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275x250.jpg A Silverback gorilla which has started walking around on his hind legs like a human has become an internet star after video of him was uploaded to YouTube.

More than 300,000 people have now watched clips of 21-year-old Ambam as he strolls around his enclosure at a zoo in Kent like it's the most normal thing in the world.

Keepers at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park say while it is not unheard of, it's certainly rare for a gorilla to walk on two legs, especially for the long distances Ambam manages.

They added it's thought he does it to gain an advantage when it comes to feeding time… we like to think it's because he wants to be a web celebrity.

275x250.jpgA serving soldier who tried to make a phone-call proposal to his girlfriend, accidentally left a voicemail popping the big question on a wrong number.

Now the unintentional recipient of the emotional answer phone message, is trying to find the woman he intended to propose to, in case she doesn't know.

Diane Potts says that in the message the soldier refers to a 'Samantha' and starts off telling her about a friend of his who has been blown up.

Presumably speaking from Afghanistan, he goes on to say how much he is missing her and then asks her to marry him. Only he didn't, because Samantha didn't get the message.

Diane has now revealed the message in the hope someone will recognise the voice and get let Samantha know her clumsy-fingered boyfriend wants to marry her... let's just hope he's not out there defusing bombs.

A man who'd been arrested in Utah on suspicion of burglary tried to escape from cops by jumping out of a moving police car.

As this footage shows, Nicholas Duffy was still handcuffed as he dubiously leaped from the speeding car and onto the highway.

The 20-year-old had complained to officers that he felt like vomiting and asked them to crack the rear window open a bit for for him.

But when they did he unbuckled himself before jumping out of the window as the car travelled along Interstate 15 at 30mph.

Unsurprisingly flying head-first from a car while his hands were cuffed behind his back didn't end well… he was soon back in custody and in need of a trip to hospital.

It's been more piano bar than sandbar in Miami's Biscayne Bay - after a grand piano weighing 300kg mysteriously appeared there.

No-one seems to know exactly how the instrument came to be positioned on the highest point of the sandbank some 200 yards from shore.

And because of the placement, the piano doesn't even disappear underwater during high tide (or the high Cs if you will) and seems to float above the sea.

Because it's not currently causing a 'navigational hazard' coast guard bosses say they're not responsible for removing it and will leave it in place.

Theories about how it got there include it being a leftover prop from a Kanye West video or a prank by fellows at a local music school… it all seems a but fishy to us.

He'd already suffered an injury and needed to be stretchered off - so this footballer probably didn't think it could get any worse.

Boy was he wrong. Gladstony had picked up an injury during a Sao Paulo Youth Cup match between Desportivo Brasil and Flamengo.

But as he was loaded onto a stretcher to be whisked off the pitch, the stretcher bearer accidentally dropped the 17-year-old and fell backwards.

After picking himself up from sitting on the face of the injured player, he gave it another go, before falling back to reinstate the ass-face blunder.

Desportivo went on to lose the match in a penalty shoot-out… not that that's what Gladstony will remember the game for.

For most people the idea of riding 30ft waves off Maui is extreme enough, but not surfer Mark Visser - he did it at night.

Wearing LED lights so that his exploits could be caught on camera, the Australian was towed out by a jet ski to a notorious Hawaii surf spot known as Jaws.

There the big-wave riding 28-year-old waited to catch a monster 30ft swell which he rode for about 20 seconds, later saying it was the 'most exciting thing' he'd ever done.

He added that because it was so dark, he didn't realised quite how big the wave was… probably a good thing judging by this footage.

Tennis courts come in a variety of different surface types, but one thing they have in common is that when a ball hits them, it bounces… or at least that's the theory.

But that wasn't the case at the Australian Open recently, when Maria Sharapova found a dead-spot on one of the courts.

The Russian ace says that as she was warming-up ahead of her third round clash with Goerges, she felt a noticeably bouncy spot on the court.

When umpires checked it out they discovered a heat bubble under the surface of the court which caused balls to seemingly defy the laws of physics land flatly rather than bounce.

Workers solved the problem by drilling a series of small holes in the court to release the trapped air… but not before this great video was filmed.

An irate basketball fan who tried to fight with the mascot of the rival team has been left red-faced after being publicly floored by the bear.

It all started when the cheeky Utah Jazz mascot held a giant sign saying "I'm A Loser" behind the fan and started pointing at him.

This angered the Cleveland Cavaliers fan, who turned around and punched the giant bear -- earning himself the privilege of being escorted out of the stadium by security guards.

But as he was being led away, the unruly fan decided he wanted another piece of the mascot and charged towards him, now in the centre of the court.

However, the surprisingly hard mascot was prepared, and as the man lunged at him, he shoulder-barged him to the floor… before celebrating like he'd just scored a last second game-winning basket.

275x250.jpg The inventor of an iPhone-controlled fridge which shoots cans of beer across a room from a CANNON says he now never needs to leave the sofa when he wants a brew.

25-year-old technology consultant Ryan Rusnak came up with the gadget because he was fed up with having to walk to the fridge every time he wanted a drink.

Working with a pal he turned a fridge in a basic vending machine which dropped chilled beers -- and then added a compressed air cannon, web server and iPhone interface.

Now when he wants a beer, he uses his phone to log into the fridge, picks what sort of beer he wants and fires it over to where he is sitting. Basically, he's created the worlds best ever invention.

An plucky squirrel had to be rescued by zoo staff after finding its way into a tiger enclosure.

The adventurous critter had somehow got into the enclosure at Buffalo Zoo and it didn't take long for him to be spotted.

After briefly being chased around, the scared squirrel jumped up a tree but was promptly shaken out by a tiger, keen to display his hunting skills.

Footage shows that as keepers were alerted, the confused-looking tiger then chased the squirrel into another tree and even held it in its jaws before letting it go.

Luckily for the squirrel, staff were able to distract the tiger and remove it before releasing it somewhere a little safer… well couldn't find anywhere more dangerous.

275x250.jpg It looks like the result of a radioactive disaster, and you'd be forgiven for thinking it was populated by two-headed fish.

But Canadian officials say pranksters are to blame for this fluorescent green river and that it poses no threat to the local wildlife.

As these impressive images show the Goldstream river, which passes through the city of Langford, British Columbia was recently turned a bright green.

Experts were initially bamboozled as to what caused the colour change, but now believe it was caused by prankster with access to fluorescein… and a diary with St Patricks day in on the wrong date.

Noodling, a crazy sport where anglers use their arms as bait to catch catfish has become an internet hit.

But experts warn sticking your arms in riverbed holes and waiting for the fish to latch on with their sharp teeth is also a great way to lose a finger.

It's said some noodlers have even drowned as they tried to wrestle the huge creatures - which can weigh 30kg - to the surface of the water.

Others have been left with serious lacerations to their arms or come into contact with alligators or snakes while noodling.

Which might leave you wondering why the odd sport has become a hit… and that's before you've even watched some of the videos on YouTube.

A homeless man is seeing job offers pour in, after a YouTube video of him showing off his incredible voice became a viral hit.

Ted Williams used to work as a radio announcer, but hard times saw him jobless, homeless and holding a sign begging for cash at the side of a road in Ohio.

And that's where he was found when he recently became the subject of a viral video after a journalist noticed his sign, boasting he had a "God-given gift of a great voice".

After the exchange of a few dollars, Williams released his silky smooth FM voice saying things like: "we'll be right back with more after these words" for the camera.

Now, after gaining more than 4 million views on YouTube, the job offers are pouring in… we just wish we could get him to read Newslite stories to us at night.

Snow causes some people to do daft things. Like being towed down Park Avenue on skis by a car driving at 40mph.

The masked man hopped onto his skis in the early hours of Monday morning and got a buddy to drive through Manhattan.

Video footage then shows him holding onto a rope suspended from the back of the car and being towed through the city.

It's said the daredevil completed two runs, from 34th Street to 26th Street, and then again from 28th Street to 23rd Street, doing around 40mph.

It's shocking isn't it? Not that he risked his life… but that anyone was ever able to do 40mph on Park Avenue.

275x250.jpg The net was as likely to catch a fish as be hit by the ball in this game. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have played against each other on a floating tennis court.

The duo took part in a bizarre exhibition match on the court which had been laid in the water of Doha Bay, Qatar, to promote the upcoming ATP World Tour.

And though the pair have the experience of winning 25 Grand Slam titles between them, neither had played on a surface anything like this before.

While we don't know what score the game ended at, it's not our main concern, we want to know what happened to the ball boys… or should that be ball buoys.

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