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We don't know too much about this video, but we do know it shows a mechanic pulling a massive snake from the engine of a car.

And really... what else do you need to know?

Engineers can be seen working on the engine of the Renault, before discovering the snake and slowly pulling it out.

As they lift it from the vehicle gathered onlookers gasp in shock, and it's not surprising, because the snake is massive.

It's not know what happened to the snake after it was extracted from the car… or whether the driver ever dared to get back in their car again.

We've seen enough pitch invasions to think there was nothing left which could surprise us... then Derry Felton rolled out onto the pitch in his wheelchair.

The 18-year-old quadriplegic Northampton Town fan invaded the in celebration of his team scoring against Rotherham and coming back from 2-0 down to get a much-needed draw.

Computer games programming student Felton says it's all a "bit of a blur" but that he'd made a bet with a pal about racing onto the pitch.

Fans cheered as Felton was chased across the turf by (albeit reluctant) security staff and a spokesman for the club said he would not be prosecuted for his pitch invasion

A dare-devil skier has filmed himself flying off a cliff and performing a BASE jump to escape from the avalanche he'd just started.

Matthias Giraud had been traversing his way down a slope in the French Alps with the aim of filming himself building up speed and doing a BASE jump.

But as he made the leap and pulled his parachute, the footage from his head mounted camera shows him realised he's caused an avalanche which had been chasing him down the mountain.

So as the 27-year-old sailed down to safety, followed by pal Stefan Laud, the snow poured over the cliff like a waterfall. In fact the resulting footage is so good it could be used to advertise the head-mounted cameras… oh, it just has.

We're not sure how to describe this video, depending on how you like your viral videos, it's either a dog bursting bubbles, or a baby laughing at a dog bursting bubbles.

Either way it's absolutely great and if you don't enjoy it we're afraid to tell you you're dead on the inside.

In the minute-log clip a little girl called Molly can be seen laughing hysterically a her pet dog Bennie jumps around popping bubble with his mouth.

And that's it. But it's better than it sounds… as the 1,000,000 views it has received since being uploaded to YouTube earlier this month prove.

After beating Barcelona 1-0 to win the Copa del Rey - the Spanish equivalent of the FA cup - it was all looking great for Real Madrid… then this happened.

Taking the silverware on a celebratory open-topped bus tour of the capital, players including Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos were doing the usual waving of scarfs to cheering fans.

But as Ramos held the trophy aloft at the front of the bus - in a bid to get fans cheering even more - the butter-fingered defender somehow lost his grip and it fell.

Because the driver didn't see it fall, he promptly drove over the famous cup as on-lookers gasped in disbelief and emergency services ran to see if they could help.

While police and security officials were seen picking up pieces of the squashed trophy, it's not been confirmed how much damage was caused… though next year team could be competing for the Plate del Rey.

A video of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev dancing has become an online hit - despite his moves making Ann Widdecombe look like Michael Jackson.

The footage - which shows Medvedev doing his stuff to the 1990s pop hit "American Boy" - attracted hundreds of comments within hours of hitting the web.

Wearing a silver jacket and no tie, he can be seen awkwardly moving from side to side and kicking his heels up at a university reunion last year.

Answering substantial criticism of his dance moves, Medvedev took to Twitter where he said: "The dances/music are those, from the past."

Many commenters said that he had some way to go before he was anywhere near as good as Boris Yeltsin at dancing.

No, we're almost certain it doesn't. But that hasn't stopped the footage - which claims to show the body of a dead alien - from going viral online.

Uploaded last week, the clip is said to be shot in in Russia's Irkutsk region and shows the mangled remains of an alien lying in the snow.

It's claimed the person filming it went out with their camcorder after villagers saw a series of bizarre pink and blue lights in the sky.

He then found the familiar triangular-faced 'alien' which appears to have suffered a horrific accident, including the loss of one leg.

But while the scene is said to have been investigated by Emergencies Ministry staff, most online commenters are calling fake.

A blooper which saw an Australian news anchor silently fixing her hair on live TV rather than reading the headlines, has become an online hit.

Kate Collins was waiting to go live on 9 News Adelaide earlier this week… while she was actually on air.

That meant viewers at home saw the usual intro graphics and music before the camera cut to Collins who was staring at herself on a monitor. She then proceeded to check her hair.

And that was it, no words, no news, but YouTube gold. Though given this was the same team who brought us the classic 'small but impressive' quip, we can't help but wonder if they just have a taste for the viral.

Ooh ER! A spoof royal wedding video showing Prince William and Kate Middleton dancing their way up the aisle has become an online hit.

The video - which was produced by mobile phone firm T-Mobile and has been seen online five million times - starts off looking like someone has taken a camcorder into the upcoming royal wedding.

But that's only until the East 17 starts blaring out on a stereo and a series of regal look-a-likes from Princess Anne to Prince Harry (some more dubious than others) start dancing through the faux Westminster Abbey.

And while all your favourite dancing royals are there it's really the Archbishop Of Canterbury who steals the show… and if Rowan Williams sees this you just know he will be tempted to bust a few moves on the big day.

Police in China say they were shocked to discover a man driving down a busy street on two bumper cars, which we think is understandable.

Bizarre CCTV footage shows the bonkers man driving along road in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, on the bright yellow cars.

He's seen positioned between the two cars - with one foot in each to operate the pedals - as he navigates other traffic and junctions.

When police pulled him over, he told them he was transporting them to a local park and it was the cheapest way of doing it.

Amazingly "because the law doesn't stipulate what punishment a bumper car driver should receive" he was apparently let off with a warning.

A man has been arrested after being caught on CCTV stealing a judge's gavel from a courtroom... meaning he could be making a quick return for contempt.

When magistrate Chris Cook recently reached for his gavel during a hearing, he realised it had disappeared and ordered a search.

But security footage soon revealed that the small mallet had been swiped the day before, right from his legal bench at Lorain Municipal Court.

While staff didn't recognise the courtroom crook, they noticed that the man with him had appeared in court that day and police were able to locate the gavel grabber.

The magistrate said that if the crook is willing and able to return the gavel, he would be a lot less inclined to bring him back in for contempt… he just loves banging that little mallet you see.

When Robert Wood felt a gun pushed into the side of his neck as he was doing some banking, he assumed it was a pal playing a trick on him.

It wasn't, he actually was being held up a gunpoint… but that didn't stop the 61-year-old telling the robber from telling he wasn't getting his cash.

Wood had just cashed a cheque for $200 in Massachusetts when the bank robber pointed the gun at him and demanded he put the cash in a bag.

But even after realising this wasn't a friendly prank, Wood wasn't going to give him the money and threw the bag back at him.

The robber then turned his attention the to tellers. Meanwhile Wood says his wife is always telling him he doesn't take anything seriously.

A US man has had a relatively lucky escape after he was hit by a car and knocked through the window of a store in a terrifying accident.

CCTV footage shows convenience store worker Guillermo Ramirez was walking outside a store in Miami when a car ploughed onto the pavement and hit him.

The car carried on going and flew inside the Kwik Stop shop, bouncing Ramirez off the bonnet and through the window.

Amazingly (you'll agree once you've seen the video) he only suffered a few bumps and bruises and an injury to his hand.

As for the driver, they clearly couldn't find they were looking for in the impromptu drive-thru, they sped off shortly after the accident.

275x250.jpg Boffins at BAE Systems have successfully tested the ejector seat for the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet... but only after building a rocket sled first. As you do.

Because the fighter jet will be capable of travelling at 600mph, they needed to be sure the ejector seat would work fast enough, and they needed to test it.

So they set about building a 600mph rocket sled on rails at Chalgrove Airfield in Oxfordshire, and then gave the job of testing it to a crashtest dummy.

The dummy was then fired from the replicated F-35 cockpit as the sled sped along with flames coming out of the back... Wow our job feels boring now, how can we become BAE engineers?

We've all been there, you've done something like throw a teabag across the kitchen and towards a mug, only for it to land in the target with almost superhero precision.

Well imagine what it would be like if that sort of thing happened to you all the time. Or alternatively click play... because your day might be something like this.

This is a 'best of' video from the good folks at who set out to film themselves pulling everyday tricks like throwing bread into a toaster or kicking bottles of water onto a table.

While the video lasts just two minutes, we dread to think how many takes were involved and how long it actually took to film… actually we think you can see Thomas and Sebastian age if you look carefully.

This story can safely be filed in the 'headlines which can be answered with the word no' category, but some TV viewers think this news broadcast filmed a ghost.

On Monday evening, Harriet Prest had broadcast a report on ITV London Tonight, detailing a serious road accident which happened on the M11.

And while nothing unusual was noticed at the time, as soon as the show went out, viewers started notice spooky goings-on. Namely an odd shadow in the background.

Chatting online, many viewers speculated that the mystery 'blob' was spiritual energy trying to cross the road and that the footage proved the existence of ghosts.

However, and you knew this was coming, show bosses say the 'ghost' was actually a out-of-focus insect crawling on the lens. It's ALWAYS an insect on the lens.

While we don't advise using a video camera while driving, it really didn't make much of a difference in his accident… and it made for some dramatic footage.

Wendy Cobb had been annoyed that two trucks driving ahead of her were holding up traffic in South Carolina, so she picked up a video camera and started filming them.

But she didn't expect what happened next. One of the trucks hit a piece of 2x4 which was sitting on the road, and kicked up up at her car, sending it flying straight at the windscreen.

While the wood dramatically smashed through the glass, Wendy was amazingly not injured in the terrifying accident, which is a stark reminder of the how quickly accidents can happen… and why you need to keep the camera rolling.

We had a pretty good April Fool's Day, not only did our Facebook filter story go down well, but we also managed to avoid being taken in by any pranks ourselves.

Unfortunately the annual day of enforced japery didn't go as well for TV news presenter Shally Zomorodi… she was tricked into licking an iPad on live TV.

The presenter had been on air on KSWB when her co-host Raoul Martinez introduced an item about a new iPhone and iPad app which allows users to smell and taste food on their device.

And then she was encouraged to sniff and lick an iPad which was handed to her, which she did,  prompting a "Happy April Fool's Day" message to flash up… and for her to run off set red-faced.

BMX rider Greg Powell has completed the world's first 'special flip' on his bike… and that's more impressive than it sounds.

It actually means he rode off a ramp and leaped into the air before leaving his saddle completing a mid-air backflip and landed back on the BMX.

Yes, you read that correctly, he did a mid-air backflip before landing back on his bike while it was still flying the 32ft between ramps. Really.

Powell, from Maryland in the US, recently performed the stunt at MTV's Nitro Circus Live tour in Australia where fans went crazy for the impressive trick.

While the 27-year-old made the 'special flip' look remarkably easy, you probably shouldn't try this at home… even if you have got giant twin ramps in your back garden.

A football goalkeeper who shot to fame after recording a trick shot video of himself earlier this year, is at it again, and this one could be even better.

UNC Asheville keeper Lassi Hurskainen released his first video in February and it showed him kicking with amazing accuracy and making a series of great saves.

In fact many of the 2.5 million people who watched it on YouTube suggested that his accuracy was so good, it must have been digitally manipulated.

So, hoping to prove them wrong Hurskainen has recorded footage of himself performing another equally impressive set of tricks - including kicking a ball into a bucket on the back of a speeding golf-kart.

Other tricks include hitting the crossbar from almost unbelievable distances and making saves over the bonnet of a car… because you'd be surprised how often that comes up in a real match.

A monster truck driver has become the first person to complete a full backflip in one of the big-wheeled vehicles. And it's more impressive than it sounds.

The stunt by Ryan Anderson has become an online hit since he performed it in Las Vegas during the recent Monster Jam World Finals.

Anderson started off by revving the engine of his giant 12-ton truck and driving over a small ramp to help him build up speed.

From there he drove into another ramp which was angled at a wall and as the momentum carried him upwards the truck flipped.

While we've somehow managed to make that sound simple and as though anyone could do it, we're assured it wasn't and they couldn't.

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