275x250.jpgHere's the latest Weird Week video from Newslite and with coffee brewed a ridiculous heights, some stupidly cute micro pigs and a rare crab, what more could you ask for.

The latest odd news from newslite.tv - How to turn your baby into gym equipment, the world's biggest burger and a very moody moggie. Also, the record made from chocolate, the curry scented perfumes and a bar selling shots of horse semen.

In the latest Weird Week from Newslite - will.i.am made out of black eyed peas, the hoverbike becomes real and what happens if you stick to cycle lanes in New York. There's also the sailing ice cream van, the nose stylus for your phone, the new world's smallest man, surfing dogs and a giant penis.

Weird Week: Crab Kong and Royal Gnomes

This week we bring you news that holiday-makers in Canada are going swimming with polar bears, there's a horse who drinks at a British pub and a criminal genius has the tattoo to prove it.

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