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275x250.jpgIn one of the more bizarre events on the UK sporting calendar, thousands of people yesterday turned out to watch the 7th annual pantomime horse race.

A parody of the traditional Grand National race at Aintree, the charity event sees competitors slip into pantomime horse and jockey outfits for the race in Birmingham city centre.

But it is not all laughs -- hundreds of pounds are bet on the racers at a special bookmakers which is set up on the site.

After the bets have been placed, the competitors then charge around the gruelling 12 jump course in the hope of scooping the (obviously prestigious) title. 

A US man has won the Rock Paper Scissors world championships - winning $7,000 in prize money.

Tim Conrad took the title after a gruelling five hours of play across nine matches at the annual contest in Toronto.

Dressed in a padded patriotic muscle costume Tim scooped the win against Tom Butkin with paper covering rock.

512 competitive Rock Paper Scissors players from across the US, Europe and Australia and Mexico all travelled to the event organised by the World RPS Society.

It's not known if Derren Brown was banned from taking part, but we'd love to see him enter.

275x250.jpgA competition has just launched in the Mojave Desert for teams planning to build an elevator to space… yes you read that correctly.

For the next couple of days Space Elevator Games will see robotic machines climbing a 1km high cable (held by a helicopter) and will be powered by laser beams.

The idea is that if this can be achieved, the technology could develop into a fully fledged Space Elevator like that in Arthur C. Clarke's "The Fountains of Paradise."

If a space elevator could one day be attached to a mass in geosynchronous orbit, it would offer much cheaper space travel than rockets… and give Starbucks somewhere else to open a branch.

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