275x250.jpg Because every man wishes he was James Bond, a paintball website is allowing them to run around dressed as their hero while shooting down infamous Bond villains… but using a paintball gun rather than a Walther PPK.

The Skyfall Paintball package, which has been launched to celebrate the new 007 movie, gives paintball players the opportunity to re-enact some of the cult hero’s most iconic scenes, all while wearing a tuxedo.

Villains will be played by the site’s staff and participants are being warned to keep tuxedo spending to a minimum as it's unlikely they'll be able to get the paint out of the clothes should they get shot.

However, paintball spies won't look quite as smooth as Daniel Craig, due to safety regulations they will still have to wear unstylish safety goggles.

275x250.jpg A photograph of a baby gorilla looking through the viewfinder of a camera on a tripod has won an award at the Zoological Society of London’s (ZSL) first ever Animal Photography Prize competition.

The snap by photographer Lucy Ray, which shows cheeky little Chickaboo proving that she is just as good as any wildlife photographer, will go on show at an exhibition at ZSL London Zoo.

Other extraordinary images that will be on display at the Zoo include a close up of an Amur leopard baring its teeth, and a Madagascan giant leaf-tailed gecko showing off its incredible camouflage skills.

ZSL’s project manager for the exhibition Sarah Barron added: “These photographers have managed to capture some truly amazing shots which will challenge peoples’ perception of the animal kingdom.

275x250.jpg The weirdest and craziest scientific achievements of the year have been celebrated at the Ig Nobel Awards, including the discovery chimpanzees can identify each other from seeing photographs of their bottoms.

The annual event at Harvard University celebrates research which makes you laugh and then think, this year this included a Japanese team who created a machine that disrupts a person's speech, by making them hear their own spoken words at a very slight delay.

Also picking up gongs were boffins who studied the balance of forces that shape and move the hair in a human ponytail and those who looked at the liquid dynamics of walking with a cup of coffee.

Medical experts who advise doctors who perform colonoscopies how to minimize the chance that their patients will explode also took home a prize.

But our personal favourites were the team who showed that brain researchers, by using complicated instruments and simple statistics, can see meaningful brain activity anywhere — even in a dead salmon.

275x250.jpg More than 80 words - including Amazeballs, Mummy Porn and Bridezilla - have been added to the Collins Online English Dictionary.

The online dictionary had appealed for members of the public to act as  "word-spotters" and suggest new words they came across.

Of the thousands of entries, 86 were selected by Collins and now appear on Collinsdictionary.com, including Amazeballs (an expression of enthusiastic approval) and Mummy Porn (erotic fiction designed to appeal to women).

Other words added include, Blootered (someone who is drunk), Floordrobe (a pile of clothes left on the floor) and Fanboy (an ardent or obsessive admirer).

A spokesperson for Collins said: "We have been blown away by the volume and variety of submissions, and the way that this opportunity to contribute and help document the English language has captured the public imagination."

275x250.jpg A film festival dedicated to internet cat videos has attracted more than 10,000 fans who enjoyed watching their favorite kitty videos on the big screen.

Launched by Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis, the even also saw the crowning of "Golden Kitty" an award for the most popular cat-based viral.

More than 10,000 votes were placed for the contest and the winner was Henri 2, Paw de Deux, which was created by William Brandon.

Speaking after hearing the odd news of his movie award win, Brandon said: "This is a great honor. I don't think I've ever purred this loudly!"

275x250.jpg An American air guitar enthusiast named Nordic Thunder (when he's not going my the less impressive Justin Howard) has won the top title at the 17th Air Guitar World Championships final at in Finland.

In the first round contestants played a self chosen song and the ten to score highest were admitted to the second round, where everyone rocked to Loose My Soul by The Flaming Sideburns.

Nordic Thunder - who was dressed as a Viking warrior - impressed a judging panel which included legendary Finnish guitarist Juha Torvinen, TV host Heikki Paasonen and Air Guitar World Champion 2000, Markus “Black Raven” Vainionpää.

In case you were wondering, the purpose of the Air Guitar Championships in to promote world peace. According to Air Guitar ideology, wars will end, climate change stops and all bad things disappear if all the people in the world play the Air Guitar.

275x250.jpg Stewart Francis's joke, "You know who really gives kids a bad name? Posh and Becks" has scooped Dave's fifth annual 'Funniest Joke of The Fringe Award' at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The Canadian comedian took the award after a panel of 10 judges from the digital TV channel each sat through 60 different comedy performances and 3,600 minutes of jokes before shortlisting 30 jokes for a public vote.

The quip "You know who really gives kids a bad name? Posh and Becks." won over a fifth of the overall votes (20.93%) and won Francis the award … a lovely glass elephant.

Sepaking of the win, Francis said: "1969 West Mall Soccer Association's Most Valuable Player, and now this...thank you, Dave."

275x250.jpg With the economy as it is, you need to be really switched-on and with it to get a job. But job applicants at a recent interview weren't exactly full of life … because they were auditioning for the position of zombie.

More than 270 people had turned out to audition for the role of zombie at an experience day where members of the public pay to be armed with Airsoft weapon and hunt down zombies in a derelict manor house.

The zombie auditions were held at Pineapple Studios in London's Covent Garden. A panel of judges, including one expert zombie, auditioned the zombie hopefuls, as they explained their motivation and inspiration, including job interview perennials like, "Do you mind being shot with ballistic weapons?"

Zombie hopefuls included on person from Hull, whose local Jobcentre had funded his Megabus journey to London for the auditions. A teacher from London had come straight from her reception class at a nearby primary school, saying "I can't wait to show my kids the photos tomorrow!"

275x250.jpg One of the toughest contests in the world -- the annual Tough Guy event in Staffordshire -- has been won by a 26-year-old German doctor.

Knut Hoehler started as just one of many racers setting off to complete the 12.9 kilometres cross country run before tackling an horrific looking assault course.

But after doing battle with the barbed wire, fire, tunnels and rope bridges Hoehler crossed the line first in a time of one hour, 11 minutes and 57 seconds.

And while he was covered in blood, he did better than some other competitors (who'd all signed a death disclaimer) who were treated for broken bones and hypothermia.

275x250.jpg It's not uncommon for hotel visitors to try stealing a robe from their room -- but a hotel chain in Australia is setting their guests a bigger challenge.

Art Series Hotels are hiding a $15,000 Banksy in one of their Hotels and telling guests that if they can steal it without getting caught, they can keep it.

A spokesperson for the hotels said: "The $15,000 masterpiece is one of just a handful of signed and authenticated Banksy's available in Australia. Find it, as it does the rounds of our hotels, and it could be yours...

The artwork "No Ball Games" will hang in a corridor in one of their hotels for 30 days from today… unless someone get it sooner.

275x250.jpg Next year will see the launch of what will almost certainly not be the most exciting sporting contest… the World Watching Paint Dry Championships.

Would-be title-holders are being asked to submit photos of themselves looking at paint and state the longest time they've spent watching the coloured stuff dry.

Six finalists will then be selected and invited to take part in a grand final in front of media and show off their paint drying skills.

A spokesperson for localtraders.com, who are organising the contest, said: "After so many sporting disappointments we’re keen to invent a sport which England can excel at and watching paint dry could be just the thing.

"Entrants don’t need to be physically fit or participate in a vigorous training regime, what’s more important is mental strength, concentration and endurance.

275x250.jpg Revelers at Germany's Oktoberfest have consumed more beer than ever before -- with a massive 7.5 million litres being knocked back at the famous event.

6.9 million visitors are said to have attended the 17-day event in Munich -- many having donned traditional Bavarian lederhosen for the occasion.

Once there it was all about the beer and food. In addition to the the beer, bosses say hundreds of thousands of sausages and roast chickens were eaten.

And this year brawls were at a record low -- only 58 fights saw drinkers wielding their Masskrugs (litre beer glasses) as weapons... which is apparently and improvement on previous years.

275x250.jpgBoffins who noticed certain Australian beetles will try to have sex with discarded beer bottles have won a scientific prize.

Entomologists Professor Darryl Gwynne and David Rentz were awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for their discovery about buprestid Beetles.

They'd discovered the male beetle would try to mate with beer bottles -- but only brown ones with bobbly bits on them.

This was enough to bag the boffins the Ig Nobel Prize, which celebrates research which makes you laugh and then think.

Other winners on the night included the team who devised a wasabi fire alarm for deaf people and a group who looked at why discus throwers get dizzy.

More than 30 teams of lawn mower racers have competed in an annual 12-hour endurance race in the West Sussex countryside.

The ride-on lawn mowers -- which can reach speeds of 50mph -- only have modest (mostly cosmetic) modifications and all use standard engines.

Starting at 7pm, the competitors raced overnight and with no suspension other than a padded seat they could certainly feel it in the morning.

A spokesperson for British Lawn Mower Racing Association, said that all the mowers had their cutting decks removed… so no short cuts then!

Rock-eating dog wins annual dumb pet award

275x250.jpg A pug named Harley who ate, and subsequently passed, more than 100 rocks has the dubious honour of having won an annual dumb pet award.

Each year bosses of a US pet insurance form like to celebrate their most unusual claim of the year by shortlisting unfortunate pets for a pubic vote.

And this year the honour was bestowed on rock-eating Harley, a pug who decided to munch on stones while his owner was away and ended up filling half of his stomach.

After X-rays revealed what had happened, vets discussed what action to take… but as the rocks were small they decided to let him pass them naturally.

275x250.jpgUnfortunate and stupid pets who've done dumb things like eat more than 100 rocks and chase a fly onto a hot wood stove are in the running for a 'prestigious' prize.

A US insurance firm is looking for an animal to award their Hambone award to, for the most unusual claim of the year -- and they have plenty to pick from.

The 12 pet shortlisted for the title -- named after the inaugural winner, a dog who ate an entire Thanksgiving ham while stuck in a refrigerator -- all made full recoveries and received insurance reimbursements for their daft accidents

Previous winners include Labrador retriever who gobbled up an entire beehive and a bulldog who swallowed 15 baby pacifiers, a bottle cap and piece of a basketball.

275x250.jpg 8,957 people armed with some 175,141 water filled balloons have set a new world record for the world's largest water balloon fight. And it looks like fun.

The record attempt took place at the University of Kentucky and was organised by the Christian Student Fellowship who spent hours filling the balloons.

It apparently took just seven minutes for all of the water balloons to be hurled, that's 25,020 per minute or 417 each second.

And just in case your maths isn't quite as good as ours, that equally a whole lot of fun. Really, just click play if you don't believe us.

275x250.jpg The Spanish town of Bunol has once again been painted red with tomato juices thanks to the world's biggest food fight 'La Tomatina'.

Each year more then 40,000 people descend on the small Spanish town where some 120 tons of ripe tomatoes are provided for flinging.

And this year was no exception with tomatoes flying from five loaded trucks which made their way around the town at the start of the hour-long event.

At one point the civil guard even had to step in to control some over-zealous tomato throwers, but the event was otherwise well-natured. Now begins the second annual tradition of Bunol… hosing down the streets.

275x250.jpg The 16th Air Guitar World Championships have taken place in Oulu in northern Finland with performers enthralling of fans with their imaginary instruments.

Thousands of fans turned up to see contestants judged on their ability to move around the stage playing the air guitar realistically and their originality.

And they weren't disappointed as they watched two performances from each of the finalists -- one to a song of their own choice, and then the Rage Against the Machine's song Without a Face.

After much thought and consideration (this is a serious matter after all) Aline 'The Devil's Niece' Westphal from Germany was named the champion thanks to her energetic performance to Foo Fighter's Pretende.

275x250.jpg A joke about a computer password has been named as the funniest at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, really!

Comedian Nick Helm won the accolade from digital TV channel Dave, for the line: "I needed a password eight characters long so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."

Helm's joke had been highlighted as one of the best by Dave bosses, and then went on to beat off competition from other comedians in a public vote.

Previous winner Tim Vine came second with the line: "Crime in multi-storey car parks. That is wrong on so many different levels."

Justin Howard has been crowned as US Air Guitar Champion after donning a surprisingly skimpy viking-related outfit and rocking out under the name "Nordic Thunder".

The long-haired and suitably bearded rocker strummed, plucked and generally rocked the stage for 60 seconds at the event in Chicago - cheered on by hundreds of fans

After winning the US title, Nordic Thunder will now take part in the three day event which is the world finals in Finland starting on August 26.

And while we could describe his outfit and performance, it's probably easier if you click play… we promise you won't regret it.

275x250.jpg A garden shed which is used as a tiny music venue for online gigs has won the coveted Shed of the year award 2011, despite being in a state of disrepair.

Jon Earl from Somerset took the annual title after impressing judges including  Sarah Beeny and DJ Simon Mayo with the unusual use of his very special shed.

Two years ago Jon emptied the wooden hut and established it up as a music venue - inviting acts to play there and have performances featured on his ‘Songs from the Shed’ website.

The resulting videos have been watched more than 350,000 times and so far more than 150 acts have played in the 12ft by 10ft shed… including a 26-strong gospel choir. Really.

275x250.jpg A funny-looking Chinese-crested Chihuahau mix called Yoda now has the dubious honour of officially being the world's ugliest dog.

The 14-year old dog scooped the highly prestigious title at an annual contest held at Sonoma-Marin Fair after beating off competition from other ugly mutts.

Judges praised 1.8 pound Yoda for her wiry hair, protruding tongue, gangly legs and the scruffy fur between her toes and she was an audience favourite.

Owner, Terry Schumacher, from California said Yoda was found by her daughter, but she initially thought she was a rat. She aded that she doesn't think dogs and owners always look alike.

275x250.jpg More than 25,000 people have gathered in Knaresborough to watch an event where wacky racers run through a town carrying someone in a bed.

The 46th annual Great Knaresborough Bed Race saw 90 teams of bed-carrying racers taking part, with some coming from as far as Germany and the USA.

Each team has to complete the gruelling three-mile course with their beds and while some racers go all out for speed, others are more fussed by the best dressed bed award.

We will let you work out which of these beds are built for speed and which took the course a a more leisurely pace.

275x250.jpg Thousands of pillow-wielding people gathered in cities around the world over the weekend, to take part in a series of pillow fights on International Pillow Fight Day.

Marking the fourth year of the annual good-natured bedding battles - started by the The Urban Playground Movement - pillow fights were arranged in cities from New York and London to Zurich and Taipei.

Each pillow brawl saw 'fighters' arrive with their own pillows before commencing battle at a pre-arranged time and seeing feathers fly.

Many of the participants wore fancy dress or pyjamas for the mass pillow fights and ran around hitting people with pillows until they were worn out… at least they had something comfortable to rest their head on when they got tired.

275x250.jpg Okay so it's that time of year again when you can't believe anything you read on the internet (as opposed to the rest of the time).

And April Fools Day 2011 has brought us more hoaxes and pranks than you can shake an article at -- so rather than try to round them all up, we decided to hunt out the Top 10.

So with very little further ado, here is our selection of the best April Fools' Day jokes 2011 had to offer… and we didn't even include our own.

If you think there are better April Fools Day stories we've missed, please let us know in the comments.

It appears zoos in Japan have an interesting way of practicing what they would do if a dangerous animal escaped. As this video conclusively shows.

One of the trainers at Tama Zoo in Tokyo recently donned a tiger costume and ran around while colleagues chase him with nets and guns.

26-year-old Shuhei Yamaguchi had to pretend to be a Siberian Tiger which had broken free during an earthquake and go on an hour-long rampage of the attraction.

Dressed in a none too convincing bright yellow costume, other staff used sticks and nets to restrain him, luckily they refrained from pulling the trigger on their tranquilliser guns.

275x250.jpgToday is National Sickie Day in the UK, and it's nothing to be sneezed at -- an estimated 375,000 lazy workers have taken the day off.

It's said more people will have an impromptu duvet-day today, than any other day this year -- and that it could cost the British economy £32m.

Experts from business advisers ELAS claim low staff morale, poor weather and the flu outbreak have all combined at the same time making many people want to stay at home.

And apparently there's never been a easier time to call in sick, because many managers are willing to accept an "I'm too sick to work" text message or email.

I just wish I had known it was National Sickie Day today… then maybe I wouldn't be sitting in the office on my own. Again.

275x250.jpgPop. Pop. Pop. You didn't think we'd forgotten did you? To day is one of our favourite days of the year… bubble wrap appreciation day.

Yes that's right, every year on the last Monday in January, people around the world come together to celebrate the humble sheet of bubble wrap.

The tradition was started in 2001 by a couple of bored DJs on an Indiana radio station who joked about honouring the packaging material, which started out life as a wallpaper.

But since then it's caught on and thousands of people are expected to celebrate today by doing things like dressing in clothes made from coloured bubble wrap.

Obviously the more traditional way to enjoy bubble wrap appreciation day is simply to sit and pop your way through an entire roll… which is what we are off to do now.

275x250.jpgThere are going to be some pretty glum-looking vampire fans today* -- after Twilight Eclipse was nominated for a load of Razzie Awards.

Along with action fantasy The Last Airbender, the vampire click has the dubious honour of scooping nine Golden Raspberry Award nominations.

It is nominated in all categories with the exception of Worst Supporting Actress and Worst Eye-Gouging Mis-Use of 3-D, which it was not eligible for.

And undead Razzie nominations do not end there, The Twilight parody "Vampires Suck" is also nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay.

* When we say pretty glum-looking vampire fans, we obviously mean even more glum-loooking that usual.

275x250.jpgIf you're feeling depressed this afternoon, the chances are you're not the only one -- today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of year.

'Scientists' claim Blue Monday, celebrated since 2005, is depressing because of a combination of poor weather, the post-Christmas blues and mounting debt.

Other factors said to make us so glum on this day compared to others include failing new year resolutions and low motivational levels.

But while there's even an equation to prove just how depressing the day is, many claim it's dodgy pseudo-science devised by a PR person for SKY Travel.

As a result they get even more depressed on this day when they see news reports about the impact of Blue Monday… making it almost true.

275x250.jpg Hundreds of uninhibited New Yorkers have once again stripped off their trousers and skirts to participate in the 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride.

When the event launched 10-years-ago just seven people took part, yesterday an estimated 3,500 bared their legs and braved sub-freezing temperatures.

At 3pm the subway riders met at six points across the city before boarding subway trains and taking off their trousers or skirts. If asked why they'd removed their pants (trousers) participants said they were 'getting uncomfortable'.

After disembarking the trains the leg-baring subway riders stood on the platform admiring each others underwear… and confusing the life out of other passengers.

275x250.jpg Elvis is alive! At least that's what you might think if you visit Birmingham this weekend, because 80 of Europe's best impersonators have descended on the city.

Complete with quiffs, sideburns and uh-huh's, the Priestley impersonators are currently battling it out a the three-day European Elvis Championships.

The top European Elvis will then secure a place at the International Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis.

As with any Elvis event, the Elvi (we think that's the correct plural) come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So far our favourite is 12-year-old Nicholas Tyler, who can be seen below.

275x250.jpg We like to think we know a thing or two about weird news, but we're not the only ones. Ripley's Believe It or Not! have revealed their top 10 strange stories of 2010.

The firm which publishes books on weirdness and runs odditoriums around the world say they've scoured headlines from 2010 to find the strangest.

And it looks like 2010 was a bumper year for oddness with stories including a bearded woman finding her son and our very own spray on clothes and the invention of deep fried beer.

Other odd tales making the list include a cat which can predict deaths and a woman bidding to become the world's fattest. We dread to think what 2011 hold for odd news.

275x250.jpgPaul the psychic octopus and an explorer who woke up with his head in the mouth of a polar bear are just some of the winners of a new odd news award.

Gongs were also awarded to police in Hampshire who released an e-fit which looked like a head of lettuce and makers of a bra which can be used to store a bottle of wine.

Celebrating the best weird news stories of 2010, the DAFTAS Awards (part of Newslite) had shortlisted bizarre stories in ten categories ranging from Crazy Crime and Weird Science to Odd Animal Tale.

A panel of judges then voted to pick the winners which were announced today on DAFTAS.com

Other winners included an artist who created a portrait using 9,852 slices of toast (Off-Beat Art) and a tattooist who was charged with assault after drawing a 40cm penis on the back of his friend (Crazy Crime).

275x250.jpgBarack Obama has performed what he described as "one of the most important" duties he has as President of the United States" -- pardoning a turkey.

With the help of daughters Sasha and Malia, Obama performed the annual presidential tradition by sparing the life of a bird.

This year the lucky bird was 'Apple' -- joined by understudy 'Cider' -- and both birds came from Foster Farms Wellsford Ranch, California.

Speaking at the event, Obama said: "There is one official duty I am sworn to uphold as leader of the most powerful nation on earth… granting a presidential pardon to a pair of turkeys."

He then added: "It feels pretty good to stop at least one shellacking this November." 

Nailympics: Hands-down the oddest contest

275x250.jpg Hundreds of manicurists have battled it out in an odd annual event where they are judged on the quality of their fake nails.

The Nailympics 2010 saw teams from 24 countries compete in events ranging from nail sculpture and fantasy nail art to nail embellishment.

Some of the entries even saw intricate sculptures and figurines attached to the nails of contestants.

Competitors say the elaborate faux nails show amazing quality of a nail technician's craft… and mean they never get asked to do the washing up.

275x250.jpg More than a hundred of the world's fastest waiters have taken part in an annual race where they run with laden trays.

The waiters made their way around a 1.5 mile course in a Brussels park while trying not to spill the glasses of Pineau Charente they were carrying.

The first person to finish while still having three full glasses of the French aperitif was named the winner -- this time the honour went to David Bohne, 25, from Brussels, who also won last year.

The race is now in its 23rd year… but the service at our local is still as bad as it has ever been.

69 Mexican cowboys have set a new world record for simultaneous lassoing, by all swinging their ropes for three minutes.

The charros (Mexican cowboys) made the record bid during the 17th annual International Mariachi and Charreria festival in Guadalajara.

Each with a marked-out area of the stadium they twirled and swung their lassos as best they could while  an adjudicator from Guinness World Records watched on.

At the end he verified they had beaten the previous record of of a meagre  23 simultaneous lassos.

Organisers hope the record will encourage more people to take up the rope-swinging activity… though you may want to check you have room first.

275x250.jpg Hundreds of Russians have competed in a bizarre race where they had to ride inflatable sex dolls down the Vuoksa River.

Now in its eighth year, the Bubble Baba Challenge sees brave men and women jump into the icy water and swim the length of the course.

All contestants are over 16 and are tested for alcohol before the event which takes around three minutes… with the assistance of an inflatable friend.

Organisers say the race was originally conceived as a drunken idea at a party where very few women arrived but the men still hit the vodka… we never would have guessed.

275x250.jpgFor the second year running Dan Brown, who wrote The Da Vinci Code, has been named as the author most donated to charity shops.

An annual survey of almost 700 Oxfam stores found that there were more unwanted copies of his books than any other author.

The charity stores are said to have countless copies of his books which include, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and The Lost Symbol.

Ian Rankin’s books were the second most donated, followed by Patricia Cornwell and Alexander McCall Smith .

Other writers with the dubious honour of making the top ten unwanted authors include, JK Rowling, John Grisham and Jeremy Clarkson -- who we didn't even know could read.

275x250.jpg A new speed record has been set at the World Bog Snorkelling Championships... after the bogs were cleaned for the first time in ten years.

More than 150 competitors from around the world had attended the event - now in it's 25th year - near Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, to take part.

Once there they had to see how long it took to complete the 110 metre course by swimming two lengths of the murky - and still very muddy - trench.

Organisers said they'd anticipated fast times as the trenches had recently been cleaned but couldn't believe how much faster it was… we can't believe how murky the bog must have been last year.

275x250.jpg A chef from Texas is set to become a hero to beer and fried-food loving men everywhere... after creating a recipe for deep-fried beer.

Mark Zable says he came up with the idea while sitting in a bar (where else?) and being bored by the majority of items on the menu.

Zable then tried countless ways of frying beer including using liquid nitrogen to freeze it before covering it in batter and submerging it in hot oil.

But it was only after three-years of trial and error he worked out beer could be placed in a ravioli-like pocket of pretzel dough and flash fried for about 20 seconds… personally we can't think of a better way of spending three years.

275x250.jpgTeams of chefs in Serbia have been serving up their best testicle-based dishes as part of the World Testicle Cooking Championship.

The event, amazingly now in its seventh year, see gonad gourmets creating the best meals they can from boar, kangaroo and donkey balls.

Delightful dishes on offer at the freaky food festival this year included testicle pizza and the ever-popular goulash style bulls’ testicles.

Visitors taste a selection of the meals before a judging panel decide on which ones really stand out.

Festival organisers also give an award to someone who has been "ballsy" over the past 12 months -- this year it wasn't the man who tried testicle pizza, but U.S. President Barack Obama.

275x250.jpgFighters have battled it out in over 1,000 litres of gravy as part of the 4th annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships.

Dozens of competitors - all in fancy dress - attended the Lancashire event to grapple with each other in the 14ft pool filled with gravy an inch deep.

As over 1,000 fans cheered them on, points were awarded for wrestling skill, fun factor and the entertainment value in the two minute bouts.

Organisers say all the gravy used is made to a traditional Lancashire recipe and they get through over 1,000 litres during the day.

Elliot Rooke, dressed as a bunny girl, took the men's title while the female winner was Elisa Samson who had fought as Little Bo Peep -- In odd news neither of them will ever want a Sunday Roast again.

In what has to be the stickiest world record ever set, 2,433 people in Mexico City have simultaneously dropped Mentos into bottles of cola.

The resulting soda eruptions were enough to scoop the title for the largest number of simultaneously erupting Mentos geysers.

Each participant was given a 2-litre bottle of cola and a Mentos sweet to create an eruption which will be recognised by anyone who has ever been on YouTube.

Watched by Guinness World Records adjudicators they all dropped the Mentos at the same time, each sending the cola gushing several metres into the air.

Once the adjudicator had taken several showers to get the sticky stuff out of his hair he said: "All those fountains erupted it was just incredible to see."

275x250.jpgPunning comedian Tim Vine has been judged to have the funniest joke of the Edinburgh Fringe.

The comic - who once set a world record for telling the most joke in an hour - beat  the likes of Jack Whitehall, John Bishop and Gareth Richards to take the annual title.

His one-liner: "I’ve just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I’ll tell you what, never again," won 40% of public votes from TV channel Dave after being shortlisted by comedy critics.

It comes from his quickfire 'Joke-Amotive' show which is currently on at the Pleasance Courtyard.

Speaking of his win Vine said: "I am very happy to win this award and I'm going to celebrate by going to Sooty's barbecue and having a sweepsteak."

275x250.jpgA billionaire has said he's willing to pay someone $1million is they accept his dare of standing naked in front of US President Barack Obama.

Alki David, who runs dare website Battlecam.com, says he will pay the cash to the first person to streak Obama with "Battlecam" written on their chest while shouting "Battlecam."

To be in line for the payout, users must also stream the event live on the site and expect to use some of the money to pay for their inevitable fines and lawyers fees.

David had initially offered $100,000 for the stunt, but upped his bid after applicants said it wasn't enough given the audacity of the dare.

Something tells us Obama should get used to seeing naked people a lot more often from now on.

275x250.jpgAn annual meteor shower is due to light up the UK night sky tonight, as the celestial fireworks coincide with a moon-free night.

Each July or August the Perseid meteor shower sees a swarm of dusty particles from the Swift-Tuttle comet colliding with the earth's atmosphere.

Hitting at over 120,000mph the particles burn up leaving impressive shooting star trails of light dashing across the dark sky.

This year Perseid will coincide with a moon-free night meaning star-gazers will get a better than usual display which will peak at around 11.30pm.

While people in the countryside will see more than one shooting star every second, city-dwellers will only see the very brightest… but they do live near a McDonald's.

275x250.jpgAn amateur wrestler from Russia has died after taking part in the World Sauna Championships in Finland.

Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy had made it to the final of the annual event where he had to see how long he could endure the 110C temperature.

But after six minutes Ladyzhenskiy - who has competed in previous years - was dragged out of the sauna by judges after collapsing. Her was later pronounced dead.

Timo Kaukonen from Finland, who had also made it to the final ahead of 130 others, was also pulled out and is currently being treated in hospital.

Organisers instantly cancelled the event… presumably to give everyone a chance to cool down.

275x250.jpgA pair of competitive eaters have munched their way to a new Guinness World Record -- by eating as many chocolate bars as they could in 60 seconds.

The competition - held at San Diego Comic-Con - saw stomach-based athletes battle it out in a two stage Mars Bar eating event.

It started off by seeing how many they could eat in one minute, with rules stating each bar had to weigh 49 grams, be wrapped as the event began and that no fluids could be drunk to aid swallowing.

During this section, which was observed by a Guinness World Record adjudicator, Joey Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti tied on three Mars Bars.

The contest then continued to see how many they could eat in total with Bertoletti managing to consume 38 without stopping… which should mean he can work rest and play for over a month.

275x250.jpgSanta Clauses from around the world have gathered in Copenhagen for the annual World Santa Claus Congress.

Each year the event sees the Santa Clauses meet to network with each other and share their experiences of the last Christmas.

But it's not all fun and games, the conference covers issues concerning their trade such as standardisations and regulations.

This isthe 53rd year of the congress which will be attended by Santas from Japan, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

In odd news the organisers of the three-day event say they have to ship in additional mince pies -- yes he enjoys them all year around.

275x250.jpg As races go it was not the most action-packed, and despite taking 3m 41s to complete the finely honed athletes only covered 13 inches. Welcome to the World Snail Racing Championship 2010.

The obviously prestigious event takes place annually in Norfolk and sees more than 200 of the world's speediest snails compete in the races which each start with a ref saying: "Ready, steady, SLOW!"

The racers are started at the centre of a circular table and sprint to the circular finish line 13 inches away. After a series of round the winner scoops a silver tankard filled with lettuce.

This year the honour went to Sidney the snail (and 62-year-old owner Claire Lawrence) took the title in a leisurely 3m 41s… that's longer than the 1500m race at the Olympics.

275x250.jpgHeavy rain today means the UK will be 'cursed' by 40 days of constant downpours -- if you're inclined to believe 1,000-year-old folklore.

Legend has it the weather on 15th July - also known as St Swithin's Day - predicts what it's going to be like for the next 40 days.

The odd forecast dates back to 15 July 971, when the body of a Saxon Bishop was removed from his preferred burial spot outside Winchester Cathedral.

This coincided with 40 days of continuous storms and from then on the old wives' tale has said rain on the 15th July predicted 40 days of rain.

However, the MET office have dismissed the claim after analysing their records of rainfall… but then again, are they any more believable than a 1,000-year-old myth?

275x250.jpg Hundreds of Americans have dropped their trousers and bared their bottoms at passing trains as part of a weird annual event in California.

Each July for the past 30 years up to 10,000 people have gathered at the city of Laguna Niguel to expose their rears at passing trains - with some even traveling from as far as Europe to take part.

Mooning Amtrak lasts all day and even into the night, with evening mooners advised to bring a torch to help those on passing trains to see their bums.

According to Wikipedia bottom-baring dates back almost 2,000 years… which in our opinion makes these fine folks some sort of cultural heritage protectors.

Two people have been gored, and four more injured, during the second day of the Pamplona bull-running festival in Spain.

One of the men is said to be in serious condition after being gored in the thorax, while the other is doing better having only taken one to the leg.

The pair are just the latest to be injured during the San Fermin event in which thousands of people dash to escape bulls charging from a holding pen to the northern town's bull ring.

Yesterday two people were said to have been injured with locals blaming "clumsy tourists" for the accidents - many more injuries are expected by the end of the nine-day festival.

However, rather than constantly update you with the ongoing number of gorings and injuries let's just say now there will be more and leave it at that.

275x250.jpg Six-time hot dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi was arrested when he stormed the stage at this year's New York International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Speed-eater Kobayashi had refused to take part in the event because of contract issues - but tried to get on stage after the champion was crowned.

Joey "Jaws" Chestnut was gobbling his way to his fourth title by (munching 54 hotdogs in 10 minutes) when Kobayashi jump onto the stage as fans shouted "let him eat".

After wresting with police he was arrested and taken into custody overnight --  it's not know if he was given a hot hog while in jail.

275x250.jpg A grandfather who was inspired to give his humble shed a makeover after seeing Pirates Of The Caribbean has won Shed of the Year 2010.

Reg Miller of Southend-on-Sea in Essex says he's spent years perfecting his ornately decorated shed - which has barrel seats, a flag pole flying a pirate flag and even a parrot.

The 65-year-old - dubbed Jolly Reg - beat off stiff competition from over 1,000 other shed owners for the annual title of Shed of the Year 2010 - which is organised by ReadersSheds.

Reg added that he and his wife love sitting in the shed over the summer - thought he didn't comment on rumours he spends many an hour hoping Keira Knightley will turn up.

275x250.jpg Dozens of the world's top sand artists (no, we didn't know that category existed either) have created works in Germany as part of a sand sculpture festival.

Sandsation, held at the O2 World in Berlin, will see the artists compete by creating massive sand sculpture on the theme “Head in Sand“.

The sand-loving creatives have come from as far as India and Russia to do battle with their intricate 4.5 metre tall sculptures, which it expected thousands of tourists will flock to see.

Let's just hope they don't come out one morning soon to find that their works have been covered with towels by sunbathers securing their spot on the sand.

275x250.jpg An Olympic sprinter who can run 100m in a speedy 10 seconds has competed in a weird 'Man v Horse' race -- and comprehensively lost.

Jamie Baulch - who won a silver medal at the 1996 Olympics - took on Peopleton Brook in the odd £10,000 race at Kempton Park last night.

Despite taking an early lead over the 16 hands thoroughbred, Baulch - who hasn't run competitively in years - was easily passed with 40m to go and ended up well behind.

Peopleton Brook finished in 10.06 seconds and immediately started talking about wanting a race against Usain Bolt -- well we think he would have done if he could speak.

275x250.jpgA sentence which describes a kiss as being like a thirsty gerbil "lapping and sucking" at a cage-mounted water bottle, has won an annual bad writing award.

Each year the contest rewards bad opening sentences to imaginary novels - in honour of  Edward George Earl Bulwer-Lytton, who penned the famous, "It was a dark and stormy night."

This year the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest winner was Molly Ringle of Seattle, who wrote: "For the first month of Ricardo and Felicity's affair, they greeted one another at every stolen rendezvous with a kiss.

"A lengthy, ravenous kiss, Ricardo lapping and sucking at Felicity's mouth as if she were a giant cage-mounted water bottle and he were the world's thirstiest gerbil."

In odd news, yes we are aware we're opening ourselves up for a pot, kettle, black situation in the comments section.

275x250.jpgAn odd-looking chihuahua called Princess Abby has won the dubious title of world's ugliest dog 2010.

The grey and white pooch - which has a curved back and legs (as well as a scrunched up left eye) won the annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest in Northern California.

Each year the strangest looking dogs are rewarded, this years winner was malformed Princess Abby - rescued off the streets just five months ago.

Owner Kathleen Francis - who won $1,000 - says she ignored how the four-year-old looked when she took her in from the Humane Society which had found her malnourished and flea-infested.

To scoop the title, Princess Abby beat 14 other dogs in her category before making it to the final… where one look had her competition howling in horror.

275x250.jpg Thousands of fans turned out in Kiev to see a series of mad-cap inventors leap off a six metre high platform to show off their 'flying machines' -- but ultimately fail.

The eccentrics used their extravagantly decorated vehicles to see who could fly the furthest, though if they hand't ended up in the river the crowds would have been disappointed.

Rules state the devices mist not be motorised and can only be launched by the push from six team-mates - the distance they fly is then measured.

Luckily - especially for those who have 'flying' machines comparable to a lead weight - marks are also given for creativity and showmanship.

275x250.jpg More than 20,000 people have gathered to watch an annual event where racers run through a town carrying someone in a bed.

The Great Knaresborough Bed Race saw 91 teams of bed-carrying racers complete the three-mile course in a bid to win the (obviously prestigious) title.

While some racers, like the winners Ripon Runners - who finished in 13.56 minutes - take the event seriously, others compete in fancy dress and with decorated beds

The Bed Race dates back to 1966 and with over 630 competitors this year is still growing -- in case NewsLite enters a team next year I'm putting my name down for the position in the bed. 

275x250.jpgMore than 400 competitors have battled it out in a range of sports at the Wattoluempiade (Mud Olympics) in Hamburg, Germany.

Events included football and volleyball matches as well as bicycle races… all on mud.

The Mud Olympics are held each year on the mudflats of the river Elbe and organisers say the weather this year was a good combination of warm and wet.

Other events included skiing competitions, where, you guessed it, dirty racers competed on mud rather than snow.

After the events were finished mud-caked participants where hosed off with industrial hoses… though we are sure some didn't clean behind their ears.

275x250.jpgThousands of fans have gathered to watch an annual shin-kicking championships which date back to the 17th Century.

16 competitors battled it out in the vicious contest in Gloucestershire where they grasp each others shoulders and quack at their rivals shins.

Wearing traditional white smocks and with their socks stuffed with protective straw, fighters then have to push their competitors to the ground after landing a good kick.

This year Londoner Kieron Lee was named champion after beating Gareth Price - part of a stag party from Wigan - in the final.

While the shin-kickers left with cuts and bruises they should consider themselves lucky -- steel toe caps were banned from the event in the 1950s and before that broken legs were commonplace.

275x250.jpg Hundreds of blonde Latvian women marched throughout the streets of Riga this weekend - to raise morale.

The 'Go Blonde' event, now in its second year, aims to bolster national spirits during the recession and make men people forget their economic blues.

Organisers say seeing blonde women parade through the city takes peoples mind off the dire economic situation in the Baltic state. Other events during the two-day festival included concerts and a Marilyn Monroe look-alike competition.

But the parade of 800 blondes wearing pink and high-heels was the main attraction for men… and source of annoyance from brunette women in Latvia.

275x250.jpgFans of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will today carry towels around with them, to celebrate the life of Douglas Adams.

Held on May 25th each year since 2001, International Towel Day sees fans of the author carry a towel with them wherever they go as a mark of respect.

The day is based around a quote from HGG where Adams wrote about the greatness of towels saying they are "about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have."

Events planned around the world include towel based flash-mobs, picnics, tea parties and pub lunches and the hashtag #towelday is already trending on Twitter.

To find out why the towel is so important check out the quote from Hitchhiker's Guide after the link -- soon you will be carrying one everywhere you go.

275x250.jpgCompetitors with nimble fingers have battled it out in a bra-removing contest at Chinese shopping mall.

Participants each had to see how quickly they could unclasp eight bras, which were worn by models on a stage in Gungzhou city.

The models - who all had their hair tied up to allow easy access to their bra fastenings - stood in a line as countless men tried their luck.

As if the men needed extra encouragement to relieve the women of their bras in record time there was a prize of 1,000 yuan for the fastest.

But the blokes were all put to shame by a woman who undid the eight bra clasps in just 21 seconds… though to be fair she's had a bit more practice than most of the men.

275x250.jpgAnyone making an 'intrepid' and 'plucky' journey in snow covered Britain this week, could win a cash reward for their efforts.

The Royal Society of Chemistry has launched a £300 prize for the most dauntless traveller - to commemorate the centenary of Captain Scott's doomed trip to the Antarctic.

They're asking for people to send photos and tell them about how they have fought their way through to, or from work, undeterred by the snow and ice.

Entires will then be reviewed to find the person who has made the most intrepid journey - with extra points awarded for selflessness and stopping to aid others.

However we are not getting our hopes up, the most intrepid journey we have done was walking to the phone to tell the boss that we were snowed in.

275x250.jpgA pair of robbers who killed themselves by overestimating the amount of dynamite they needed to break into a bank have received a posthumous award for their stupidity.

The dumb duo have been named as the winners of the Darwin Awards 2009 - an annual award which each year celebrates people who took themselves out of the gene pool by dying.

Our would-be robbers had been trying to blow their way into a Belgian ATM cashpoint in the city of Dinant, by using dynamite. But they wildly overestimated how much it would take.

The resulting blast was so large that it not only demolished the entire building where the ATM was housed, but also killed the pair instantly.

Police say their death was so quick no-one even got a chance to say to them, "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

275x250.jpgAnother week, another bizarre Christmas inspired race. This time there were no pantomime horses and few Santas… but plenty of people carrying Christmas puddings.

As part of the 29th annual Great Christmas Pudding Race, runners - each carrying a Christmas pudding on a tray - had to negotiate an obstacle course in London's Covent Garden.

While they made their way around the inflatable course, the teams of six people were sprayed with foam by members of the crowd.

If that wasn't odd enough the 'festive' fancy dress included Medieval knights, cowboys, assorted animals and even a team of Ozzy Osbornes.

275x250.jpgIf you have an unwanted tattoo with an embarrassing back story, we want to see it and hear about it - and you could even the offending tattoo removed.

Entries are currently open for "Tatts Off 2010" a competition the find the UKs worst and most unwanted tattoos.

Judges will look at photos of the tats and then based on the story behind them and why they want to get rid of them, pick two winners to have them removed naturally, for free.

Suggested reasons for getting rid of your tattoos are the break-up of a relationship, a new start in life or because you found out that doesn't really say "strong" in Chinese.

So now could be the ideal time to come clean about why you had that tattoo of a dolphin jumping over a rainbow on your back … right Dave?

275x250.jpgIn one of the more bizarre events on the UK sporting calendar, thousands of people yesterday turned out to watch the 7th annual pantomime horse race.

A parody of the traditional Grand National race at Aintree, the charity event sees competitors slip into pantomime horse and jockey outfits for the race in Birmingham city centre.

But it is not all laughs -- hundreds of pounds are bet on the racers at a special bookmakers which is set up on the site.

After the bets have been placed, the competitors then charge around the gruelling 12 jump course in the hope of scooping the (obviously prestigious) title. 

A US man has won the Rock Paper Scissors world championships - winning $7,000 in prize money.

Tim Conrad took the title after a gruelling five hours of play across nine matches at the annual contest in Toronto.

Dressed in a padded patriotic muscle costume Tim scooped the win against Tom Butkin with paper covering rock.

512 competitive Rock Paper Scissors players from across the US, Europe and Australia and Mexico all travelled to the event organised by the World RPS Society.

It's not known if Derren Brown was banned from taking part, but we'd love to see him enter.

275x250.jpgA competition has just launched in the Mojave Desert for teams planning to build an elevator to space… yes you read that correctly.

For the next couple of days Space Elevator Games will see robotic machines climbing a 1km high cable (held by a helicopter) and will be powered by laser beams.

The idea is that if this can be achieved, the technology could develop into a fully fledged Space Elevator like that in Arthur C. Clarke's "The Fountains of Paradise."

If a space elevator could one day be attached to a mass in geosynchronous orbit, it would offer much cheaper space travel than rockets… and give Starbucks somewhere else to open a branch.

Most depressing day of the year

(Odd News) Scientists have calculated that Monday 24 January is going to be the most depressing day of 2008.

Poor weather, credit card bills from christmas and failed new year resolutions all add up to a pretty depressing day says Cliff Arnalls, a tutor at  Cardiff University.

He has even produced an equation (1/8W+(D-d) 3/8xTQ MxNA) which explains why today will be a dark day for many.

Darwin Awards 2007

An alcoholic who gave himself a sherry enema has been awarded the Darwin award for 2007.

The annual award is given to the person who improves the human gene pool by accidentally removing themselves from it.

Michael a 58-year-old from Texas, USA, was described by his wife as being addicted to enemas and she said often used alcohol in this way. On one fateful occasion he used two 1.5 litre bottles of sherry and passed out - the following morning he was found dead.

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