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275x250.jpgA pair of competitive eaters have munched their way to a new Guinness World Record -- by eating as many chocolate bars as they could in 60 seconds.

The competition - held at San Diego Comic-Con - saw stomach-based athletes battle it out in a two stage Mars Bar eating event.

It started off by seeing how many they could eat in one minute, with rules stating each bar had to weigh 49 grams, be wrapped as the event began and that no fluids could be drunk to aid swallowing.

During this section, which was observed by a Guinness World Record adjudicator, Joey Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti tied on three Mars Bars.

The contest then continued to see how many they could eat in total with Bertoletti managing to consume 38 without stopping… which should mean he can work rest and play for over a month.

275x250.jpgSanta Clauses from around the world have gathered in Copenhagen for the annual World Santa Claus Congress.

Each year the event sees the Santa Clauses meet to network with each other and share their experiences of the last Christmas.

But it's not all fun and games, the conference covers issues concerning their trade such as standardisations and regulations.

This isthe 53rd year of the congress which will be attended by Santas from Japan, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

In odd news the organisers of the three-day event say they have to ship in additional mince pies -- yes he enjoys them all year around.

275x250.jpg As races go it was not the most action-packed, and despite taking 3m 41s to complete the finely honed athletes only covered 13 inches. Welcome to the World Snail Racing Championship 2010.

The obviously prestigious event takes place annually in Norfolk and sees more than 200 of the world's speediest snails compete in the races which each start with a ref saying: "Ready, steady, SLOW!"

The racers are started at the centre of a circular table and sprint to the circular finish line 13 inches away. After a series of round the winner scoops a silver tankard filled with lettuce.

This year the honour went to Sidney the snail (and 62-year-old owner Claire Lawrence) took the title in a leisurely 3m 41s… that's longer than the 1500m race at the Olympics.

275x250.jpgHeavy rain today means the UK will be 'cursed' by 40 days of constant downpours -- if you're inclined to believe 1,000-year-old folklore.

Legend has it the weather on 15th July - also known as St Swithin's Day - predicts what it's going to be like for the next 40 days.

The odd forecast dates back to 15 July 971, when the body of a Saxon Bishop was removed from his preferred burial spot outside Winchester Cathedral.

This coincided with 40 days of continuous storms and from then on the old wives' tale has said rain on the 15th July predicted 40 days of rain.

However, the MET office have dismissed the claim after analysing their records of rainfall… but then again, are they any more believable than a 1,000-year-old myth?

275x250.jpg Hundreds of Americans have dropped their trousers and bared their bottoms at passing trains as part of a weird annual event in California.

Each July for the past 30 years up to 10,000 people have gathered at the city of Laguna Niguel to expose their rears at passing trains - with some even traveling from as far as Europe to take part.

Mooning Amtrak lasts all day and even into the night, with evening mooners advised to bring a torch to help those on passing trains to see their bums.

According to Wikipedia bottom-baring dates back almost 2,000 years… which in our opinion makes these fine folks some sort of cultural heritage protectors.

Two people have been gored, and four more injured, during the second day of the Pamplona bull-running festival in Spain.

One of the men is said to be in serious condition after being gored in the thorax, while the other is doing better having only taken one to the leg.

The pair are just the latest to be injured during the San Fermin event in which thousands of people dash to escape bulls charging from a holding pen to the northern town's bull ring.

Yesterday two people were said to have been injured with locals blaming "clumsy tourists" for the accidents - many more injuries are expected by the end of the nine-day festival.

However, rather than constantly update you with the ongoing number of gorings and injuries let's just say now there will be more and leave it at that.

275x250.jpg Six-time hot dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi was arrested when he stormed the stage at this year's New York International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Speed-eater Kobayashi had refused to take part in the event because of contract issues - but tried to get on stage after the champion was crowned.

Joey "Jaws" Chestnut was gobbling his way to his fourth title by (munching 54 hotdogs in 10 minutes) when Kobayashi jump onto the stage as fans shouted "let him eat".

After wresting with police he was arrested and taken into custody overnight --  it's not know if he was given a hot hog while in jail.

275x250.jpg A grandfather who was inspired to give his humble shed a makeover after seeing Pirates Of The Caribbean has won Shed of the Year 2010.

Reg Miller of Southend-on-Sea in Essex says he's spent years perfecting his ornately decorated shed - which has barrel seats, a flag pole flying a pirate flag and even a parrot.

The 65-year-old - dubbed Jolly Reg - beat off stiff competition from over 1,000 other shed owners for the annual title of Shed of the Year 2010 - which is organised by ReadersSheds.

Reg added that he and his wife love sitting in the shed over the summer - thought he didn't comment on rumours he spends many an hour hoping Keira Knightley will turn up.

275x250.jpg Dozens of the world's top sand artists (no, we didn't know that category existed either) have created works in Germany as part of a sand sculpture festival.

Sandsation, held at the O2 World in Berlin, will see the artists compete by creating massive sand sculpture on the theme “Head in Sand“.

The sand-loving creatives have come from as far as India and Russia to do battle with their intricate 4.5 metre tall sculptures, which it expected thousands of tourists will flock to see.

Let's just hope they don't come out one morning soon to find that their works have been covered with towels by sunbathers securing their spot on the sand.

275x250.jpg An Olympic sprinter who can run 100m in a speedy 10 seconds has competed in a weird 'Man v Horse' race -- and comprehensively lost.

Jamie Baulch - who won a silver medal at the 1996 Olympics - took on Peopleton Brook in the odd £10,000 race at Kempton Park last night.

Despite taking an early lead over the 16 hands thoroughbred, Baulch - who hasn't run competitively in years - was easily passed with 40m to go and ended up well behind.

Peopleton Brook finished in 10.06 seconds and immediately started talking about wanting a race against Usain Bolt -- well we think he would have done if he could speak.

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