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275x250.jpgFans of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will today carry towels around with them, to celebrate the life of Douglas Adams.

Held on May 25th each year since 2001, International Towel Day sees fans of the author carry a towel with them wherever they go as a mark of respect.

The day is based around a quote from HGG where Adams wrote about the greatness of towels saying they are "about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have."

Events planned around the world include towel based flash-mobs, picnics, tea parties and pub lunches and the hashtag #towelday is already trending on Twitter.

To find out why the towel is so important check out the quote from Hitchhiker's Guide after the link -- soon you will be carrying one everywhere you go.

275x250.jpgCompetitors with nimble fingers have battled it out in a bra-removing contest at Chinese shopping mall.

Participants each had to see how quickly they could unclasp eight bras, which were worn by models on a stage in Gungzhou city.

The models - who all had their hair tied up to allow easy access to their bra fastenings - stood in a line as countless men tried their luck.

As if the men needed extra encouragement to relieve the women of their bras in record time there was a prize of 1,000 yuan for the fastest.

But the blokes were all put to shame by a woman who undid the eight bra clasps in just 21 seconds… though to be fair she's had a bit more practice than most of the men.

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