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275x250.jpg A photograph of a baby gorilla looking through the viewfinder of a camera on a tripod has won an award at the Zoological Society of London’s (ZSL) first ever Animal Photography Prize competition.

The snap by photographer Lucy Ray, which shows cheeky little Chickaboo proving that she is just as good as any wildlife photographer, will go on show at an exhibition at ZSL London Zoo.

Other extraordinary images that will be on display at the Zoo include a close up of an Amur leopard baring its teeth, and a Madagascan giant leaf-tailed gecko showing off its incredible camouflage skills.

ZSL’s project manager for the exhibition Sarah Barron added: “These photographers have managed to capture some truly amazing shots which will challenge peoples’ perception of the animal kingdom.

275x250.jpg The weirdest and craziest scientific achievements of the year have been celebrated at the Ig Nobel Awards, including the discovery chimpanzees can identify each other from seeing photographs of their bottoms.

The annual event at Harvard University celebrates research which makes you laugh and then think, this year this included a Japanese team who created a machine that disrupts a person's speech, by making them hear their own spoken words at a very slight delay.

Also picking up gongs were boffins who studied the balance of forces that shape and move the hair in a human ponytail and those who looked at the liquid dynamics of walking with a cup of coffee.

Medical experts who advise doctors who perform colonoscopies how to minimize the chance that their patients will explode also took home a prize.

But our personal favourites were the team who showed that brain researchers, by using complicated instruments and simple statistics, can see meaningful brain activity anywhere — even in a dead salmon.

275x250.jpg More than 80 words - including Amazeballs, Mummy Porn and Bridezilla - have been added to the Collins Online English Dictionary.

The online dictionary had appealed for members of the public to act as  "word-spotters" and suggest new words they came across.

Of the thousands of entries, 86 were selected by Collins and now appear on, including Amazeballs (an expression of enthusiastic approval) and Mummy Porn (erotic fiction designed to appeal to women).

Other words added include, Blootered (someone who is drunk), Floordrobe (a pile of clothes left on the floor) and Fanboy (an ardent or obsessive admirer).

A spokesperson for Collins said: "We have been blown away by the volume and variety of submissions, and the way that this opportunity to contribute and help document the English language has captured the public imagination."

275x250.jpg A film festival dedicated to internet cat videos has attracted more than 10,000 fans who enjoyed watching their favorite kitty videos on the big screen.

Launched by Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis, the even also saw the crowning of "Golden Kitty" an award for the most popular cat-based viral.

More than 10,000 votes were placed for the contest and the winner was Henri 2, Paw de Deux, which was created by William Brandon.

Speaking after hearing the odd news of his movie award win, Brandon said: "This is a great honor. I don't think I've ever purred this loudly!"

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