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Some dogs bring their owner a newspaper or their slippers -- but this one goes much further and even does the shopping.

That's right, a man in China has trained his dog to do the grocery shopping by taking a shopping list money in a basket to the shops.

The lazy owner says he started off by taking the dog shopping with him and  getting it to carry they bags home. Then it progressed to going on its own.

While the man is all very happy at the moment… let's see how he feels when the pooch returns with a basket full of gnawed bones.

They were being honoured together for the time they spent battling it out on the football field -- but for pensioners Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca old rivalries die hard.

The pair of 73-year-olds -- who were being celebrated at a Canadian Football League luncheon -- recently started brawling on a stage at the event.

Mosca had apparently tried to offer Kapp a flower to make up for the the grudge between the two which began during the 1963 Grey Cup -- but he wasn't having any of it.

He swung his walking cane at his aged rival, in turn prompting Mosca to swing his fists at him and knocking him to the ground.

A video of a porcupine enjoying a corn on the cob so much that it squeals when someone tries to take it away has become an online hit. Obviously.

Teddy Bear the North American porcupine was recorded by staff at Zooniversity (a mobile teaching zoo) after they realised he was being particularly grumpy.

After giving Teddy an ear of corn, they tried to take it from him to see (or rather hear) how he responded… and oh boy did he.

He released a bizarre series of squeals which bosses say was so impressive they've been contacted by two major TV networks wanting to use the footage.

A woman from London has apparently been arrested after a video of her launching into a racist rant on a tram was uploaded to YouTube.

The two-minute video -- which instantly went viral -- featured a mother, with her young boy sitting on her knee on the Croydon to Wimbledon service in South London.

In an expletive-filled tirade she complained that other passengers were not English, saying: "You ain't English. You ain't English either. None of you are f***ing English. Get back to your own...

"My Britain's f*** all now. My British is f*** all." she added… and with people like her it really is.

A mad-capped pianist has dragged his piano up a mountain in Kanchanaburi, Thailand to serenade a group of blind elephants. As you do.

50-year-old Brit Paul Barton -- who played Slow Movement 2 from Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata for the beasts -- made the odd bid in order to raise money for charity.

He says he hopes to raise enough money to install an electric fence at the sanctuary where the injured and handicapped elephants live.

Barton was also quick to point out that the keys on his piano were made from synthetic plastic and that no elephants were injured for the making of his music.

It's more pee than Wii for gamers at a bar in London -- where urine-controlled video games have been installed in their toilets.

Loo-goers at the Exhibit Bar in Balham get to play games -- including askiing game and a quiz -- every time they go to the toilet.

Users (men only) aim their pee in the specially-crafted urinals to control the games which are displayed on LCD screens mounted above.

Bar bosses hope the games will not only attract new customers, but that regulars will drink more in order to play longer and set news high scores.

It's amazing how salmon know to swim upstream to lay their eggs and are able to find their way negotiating rapids and waterfalls… usually.

But a video of lost and confused salmon trying to cross a flooded road in Washington State has become an online hit.

Experts say the salmon were filmed on the side of the Skokomish Valley Road in Seattle after heavy rain had caused flooding to nearby rivers.

The unusual footage shows them wriggling in the water as cars driver past… and answers the question 'why did the salmon cross the road?' -- which no-one had ever asked before seeing this.

An 18-year-old student who bizarrely became trapped in a clothes horse after falling out of bed had to call the fire brigade to free her.

Danielle Morgan ended up with her neck and shoulders wedged between the bars in the odd accident and initially called friends to free her.

However, they seem to have been more interested in taking photos and videos to upload to YouTube and eventually the fire brigade and bolt cutters were required.

A team attended the incident at Sir Peter Hilton Court, Derby University and freed the red-faced first-year student.c

Tear gas thrown in South Korean parliament

We thought politics was getting interesting when Baroness Trumpington recently gave a two-finger salute in the House of Lords.

But that hand gesture pales into insignificance when compared to the antics in the South Korean parliament -- where an opposition MP reportedly used tear gas.

Video footage shows what happened after Kim Sung-dong threw a powder substance towards the parliament's deputy speaker Chung Eui-hwa.

As Chung wiped his eyes other lawmakers covered their mouths with handkerchiefs and  security guards ushered a shouting Kim from the chamber.

This pair of crooks thought they'd planned the perfect crime, they filled a supermarket trolley with booze and legged it outside quickly filling their car.

But that's when their plan came unstuck -- because they'd forgotten to put any petrol in their getaway vehicle and it wasn't going anywhere.

Rose Devlin, 59, and Denise Egan, 52, then had to push the booze-laden car to the petrol station at the supermarket they'd just raided to fill up.

Unsurprisingly their antics were caught on CCTV and police soon caught up with them.

In the right hands, a bag of flour can be used to create fantastic foods, but in the wrong hands it can be a weapon of mass destruction.

At least that's what one mother was probably thinking when she discovered her darling children had covered their entire home with the white powder.

A video showing the moment the unfortunate mom discovered the flour-based devastation -- along with her grinning young boys -- has now become a hit on YouTube.

Footage shows the mother repeatedly saying "Oh my gosh!" as she walks around the flour covered living room and hallways… and is a warning to parents everywhere.

A video of a pet Labrador going rogue and chasing a huge group of deer in Richmond Park in London has become an online hit.

The footage starts off by showing a small number of deer relaxing in the sun, but then as a man shouts in the distance, dozens more deer charge through the park.

Then it becomes clear why -- the Labrador is chasing them as his owner continues to scream: "Benton, Benton! Oh Jesus Christ, Benton!"

The fleeing deer, followed by Benton, who is in turn followed by his posh-sounding owner continue to run across a road… and all too soon the 47 second clip ends.

The chances are we'll never get to go to Mars. And even if we did, we wouldn't want to spend five years, three months and 27 days discovering the planet like the Mars rover Spirit did.

Which is why we're glad someone has decided to make a time-lapse video of the mission which we can enjoy from the comfort of YouTube.

The three minute video consists of almost 3,500 images taken by Spirit's front-right camera which are played at 24 frames per second.

Footage shows the 4.8mile journey across rocks, hills and stirring up the light-coloured soil… which Spirit ended up getting helplessly trapped in.

An incredibly cute and sleepy dormouse has become an online hit -- without even having to wake up to do so.

Footage shot by Surrey Wildlife Trust shows the dozing rodent being discovered nesting boxes in woods near Leatherhead.

The cute critter -- lying on his back snoring with his paws tucked in -- is then held in the palm of a nature officer before being weighed and sexed.

Writing on YouTube a spokesperson for Surrey Wildlife Trust said: "Don't worry, the dormouse wasn't dying or having breathing problems.

About 100kg of explosives have been used to demolish a 17-storey tower-block in Scotland -- in most impressive style.

Video footage shows the moment Motherwell's Glencairn Tower was blown down in a controlled five second explosion, to make way for new low-rise affordable housing.

Thousands of people also gathered around the landmark to watch the explosion, which was the culmination of months of meticulous planning.

While many of those there wanted to capture the destruction on their own cameras, others just wanted to make sure the tower -- for years seen as a blot on the landscape -- finally went.

If you're anything like us, you'll like to fill every spare waking moment watching cute animals and ridiculous stunts on YouTube.

As such cooking a ready meal can feel like a wasted four minutes -- or it did before and engineering team of students created the YouTube microwave.

The μWave -- created as part of PennApps Data Hackathon -- takes the time your food will take to cook and then searched YouTube for an equally timed video.

Users then get to watch the selected clip as their meal is microwaved… and should you have got bored during the cooking, the microwave will also send you and SMS and a Tweet.

The captain of a flight from North Carolina to New York has caused a terror scare -- by accidentally locking himself in the toilet.

Fighter jets were even put on alert after the captain of the Chatauqua Airlines flight disappeared to the loo and didn't come back.

And what made it worse was that the co-pilot became suspicious when the captain sent a foreign-sounding passenger to the cock-pit to explain the situation.

"The captain disappeared. What I'm being told is he's stuck in the toilet and someone with a thick foreign accent is giving me a password to access the cockpit," the co-pilot said to air traffic control.

275x250.jpg When he couldn't get his iPhone to work Michael Skopec didn't know what to do, so he called 911… five times.

Police have now released his frankly bizarre series of calls in a bid to prevent other idiots wasting their time.

Kendall County Sheriff's Department say an intoxicated Skopec called them asking "Why is my iPhone not working?" and adding: "My emergency is my fucking phone don’t work."

In other calls he asks "Why can’t I dial the numbers I used to be able to dial?" and "Why can’t you direct me to the AT&T people?"

When 911 operators told him they were sending an officer round to his house “That’s pretty dumb,” Skopec remarked. “On whose part?” the operator replied.

Prime Minister David Cameron's attempt at putting on a funny Aussie accent at a recent event was so bad some commentators say it "it could cause a diplomatic row."

Cameron had been making a speech at the Lord Mayor's Banquet in London when he recounted his trip to Australia for the Commonwealth heads of government meeting.

"After the meeting, I turned to the Australian prime minister and said, 'Thank you very much Julia for allowing us to have this meeting in Australia.',"

"And she said - I can't quite do the accent but I'll try - 'Not a bit David, this is good news for Sheilas everywhere.'"

275x250.jpg Baroness Trumpington recently became one of our favourite politicians -- after flicking the V to a colleague in the House of Lords.

Lord King had been talking about how the survivors of World War I "faded away" before adding that "then the survivors of World War II started to look pretty old as well".

He then noted that Trumpington, 89 -- who had served at wartime listening station at Bletchley Park-- was the House's only remaining survivor from WWII.

But unimpressed by the comment, Trumpington appeared to give a "two-fingered salute" to the 78-year-old former defence secretary.

A time-lapse video of the Earth -- shot by astronauts on board the International Space Station -- has captured an extraordinary view of the northern lights.

The amazing footage of the Aurora Borealis was recorded by the crews of expeditions 28 and 29 using a special low-light 4K-camera 240 miles above Earth and edited together.

Produced by German artist Michael Konig, the five-minute video starts off by showing the USA before moving on to Australia where the Aurora Australis are visible.

The footage also takes in flashes of lightning in the clouds, light caused by human cities and moving satellites illuminated by the sun… now we suggest you stop reading this and press play.

If you think you've seen some cumbersome and awkward dance moves on Strictly Come Dancing, think again and meet the man who dances with a digger.

Dominique Boivin, an experimental French choreographer, has recently scored an online hit after performing dance routines with a digger.

During his shows Boivin climbs on the digger, prances around the bucket and dodges the spinning excavator in time to classical music.

He also dangled precariously from the raised bucket and is lifted of the ground by the machinery... unsurprisingly he doesn't return the favour.

Extreme surfer Garrett McNamara has broken a surf world record -- by riding a 90-ft wave off the coast of Praia do Norte in Portugal and surviving.

McNamara was tow-in surfing with pal Andrew Cotton in the ZON North Canyon Project when the 90 feet mega-wave formed.

And amazing video footage, shot by fellow surfers and a camera on Garrett's own board shows the moment he managed to ride the wall of water.

Speaking about the wave, Garrett said: "I feel so blessed and honoured to have been invited to explore this canyon and its special town. The waves here are such a mystery." Not bad for a mystery.

A near-miss which saw a man using a chainsaw fall towards the blade and nearly cut his face open was caught on live TV in the US.

WTVW man Drew Gardner had been reporting on storm damage in Illinois as a worker used the chainsaw on a downed tree in the background.

But then in a moment which will have had eagle-eyed viewer terrified, the man -- who wasn't wearing protective clothing -- fell in a ditch and towards the chainsaw he was holding.

Luckily he somehow managed to avoid cutting off his face and corrected his fall at the last second… depriving the news show of a scoop.

We've often wondered what sort of fast food deers like (you know, during quiet moments at the office) -- but luckily this video gives us the answer.

A deer recently shocked staff and diners when it smashed though a window of a taco restaurant in Georgia and proceeded to charge around.

CCTV footage shows chaos in the eatery as the animal runs around -- with staff generally running away while diners want to get closer.

The fun ended when a server opened the door to the patio and the deer exited. But not before breaking one of its antlers off… and probably ordering a taco.

A video of a young boy being busted strutting his stuff to Smooth Criminal while he did the dishes has become an online hit.

Little Frankie had asked his dad to put the Michael Jackson hit on the stereo while he did the dishes… and it soon becomes clear why.

To start with the lad can be seen nodding his head to the music, before busting out a series of more and more impressive dance moves.

By the end of the footage -- shot by dad on a mobile phone -- he's really going for it… until he sees the camera and his laughing father.

275x250.jpg It's no laughing matter that inappropriate us of NHS emergency services costs up to £100 million each year.

Well actually it is, in a bid to discourage inappropriate visits to A&E the NHS have produced a series of comedy videos.

The series of videos feature actors posing as patients and reenacting some of the most bizarre and pointless trips to the hospital.

Dr Mike Cheshire, medical director at NHS North West said: "The tales told in the videos are very funny and they are extreme cases, but there are very serious issues behind them."

Inappropriate A&E visits include a woman asking for help after a hair dye disaster, a man with a poorly dog and a boy with diarrhoea. Lovely.

A gaffe at a firework display in Scotland saw pyrotechnics which should have lasted 30 minutes launched in a matter of seconds.

The result was that Oban Community Firework display went off with quite a bang -- or rather several at the same time.

While the display should have lasted half an hour, the technical hitch meant they were all launched within 60 seconds.

Apologising for the pyrotechnic premature-ejaculation Councillor Roddie McCuish told the crowd: "I have some terrible news -- the fireworks have all gone off at once." 

Police in the US have arrested a crook dubbed the "Dancing Shoplifter" after CCTV footage showed him strutting his stuff while stealing clothes.

26-year-old Anthony DiVietro had been bouncing and bopping to in-store music at a Kmart store in Blackwood when a surveillance camera saw him stuffing a dress under his shirt.

While security staff tried to stop him, the man tossed the dress and fled the scene before police could get there.

However, officers posted the incriminating clip online and say the popularity of the Dancing Shoplifter video helped them get their man. Dumb crook 0, YouTube 1!

A bride who performed an amazing dance routine at her wedding with her father (rather than the groom) has become an online hit.

When Ashley Richmond married her husband Nicholas she took to the dance floor with dad David Sparks to strut her stuff.

Performing to a medley of ten songs including the Temptations classic My Girl and The Jackson Five's ABCs the duo went down a storm with the guests.

The impressive four-and-a-half minute dance routine came to an end with Beyoncé's Single Ladies and the line 'If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it!'

Police officers rarely get to live the high-octane life of action movie cops… but these guys from Brazil appear to.

Amazing video footage, which has found its way to YouTube, shows a team cops chasing a plane filled with $150,000 worth of stolen electronics.

After trying to shoot the plane the driver of the car decides the best way to stop the crooks from getting away would be to drive into their plane.

So that's what he does, smashing into the wing and preventing the plane from taking off. They then stormed towards the crashed plane waving their guns… so what did you do at work today?

A bride has seen her wedding video become an online hit after the cameraman caught her sending a text message during the ceremony.

Jim Costa, who shot the video back in 2008, recently posted the video to YouTube, commenting on the bride's unusual behaviour.

"It was otherwise perfectly normal except for this one funny clip of the bride TEXTING just after her dad walked her down the [aisle]!" he wrote.

"The minister was busy reading his opening comments and her back was to everyone in attendance. I was the only one to see her." That was until he uploaded it and the clip went viral.

This video shows the terrifying moment a Boeing 767 was forced to touch down in Warsaw without wheels when its landing gear failed to open.

The flight from Newark, New Jersey was carrying 230 passengers onboard and circled above the airport for about an hour before crash landing.

None of the passengers were injured in the emergency landing which saw the plane slide along the ground with sparks flying.

Firefighters had sprayed the landing strip with fire-fighting substances before the plane came down and then sprayed it as passengers disembarked.

When Brittany Hillards' boyfriend decided to pop the question, he probably wanted to sweep her off her feet -- is so mission accomplished.

That's because after blindfolding her on their one year anniversary of dating he got down on one knee… and she promptly fainted and joined him on the floor.

Cameron had taken a blindfolded Brittany to a state park a few minutes away from their home after arranging for friends and family to be there.

Then after taking the blindfold off he dropped to his knee and asked her to marry him. When she finally came round after passing out, she said yes.

Last week we looked at what we thought could be the best Halloween costume of the year (the functioning camera) but this gaping torso hole is our new favourite.

NASA employee Mark Rober used two Apple iPad 2s to create the costume which looks like he has a gaping hole in his torso.

The rocket scientist from California says the costume wasn't exactly brain surgery and was as simple as starting a Facetime video chat between the two devices.

They were then fixed to his body with duct tape and blood splattered hole cut in his body to give the result which looks like a hole straight thought him.

Haunted house scares reporter off her feet

A TV journalist was left red-faced after being literally scared off her feet during a live report about a Halloween haunted house.

Kimberly Craig of ABC 7 Action News in Detroit had been chatting to bosses at the attraction in Michigan as a group of zombie actors moved around them.

Then as they got closer, a spokesperson for the attraction asked Craig to turn around and look at a projection screen. When she did, it exploded and the news reporter hit the ground.

The zombies and axe-wielding maniacs then gathered around her as she spoke to the studio saying: "You know what, they don't pay me enough…"

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