had a lucky escape when a caught an 8ft thresher shark which they fought with for 30 minutes. (ABC)

A German teenager sparked a major police operation after being unable to resist the temptation to take his dad's new £175,000 black Ferrari out for a drive. (Yahoo)

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A man who broke into a hair salon in Russia was overpowered by the karate expert owner, force-fed Viagra and kept as a sex slave for three days. (Daily Mail)

When police in China noticed a truck being driven erratically, they pulled alongside to take a look at the driver... who turned out to be an 11-year-old boy. (ITN)

Staff in this betting-shop would be forgive for being all shook up after a man dressed as Elvis robbed them wearing faux sideburns and carrying a handgun. (Asylum)

Gay marriage is a strangely divisive topic for many people, but not this young lad who upon meeting a gay couple for the first time tells them he finds it funny… then offers them a game of ping pong. (MetaTube)

Just because Leonard Webb had crashed into the wall of a restaurant and smashed their deep fryers, didn't mean he wasn't still hungry… so he got out of his truck and ordered a hot dog.(KVIA)

Fish and chip shops in Bridlington have started warning customers that they may be mugged of their dinner by hungry swooping seagulls. (BBC)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A pilot had a close shave at a recent air-show when he was forced to bail out of his Second World War plane after a mid-air collision. (Daily Mail)

Bristol City Council have produced a guide of how they will deal with a zombie outbreak using a four-stage alert process. (STV)

A dog which fell 150ft down a cliff after chasing a mountain goat has been rescued by mountain rescue after surviving three days on an icy ledge with a broken leg. (KOMO News)

What's the weirdest excuse you have ever given for being late to work? We bet it's not as good a John Hearn who told bosses a 300-pound bear had knocked him off his bicycle… and believe it or not he was telling the truth. (WOTV)

A giant 4.2-metre crocodile which is believed to have killed a fisherman has been caught in the Philippines. (Toronto Sun)

A US woman has given birth to a freakishly large baby which weighed in at a massive 7.2kg - that's 16 pounds. (Stuff)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Going one better than the runaway horse from last week, here's a runaway horse in Germany… getting caught by a speed camera. (Metro)

Gymnast Adam Starr lost his right leg to cancer in 2009. But he's not the sort of person to let that stop him. Watch his inspirational first day back at the gym which has become a YouTube hit. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

The iPhone may not be the most terrifying weapon to be propelled from a slingshot - but we still wouldn't fancy being hit by one. (YouTube)

This Argentinian football fan knows his team cant't hear him shouting at his TV, right? (NBC) (YouTube)

Kobe Bryant has performed an impressive 360 dunk at a basketball camp at the University of Califorinia-Santa Barbara. (CBS Sports)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A baseball fan has died after falling from the stands while trying to catch a ball which was tossed into the crowds. (ESPN) (YouTube)

Researchers say the maternal ancestors of modern polar bears were from Ireland, after a DNA study of ancient brown bear bones. (BBC)

An Australian rugby fan has shot to internet fame after a video of her peeing of her seat in the stadium was uploaded to the internet. (Courier Mail) (YouTube)

The world of competitive eating is an odd one. Earlier this week not only did eaters battle it out on stage in New York to see who could munch the most hotdogs, but a rival eater staged his own event in which he set a new world record. Or did he? (NY Daily News)

An idiot crook who tried to disable a security camera to cover his crime gave police a clear image of his face by looking straight into the CCTV camera in the process. (Daily Mail)

A video of a kitten cuddling and apparently taking care of a sick puppy which has just got home from the vet has become the latest must-see moment of cuteness. (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Everyone's favourite cross-eyed opossum has been given a new home at Leipzig Zoo to stagger around googley-eyed in. (The Local)

Jack Moule is one lucky (and talented) teenager, as most of his friends are off to college, his backflips and barrel rolls have landed him a job as professional jet skier. (Metro)

We bet the idea of spending a couple of weeks in Spain sound pretty good, right? Well that's probably what tourist Mary-Anne Goznes thought… until she spent 18 days trapped in a Spanish ravine. (AFP)

There were huge traffic jams on a 10-lane Moscow highway when drivers scurried out of their cars to grab money which had been scattered on the road -- unfortunately it wasn't really cash but bookmarks designed to look like notes. (Elpaso Times)

A man who tackled an armed robber in Manchester has been given a bravery award after the gunman was sentenced to nine years in prison. Why yes, there is CCTV footage. (YouTube)

It's always impressive enough when a baseball player blasts a ball over the wall for a home-run… so to see a human follow the same trajectory has got to be good, right? (My Fox DC) (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When police officer Tiffany Daw was called out to take a look at an alligator which had been found in New Orleans he thought the 6-foot beast might have stopped breathing… luckily he decided to exercise caution when checking. (UPI) (YouTube)

A skull which was discovered in David Attenborough's garden during excavations last year belongs to a murder victim who was killed 132 years ago, it's been found. (Telegraph)

A Mexican woman has been arrested after she was caught trying to sneak her husband out of prison in a suitcase. Why yes, there are photos. (Yahoo) (YouTube)

Watching the news on TV can often leave you with questions about what is happening in the world… or why there's a kitchen in the studio. (YouTube)

Until the inevitable robot uprising, we're happy to celebrate and make the most of technological advancements, like this paralysed man who was given a piggyback up the Mont Saint-Michel in France by a friend wearing robot aided legs. (AFP) (YouTube)

A group of people in China who had to be saved when a bridge partly collapsed under the force of surging floodwaters were rescued in a dramatic operation involving zip-wires and a large digger. (Telegraph) (YouTube)

Remember when your mom told you to be careful around fireworks? This guy doesn't, he's happy to let them burn on his head. (YouTube)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut has won his fifth hot dog eating contest title in a row after munching his way through 64 hot dogs. (ESPN) (YouTube)

President Obama doesn't seem to have a lot of luck with his official presidential seal, after having it fall off his speech podium it's now done the same from his limo. (USA Today)

A monkey in Indonesia  has stole a camera from a wildlife photographer and proceeded to take a series of photos of himself in a variety of poses. (Telegraph)

A team of would-be thieves hoped they would get away with loads of cash after tying a chain around an ATM and pulling it from the ground with a truck. It didn't go to plan, as this CCTV footage show. (CBS 19) (YouTube)

We're not sure whether to just be pleased this kitten was rescued after falling into a small pipe, concerned by the manner in which it was saved… or just impressed by how high the pussy flew after being blown by a leaf blower. (Asylum)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A confused cycling fan has caused a mass pile-up during the Tour de France after colliding with a racer. The crash happened because the woman was looking the wrong way and defending champion Contador was among the casualties. (Yahoo) (YouTube)

Being typical blokes, we love pyrotechnics. But we can honestly say we've never wondered what they view would be like from one -- luckily some people are more inquisitive than us and attached a camera to one. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

We've seen enough animal vs animal videos to know you can never be certain  which animal will come out on top -- like this tiger which is terrified of a bird attack. (YouTube)

The female mayor of a city in the Philippines has been filmed attacking a sheriff after he refused to follow her orders to delay the demolition of a slum area. (Asylum)

It's become clear we will never come to a consensus about whether dogs or cats make better pets. So let's come at it from another direction… do dogs or cats make the better sports field invaders? (NBC Sports)

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A commuter in China recently had the misfortune to somehow get her head trapped in the doors of a bus. Not only that but there was a photographer on hand to record the embarrassing moment. (Daily Mail)

It's up there with 'leaves on the track' - flights at New York's JFK Airport were recently delayed because of turtles crossing the runway to reach seasonal breeding grounds. (Guardian)

A 42-year-old homemaker from has wowed judges of America’s Got Talent by pulling a Susan Boyle. (Asylum)

A four-legged chicken in Jerusalem could be spared the 'chopping block' as Rabbi's are currently debating its kosher status. (Examiner)

17-year-old Lewis Tavernier is lucky to be alive after accidentally being shot in the face with an eight-inch crossbow bolt. (Daily Mail)

Like big bridges? Well you will love this, China has opened the world's longest bridge which measures a monstrous 26-miles. (NPR)

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