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275x250.jpg We've long been fans of Professor Splash and his ability to jump from ridiculous heights into equally ridiculously shallow pools of water without hurting himself.

And now it looks like he's finally going to get the credit he deserves after appearing on America's Got Talent and impressing judges.

During a recent appearance he performed his trademark bellyflop from a height of 36 feet, 7 inches into a paddling pool just 12 inches deep - a new world record.

On the way down he reached 40mph and hit the water with a force equivalent of four tonnes… unfortunately he didn't land on judge Piers Morgan. 

A pickpocket in China has been caught on camera using chopsticks to steal a mobile phone - and to think we struggle when it comes to eating dim sum.

In the footage - which has been aired on Chinese TV news shows - the light-chopsticked man can be seen singling out his mark as he waits for a bus.

The cutlery crook then moves behind the young man and carefully uses the eating utensils to reach into the victim's pocket and pull out his mobile phone.

Even when the victim realises something is wrong and that his mobile phone has gone, the thief makes out that it may have been dropped rather than swiped - just check out his mime.

275x250.jpg We've all seen videos of people dancing and singing in an Apple store - but have you ever wanted to know exactly how much you could get away with there?

Comedian Mark Malkoff did, so he put it to the test -- starting off by ordering a pizza to be delivered to him and seeing whether staff had a problem with that. They didn't.

The funny-man then moved on to holding a romantic date - complete with meal, music and dancing - amid shoppers. But again the blue-shirted Apple staff were happy to carry on as normal.

Even when Malkoff dressed as Darth Vader and asked them to fix his iPhone or then took his pet goat in, no-one seemed to mind. So if you can get yourself kicked out of an Apple store let us know what you were doing.

Justin Howard has been crowned as US Air Guitar Champion after donning a surprisingly skimpy viking-related outfit and rocking out under the name "Nordic Thunder".

The long-haired and suitably bearded rocker strummed, plucked and generally rocked the stage for 60 seconds at the event in Chicago - cheered on by hundreds of fans

After winning the US title, Nordic Thunder will now take part in the three day event which is the world finals in Finland starting on August 26.

And while we could describe his outfit and performance, it's probably easier if you click play… we promise you won't regret it.

When people run onto a sports field, they normally only get a few seconds before they're unceremoniously tackled by security staff.

But this guy - who got onto the field at a recent Mets game - kept officials running for several minutes before they finally managed to get him.

In an athletic burst of activity the man dodged and weaved his way between a team of six security guy, who he managed to make look like fools as he ran along.

Cheering fans seemed to enjoy the distraction… which we think was more entertaining than most baseball games.

We think Mario Balotelli may have read our post about Awana Diab's back-heel penalty last week, and fancied getting himself on Newslite… though probably not like this.

The Italian striker was playing for Manchester City in a recent friendly against David Beckham's LA Galaxy when he found himself in an ideal striking position.

But rather than simply smash the ball into the back of the net, show-boating Balotelli tried a pirouette and back-heel -- which failed spectacularly and went wide.

So, to a chorus of boos, from home and away fans alike, City boss Roberto Mancini immediately replaced the £24 million signing with James Milner… at least he can dress himself.

A pair of French Olympic medallists could face disciplinary action after brawling with each other at an athletes meeting in Monaco.

The duo had just completed the 1500 metres at the Diamond League meeting on Friday evening, with Baala finishing ninth and Mekhissi eleventh when they came together.

After sharing a few short words, Baala appeared to headbutt his fellow Frenchman before the pair began began punching at each other and had to be separated by officials.

After describing the incident as "unspeakable behaviour" the FFA said the pair could face disciplinary action… or be moved into the Olympic boxing team.

Motorcross ace Chad Reed has not only survived a terrifying spectacular crash, which saw him fly 20ft into the air, but he also finished the race he was in.

The Australian daredevil had been competing in the AMA Pro Motocross Championship in Minnesota when he lost control on a jump and was sent skywards.

After being launched 20 feet into the air, he separated from his bike and then clattered back to the ground with a nasty bump which looked like it could have left him seriously injured.

But within seconds Reed was back on his bike - much to the shock of the commentators - and not only that, he ended the race 34th of 35 riders and went on to finish 14th by the end of the moto. Seriously impressive stuff.

A young baseball fan who failed to get his hands on a foul ball during a recent game went into such a sulk that he became the focus of the live TV coverage.

The lad had been enjoying a recent Dodgers v Giants game when a foul ball came hurtling towards him.

However his enjoyment appeared to take a plunge when a woman sat in front of him made the catch and celebrated by waving the ball and he went into his best sulk angrily folding his arms.

His sulk was so severe the camera kept cutting to him and the announcers commentating on the game were talking more about him than the action on the field.

275x250.jpg Researchers say the heft of some medieval armour was so great that it may have even affected the outcome of some famous battles.

And to prove their point, boffins at Leeds University have even released a video of a man wearing full medieval armour being put through his paces on a treadmill.

Academics say during warfare in the 15th century, soldiers wore steel plate armour, typically weighing 30-50kg which played a role in whether an army won or lost a battle.

Their study - which saw armour-wearers completing running exercises while their oxygen usage was measured - showed they used twice the amount of energy… and got some odd looks at the gym.

If this woman hoped people on the internet would see her attempt at planking and find it funny, mission accomplished… though probably not in the way she intended.

The unnamed US woman wanted to get in on the latest internet craze of planking which involves lying facedown in an unlikely setting and chose her kitchen.

Unfortunately for her, she accidentally grabbed the cooker door handle and it flung open causing her to hit her chin on the cooker before falling to the floor.

Despite the oven toppling down on top of her, the woman - who only suffered a bruise - dusted herself off and completed a successful plank in a reverse position. At least she got that we fame she was after. 

A footballer who shot to internet fame after scoring a cheeky back-heel penalty for UAE in their clash with Lebanon, may now be punished for it.

Awana Diab instantly became one the most watched footballers in the world after his unorthodox spot kick at the weekend.

But while many internet viewers were impressed by the goal - after which he was issued a yellow card - it went down less well with his team manager who branded it 'disrespectful'.

And it's now been reported that the 21-year-old Baniyas midfielder could be banned from playing for UAE or fined for his actions… unfortunately he's not eligible to play for England who could always do with a penalty scorer.

Everyones favourite octogenarian media tycoon has been attacked by a shaving foam pie wielding protester at a parliamentary select committee.

Rupert Murdoch had, along with son James, been answering MPs questions about the New of the World phone hacking scandal when the attack happened.

An assailant - believed to be comedian Jonnie Marbles - jumped up from the audience and lunged towards Murdoch with a paper plate covered in shaving foam.

But while the 'pie' made a direct hit, so did the wife of the News Corp Chairman, Wendi, who leaped to his defence and slapped Marbles across the face… instantly becoming the most popular Murdoch.

A humpback whale which was saved after getting tangled in a fishing net said 'thank you' to rescuers by performing a series of breaches and dives.

When a group of whale watchers off the coast of California discovered a humpback whale tangled in fishing nets, they feared it was already dead.

But as they approached, it let out a loud breath through its blow hole and the whale watchers turned whale rescuers jumping in the water and launching an hour-log rescue bid.

After eventually being able to free the beast and pull the net into their boat, the whale swam away - but not before putting on an impressive display  for them. Skip to 6 minutes 10 seconds to see it. 

275x250.jpg Robotics engineers in the US have built a lightsaber-wielding robot which uses a Microsoft Xbox Kinect sensor to know where its opponent is and fight them.

The boffins from Stanford University created 'JediBot' in just three-and-a-half weeks and say it was quite a challenge to teach the robot lightsaber skills.

JediBot uses the Kinect sensor to detect objects in three-dimensional space and then react accordingly to opposition switching between attack and defence modes.

Luckily for the future of mankind, this probably isn't the beginning of the robot uprising as the lightsaber is currently just a wooden stick wrapped in foam.

275x250.jpgWhen two would-be armed robbers stormed into a store in California and demanding a bag was filled with cash, they probably didn't expect anyone to put up much of a fight.

But that's because they didn't know about Paco, the diminutive Chihuahua who took umbrage at their attempts to steal from his owner.

After the duo waved a gun around and made their threats at the store, Paco ran straight towards them and started biting at their ankles.

The pint-sized pooch continued to snap at the pair until they ran out of the door and across the street - he didn't even stop when they pointed a gun at him.

And while some doubters suggest this was probably because he has no concept of what a gun is, we'd like to think it was just because he's brave.

It sounded like a great way to begin a news broadcast from a boat show, the reporter would introduce his friend, who'd rise spectacularly powered by a water jet-pack.

Unfortunately it didn't all go to plan and a severe jet-pack fail almost knocked the journalist into the water and left his colleagues unable to do their job because they were laughing so hard.

Matt Johnson had been reporting live from the San Diego yacht and boat show for affiliate Fox 5 when the blunder happened and rather than shooting skywards, the jet-pack-wearing man fell and disappeared under the water.

This meant that when the cameras cut back to the studio the lauhging hosts were left holding their heads and open-mouths in disbelief at what had just happened. Oops.

275x250.jpg Fire fighters in Yorkshire had a close shave recently, when two houses exploded just yards from where they were standing, as this video footage shows.

The team had been called to what they had been told was a small kitchen fire, but when they arrived they found a string of small fires in a row of six terraced houses.

Moving quickly the brave crew from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service evacuated 30 people (including two from upstairs using ladders)  from the homes and began to tackle the blaze.

And it's a good job they acted so fast… because just seconds after the residents had been led away to safety a massive explosion tore through the homes partly demolishing two and causing extensive fire and blast damage to four more.

After a series of 'monster shark' sightings' in an Australian lake, the morning news TV show Today, decided to dispatch a fishing expert to go and investigate.

Unfortunately not everything went to plan when they linked to Paul Burt who was at Evandale Lake, on the Gold Coast, and the segment ended up being a rather awkward moment of live TV.

It started off badly enough when, after a big build up, Paul simply said "Hi Karl", causing the studio host to crack up laughing. But it got considerably worse when he asked the fisherman to have a go at catching the 'monster'.

That's because after casting off, Paul soon caught something… a duck which had been peacefully swimming on the lake. Oops. As he pulled it in he said to camera: "I'd go to another shot."

Suzi Theodory was reporting on a wildfire in Los Angeles. She'd mentioned the 10 acres of burning brush, the thick ash in the air and the helicopters dropping water.

Then that last one got handily demonstrated to viewers… when one of the helicopters unloaded directly above her, drenching the reporter and the rest of her TV crew.

But the Time Warner Cable pro wasn't going to be put off by a bit of falling water. After calming down a shrieking colleague the journalist said: "That's how close we are to the flames."

Despite giggling herself, Theodory added: "It's not a funny thing, but we definitely did not expect for the water to get dropped on us." Now even though you do expect to see that, it's still worth clicking play.

A boy in Brazil has baffled doctors by having an apparently magnetic chest. Paolo David has unsurprisingly also been given the nickname 'Magnet Boy'.

11-year-old Paulo is said to have discovered his odd ability after his father asked him to fetch a knife and fork and they suddenly stuck to his chest.

Since then the youngster and his family have had plenty of fun sticking scissors, spoons, coins, mobile phones and even saucepans to his 'magnetic' body.

Doctors say they're baffled by the magnetic properties of the young lad and have no idea what causes it… though they do enjoy sticking their clipboards to him.

TV cars at the Tour de France have two main responsibilities, one is to record footage of the action, and the other is to keep out of the way.

Unfortunately this French television car failed during stage nine of the race, when it ploughed into a group of riders causing a horrific crash.

Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland had been storming along 38km from the finish, when the car swerved around a tree at the side of the road.

Despite being knocked to the ground (via a barbed wire fence) and suffering horrific-looking injuries both riders were soon back in the saddle… though it wasn't as comfortable.

275x250.jpgA theme park in Japan has opened the world’s steepest roller coaster which is 141ft tall and has a free-fall angle of 121 degrees.

The 'Takabisha' at Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park will send you hurtling towards the ground at 62mph and the entire ride takes just 112 seconds.

During those 112 seconds riders will pass over two miles of track, complete seven loops and generally have the life scared out of them.

A spokesperson for the theme-park said: "Thrill-seekers will enjoy linear motor-accelerated lightning speed, while the sky-facing ascent takes them to breathtaking heights.

The ride will officially take the title after verification by Guinness World Records… once one of their adjudicators can pluck up the courage to ride it.

It's Sweden v North Korea at the women's World Cup, nothing much can happen to spark the public interest can it, right?

Wrong! Sweden's Josefine Öqvist swapped shirts with a German fan after the game and instantly became one of YouTube's most viewed people in the process.

In the resulting footage, - shot after Sweden won 1-0 - the 27-year-old blonde player can be seen chatting to fans. One of who is wearing a German shirt and asks her to swap.

After an initial moment of hesitation, during which time he'd removed his shirt, Öqvist did the same (though she was wearing a black sports bra, he wasn't) they then exchanged shirts.

275x250.jpgSan Diego Zoo Safari Park have started putting on daily blink-and-you'll-miss-it Cheetah Runs where the big cats show their speed by running from 0 -70mph in just four seconds.

Once a day visitors will be able to watch one of the three cheetahs there -- Amara, Johari and Shiley -- show off their impressive speed.

They will each chase their favourite toy which will be mechanically pulled along the 330-foot track in front of a visitor viewing area.

Organisers say: "If you're close enough, you may feel the wind as the cheetah passes by. The spotted sprinter races on a straight 330-foot-long track that allows the cheetah to really stretch its legs"

The event is said to take place at 5.00pm each day… and at those speeds is probably over by 5.00pm and six seconds.

If there's one thing more embarrassing than having your mobile phone go off and disrupt a sporting event you're watching, it's got to be having your mobile phone go off and disrupt a sporting event you're taking part in.

Just ask French tennis ace Alize Cornet, this exact thing happened to her as she was taking on world number one Caroline Wozniacki at a recent WTA event in Bastad, Sweden.

To make matters worse, it was match point when the then mystery phone started ringing and Wozniacki looked around in a bid to identify the inconsiderate tennis fan before serving.

Then she realised it was her rival who'd left her phone on in her kit bag
at the side of the court and started laughing as Cornet sheepishly made her way to turn it off. 

A TV presenter has been hospitalised after being run over while he recorded a show… aiming to find the worst driver in the Netherlands.

Ruben Nicolai -- who was filming the 'Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands?' -- suffered the accident at contestants were being put through their paces.

The driver, known as  was completing a task where he was meant to drive along a track between traffic cones when he suffered an 'accelerator-as-brake' mistake which sent him speeding off the track.

His car then hit a cameraman and Nicolai, who was taken to hospital with a torn lip, and a sore shoulder and foot. At least he can now safely answer the question 'Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands?'

A massive 30-mile wide dust storm has swept into the Phoenix… and given this photographer a chance to shoot an amazing time-lapse video.

When wedding and lifestyle photographer Mike Olbinski heard the haboob was heading to the city - he didn't do the sensible thing and stay inside.

Instead he grabbed his camera gear and set off in search of a good vantage point where he set his camera to take a photograph every five seconds as the dust cloud approached.

The resulting time-lapse video shows the dust storm rolling in like a giant tsunami. And while it's disappointing the video cuts off before the camera is engulfed, we can understand Mike not wanting to get it dirty.

275x250.jpg Harry Monk has had enough of drunken revellers relieving themselves in the street outside his home, so much so he decided to out the public urinators online.

The 45-year-old tree surgeon from London spent a recent evening with video camera pointing out of the window of his Hoxton apartment and aimed it at anyone he saw peeing.

He then shouted at the urinators telling them not to pee in front of his home, that there's a council urinal just 50ft away and informed them footage of their actions would be uploaded to YouTube.

Harry says the issue has become a "major problem" and that during weekend evenings there can be 20 people peeing the street every hour… no, he's not taking the piss.

Police in New York confiscated more than 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks ahead of the national pyrotechnic holiday which is the fourth of July.

But proving they're not killjoys, cops didn't just dispose of the fireworks in a calm and moderate manner -- they piled them up and got their bomb squad to explode them.

What's more, they even filmed the resulting massive whizz-bang explosion at a Bronx firing range and released it on YouTube. Which was very good of them.

We suggest now would be a good time to click play, wait 14 very long seconds and enjoy. And remember, never return to a 5,000 pound pile of fireworks.

Normally when we bring you a video of a dancing animal, it's just that, a video of a dancing animal… but not this time.

This clip of a bird grooving to Queen is cold hard science and forcing scientists to re-evaluate their opinion on avian intelligence, maybe.

Researchers from the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego say videos of Snowball, the dancing cockatoo have left them scratching their heads because he appears to have a sense of rhythm.

It had previously been thought only humans could move to a beat... and what makes it all the more remarkable about 13-year-old Snowball is that he's a white cockatoo.

This squirrel is lucky to be alive after running across a racetrack as a Lamborghini hurtled towards it at over 100mph -- and passing under it.

The close shave happened at the AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, California during an event called the "The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience".

And this little chap certainly got the ultimate Lamborghini experience as he ran out in front of the speeding yellow Lamborghini LP670-4 SV.

As this footage shows, the car passes over him as he continues running across the track… no, we're not sure how he survived either.

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