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275x250.jpgAnyone making an 'intrepid' and 'plucky' journey in snow covered Britain this week, could win a cash reward for their efforts.

The Royal Society of Chemistry has launched a £300 prize for the most dauntless traveller - to commemorate the centenary of Captain Scott's doomed trip to the Antarctic.

They're asking for people to send photos and tell them about how they have fought their way through to, or from work, undeterred by the snow and ice.

Entires will then be reviewed to find the person who has made the most intrepid journey - with extra points awarded for selflessness and stopping to aid others.

However we are not getting our hopes up, the most intrepid journey we have done was walking to the phone to tell the boss that we were snowed in.

275x250.jpgA pair of robbers who killed themselves by overestimating the amount of dynamite they needed to break into a bank have received a posthumous award for their stupidity.

The dumb duo have been named as the winners of the Darwin Awards 2009 - an annual award which each year celebrates people who took themselves out of the gene pool by dying.

Our would-be robbers had been trying to blow their way into a Belgian ATM cashpoint in the city of Dinant, by using dynamite. But they wildly overestimated how much it would take.

The resulting blast was so large that it not only demolished the entire building where the ATM was housed, but also killed the pair instantly.

Police say their death was so quick no-one even got a chance to say to them, "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

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