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Some people are more observant than others … but something tells us this man is not one of them. A bar worker accidentally fell down a 10ft hole behind a bare because he was distracted by a TV.

The man had apparently been doing the sound for bands which were performing and didn't notice the cellar access as he walked around behind the bar.

As a result he plummeted down the 10ft hole, leaving customers and staff wondering what had just happened as they scurried around trying to check that he was okay.

Luckily the man somehow escaped the incident with just a sprained ankle and knee.

When passengers set off on a fishing charter off the shores of Vancouver Island near Tofino, British Columbia they hoped to see some prize-sized salmon and halibut … they got a whole lot more.

That's because they spotted a humpback whale swimming just yards from their boat. Not only that but the beast breached right in front of them. As this footage shows.

The video - which was filmed by a passenger using an iPhone - has been seen by more than one million people since being uploaded to YouTube.

Everyone has got a favourite moment of the London 2012 Olympics so far, but ours isn't Bradley Wiggins taking gold … it's this moment with Borris Johnson.

The London Mayor had been appearing at Victoria Park and was due to make a grand entrance by speeding down a 320m long and 45-metre high zip wire towards a watching crowd.

But instead the PR stunt went wrong and he got stuck, and was left dangling over the crowd - waving a pair of Union flags - for nearly five minutes.

Speaking during the gaffe Johnson said: "Can you get me a rope. I think they need to test this on someone going a bit faster.

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