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As any football fan knows, it sometimes feels like your team are incapable of getting the ball in the net, no matter how easy the shot.

But for followers of Veria FC they now have video proof, their team recently missed five consecutive sitters… in just 11 seconds.

During a Greek second-division match against Levadiakos, Veria FC found themselves in front of goal with a clear chance of scoring.

But within just 11 dark dark seconds for Greek football, they'd missed five sitters, each of which should have ended with the ball in the back of the net.

Veria FC ended up losing 1-0 and will have to make do with internet fame… even if they don't look like they will be getting a chance to celebrate a goal like Stjarnan FC any time soon.

Lidia Camon thought she was doing well. She'd delivered a live TV report from a snowy park without being hit be snowballs or knocked over by a wayward sledge.

But then the Spanish reporter got on a sledge of her own and didn't notice that the cable from her microphone was wrapped around her leg. Oops.

This meant that as she slid down a snowy hill to end her report, she took the cameraman with her.

Footage shows Camon get halfway down the hill before the wire becomes tight and pulls on the camera which rolls down after her.

We think it's just a shame we didn't get to see the face the cameraman pulled as the camera was yanked from his hands.

Did Usher plagiarise a Homer Simpson song?

R&B star Usher has found himself in the middle of an bizarre plagiarism claim -- with people saying he's ripped off a song by Homer Simpson.

DJs in the US have noticed a striking similarity between lines in his single 'OMG" and a ditty sung by Homer in a Simpsons episode from 2003.

Usher's song, which features from the Black Eyed Peas, includes the lines: "Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow. Honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow."

This compares to Homer singing ""Christmas in December, wow wow wow. Give me tons of presents, now now now," in the episode Dude, Where's My Ranch?

Handily someone has already uploaded the two clips to YouTube for you to compare. As a warning, on once listened to, this cannot be unheard.

A man had a lucky escape after being hit by a lorry as he crossed a road in Turkey -- he somehow managed to outrun it.

Bekir Ozcan had been crossing a road in the city of Adiyaman when the driver of a lorry failed to spot him and as he pulled away from a red light.

CCTV footage shows the fuel lorry hitting the 53-year-old before he is able to make it to the other side of the road and pushing him along.

Fearing for his life, Ozcan then turned to face the same direction of the lorry and tried to outrun it rather then end up under the wheels.

As he ran along, other pedestrians waved at the driver and managed to get him to slow down… giving Ozcan what we think was an unfair advantage.

You'd have thought he'd be busy making last minute preparations for tonight - but this surveillance footage shows Santa is still finding time to fight crime.

Police in Sicilly say this footage shows a policeman arresting a suspected mafia member who was collecting protection money from a shopkeeper.

The video - shot with hidden cameras - shows the alleged mobster going into the store and taking money from the cashier.

But as he walks out and to his car he is jumped on by undercover officer, and one in a less inconspicuous red Santa costume.

So far police haven't explained why the officers was dressed as Santa. By which we obviously mean (if any kids are reading this), police haven't explained why Santa was helping them out.

Everyone's received a Christmas present they've been less than happy with -- but the secret is not letting on that you're disappointed.

But it looks like that's a skill this lad is yet to acquire… and something tells us he doesn't like getting books for Christmas.

A video taken last year showing a three-year-old boy unwrapping an unwanted present of books has become an online hit.

In it the pyjama-clad shouts "Books? … Books for Christmas? What the heck is that? I don't get books. That's not toys, that's books. I don't get books for Christmas"

Many commenters online have suggested that if he were their child, those books would be the last presents he ever received.

275x250.jpgNano scientists from the University of Nottingham have produced the world's smallest periodic table by etching it onto a human hair.

Using a combination of ion beam writer and electron microscope, the team carved the symbol of all 118 elements into the strand of hair.

And it wasn't just any hair, it was one plucked from the impressive head of Professor Martyn Poliakoff, an expert in Green Chemistry.

Experts say the etching is so small that a million of the periodic tables could be replicated on a typical post-it note.

Because its Christmas the boffins have also written the message "Merry Christmas" on a snow fragment. Those crazy boffins eh?

A Belgian football match had to be stopped twice when fans started pelting players with snowballs.

Anderlecht player Jonathan Legear became the target for Brugge fans just seven minutes into the game when the took a corner.

As dozens of frozen missiles hailed down at the player, he managed to take it in his stride - but the referee halted the game until calm as restored.

However it didn't last long, when fellow Anderlecht player Mbark Boussoufa went near the same corner flag he was also pelted.

The game ended in a 2-0 win for Anderlecht and the snow incident makes it the most interesting game in Belgian footballing history.

275x250.jpg Snowmobile champion Levi LaVallee has been injured while preparing for an new stunt -- but he still set a new world record in the process.

The seven-time Winter X Games medalist had been practicing his 300ft snowmobile jump on a ramp in San Diego ahead of performing it on New Year's Eve.

He had been due to see in the new year by leaping over 300ft of water and setting a new world record. But that won't be happening now.

A spokesperson from Red Bull said that LaVallee had been hurt while practicing and the event would no longer be taking place… if only he'd had something to give him wings.

275x250.jpgWould-be actor Chuck Lamb has found fame after bombarding TV and movie producers with audition tapes… of him as a dead body.

After years of perseverance - and becoming an online hit - a computer programmer from Ohio, has finally secured a couple of movie roles.

Lamb, known to millions of internet users as 'Dead Body Guy' plays a sheriff in horror spoof ThanksKilling, and also features in Stiffs, a comedy based in a funeral home.

The 52-year-old says he decided to try and become a famous corpse when he realised he wasn't a great actor and not the best looking bloke.

Do you think this could be the the moment his career gets revived… or are these dead end roles?

A police officer picking up CCTV footage of robbery, accidentally stumbled into the scene of another robbery.

The cop had been called to an Ohio pharmacy to collect security footage of a robbery which had taken place earlier that evening.

But as CCTV footage shows, when Officer Joshua Campbell got there he was required to do more than pick up a DVD… because another robbery was taking place.

As he got to the counter he saw another robber leaning over and grabbing money from the till - so he quickly drew his gun and wrestled with the man.

Speaking after the incident Officer Campbell said he'd thought: "This can't be happening"… which we guess is also what went through the mind of the robber.

A coyote which found itself stranded on a block of ice floating on Lake Michigan had to be saved by rescue workers.

Passersby had notified Chicago Fire Department when they first spotted the trapped animal floating on a sheet of ice on the lake.

And for more than an hour the coyote floated around the lake as a rescue operation was mounted with animal control officers.

At one point the critter even tried jumping into the zero-degree celsius water to get back to shore, though it soon thought better of it and scrambled back onto the ice.

Eventually rescue workers on board a fire department boat pulled the shivering coyote to safety… presumably the snow meant there were no real fires which needed extinguishing.

We know it's dangerous, but it always looks like fun when it snows and you see people being dragged along behind a car on their sledge.

And it appears members of the Swedish airforce agree, because here's a video of them doing it… being towed by a fighter jet.

In the clip three nutty Swedes are pulled along by ropes as the jet weaves around the airfield. At least they have helmets on.

We just wish the video had ended with the fighter jet taking off and the  airforce guys clinging on for dear life.

It goes without saying that you should not try this at home… unless you have your own airfield and fighter jet.

275x250.jpg Freediver William Trubridge has set a new world record by diving 100m (328ft) below sea level on a single breath of air.

What makes him different to other divers who've reached 100m is that he did it using only his hands and feet to propel him down and up.

The record was set on Sunday in the Bahamas when William dived into  Dean's Blue Hole on Long Island following his glow-in-the-dark descent line.

It took two attempts to secure the record (his 13th) and the 30-year-old attributes his success to using yoga techniques… and having a particularly heavy head. 

275x250.jpgA bus driver who was filmed veering into the wrong lane to 'brutally murder' a snowman has been forced to resign.

The Frostie killing happen on the University of Illinois campus after students built a large snowman in the middle of a road.

While other drivers were slowing down to carefully navigate around the obstacle, one bus driver seems to have taken exception to the snowman.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows him veering his bus onto the wrong side of the road to smash into the figure an obliterate it.

But while the students enjoyed the snow massacre, bus bosses were less impressed and say the driver has been forced to resign. And that's snow joke.

A young lad has become an online hit after getting up during a TV interview about the death of his father and performing a weird dance routine.

He was sitting in-between his mother and sister during a live TV interview on NBC's The Today Show when Keegan Roberts felt the need to groove.

As his mother talked to host Meredith Vieira about life after losing her husband the youngster spotted himself on a monitor and started to dance.

While his sister tried to calm him down the lad was having none of it and continued to strut his stuff.

But within seconds he was dancing a furious jig and pulling moves which would seem more suited to a Lady Gaga video than an interview about his dead dead.

It's that time of year again. No, not Christmas... it's time for one man stunt show Aung Zaw Oo to release his annual showreel.

Each December the stuntman from Washington releases a video of himself performing impressive tricks, which goes on to become an online hit.

And this year looks set to be no exception, because in his latest YouTube video he can be seen doing stunts with diabolos, flower sticks and kung fu.

There are also some of his old favourites, such as jumping into a pair of shorts, flipping off walls and juggling while riding a bike.

Some people have been so impressed they suggest the only thing to slow him down would be Kryptonite… though Aung says this would just give him an advantage over Superman.

A US deer hunter claims to have taken a photo of a ghoulish creature with glowing eyes, which he spotted on a reserve in Louisiana.

The monster, which he insists it's not a hoax, is said to have been crawling towards him lay waiting to shoot a deer.

It's said to have crawled towards him and scared him so much that after snapping a quick photo he broke his camera.

While the internet has been almost unanimous in crying 'FAKE' at the image, it has been featured on a US news show.

But maybe that's not too surprising given some of the things that get reported on some news networks there.

Heavy snowfall in the US has caused the inflatable roof on a stadium in Minneapolis to collapse.

Over the weekend, much of the midwest was hit by massive snowstorms with some areas receiving as much as 20 inches of snow in just one day.

And in Minneapolis - which got about 17 inches of snowfall - this weighed down the Teflon-coated fibreglass roof the Metrodome stadium.

Initially the snow caused the roof to collapse in on itself - before splitting open and flooding onto the football pitch.

Unsurprisingly a scheduled game between the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants was moved to another venue… where the Giants received an equally icy reception.

A video of a salsa-dancing dog has become an online hit -- and how could it not, it's a salsa-dancing dog!

Since going online earlier this week the 34 second video has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

Wriggling against a glass door, the dog appears to be dancing the Mambo as salsa music by La Excelencia is played in the background.

The uploader of the video says the dancing dog "gets every door opened for him" by showing off his moves. And fans online have certainly been impressed.

However, some doubters claim he's not dancing… but more likely trying to get at some sausages he's being taunted with behind the glass door.

A pair of dubiously-skilled DIYers accidentally caused a mini-avalanche on the roof of a house in Fife… while trying to make it safer.

The men had set out to clear their gutters of ice which was causing the pipes to sag and they feared could cause structural damage.

But as they tried to break some of the ice from the weighted down pipes, a piece of guttering attached to a satellite cable broke off.

At this point one of the men - being filmed by a pal - started to hit the ice-laden TV cable to break it off. And oh boy did it work, kind of.

Part of the guttering fell from the building, causing all of the snow on the roof to slide off avalanche-style… something tells us they won't be watching satellite TV for a while.

This is probably not what the 100 tourists on-board had expected when they booked a nice leisurely Antarctic cruise.

Dramatic footage show the moment a cruise ship broke down when it was battered by 30-foot waves as it sailed through Drake Passage towards Argentina.

The rough sea knocked out an engine and communications on the Clelia II,  as giant waves lashed onto the deck and smashed windows.

Looking at the clip, which was filmed from another ship, it's hard to believe, but non of the 100 passengers and 60 staff onboard were injured.

Repairs were made to the ship and it proceeded to limp back to Argentina an reduced engine power… by the time it gets to port the passengers might have dried off.

A trigger-happy US man is offering to 'chop' down Christmas trees for people by shooting at them with (the tree that is) with a shotgun.

Known only as Hickok45 or Greg, the man from Nashville, decided the unusual felling method could be a way to differentiate his Christmas Tree Farm from rivals.

And as this video advert shows, it does. Customers are asked to puck their tree in the normal method, but an axe is only used to clear the trunk.

Greg then gets his gun out and shoots at the base of the tree until it falls. It can then be taken home by the buyer.

The 'farm' has the slogan 'You Shop, We Chop' and a big sign which says 'No Refunds' … Like you'd be dumb enough to argue with a man who spends his days shooting trees.

No matter how grown-up and sophisticated you think you are, there are some things guaranteed to make you laughing like an eight-year-old.

For us it's TV presenters making a fool of themselves - for Matt Lauer it's apparently the phrase "size of the package" -- as this clip shows.

The morning show anchor has been interviewing the show's financial editor, Jean Chatzky about food prices when he made a comment about package size.

That was it. As she responded while smiling, he cracked up, eventually causing her to also start laughing until the point neither of them could speak.

Eventually Lauer making the apology "Oh, I'm sorry, something struck me as funny there." We can't possibly imagine.

A man who fell onto the track at a Madrid subway had a lucky escape when he  was dragged to safety seconds ahead of an incoming train.

The incident, which was caught on CCTV, happened on Friday when an unnamed passenger fell backwards onto the track and injured himself.

As the 41-year-old lay there fellow travellers saw an incoming train which looked certain to hit him and started waving and shouting at the driver to stop.

But it was the brave action of an off-duty police man which saved him when he jumped down onto the track and then lifted the man out of the way.

Dramatic footage shows the train then only missed the pair by inches… luckily there wasn't one coming in from the other direction at the same time.

A barber in Alaska would have been forgiven for stopping what he was doing when a SUV smashed through the window of his barbershop.

But while Han Song simply paused to check the driver of the car was okay, he then continued to finish his haircut.

CCTV footage shows the moment the out of control driver dramatically smashed through the window into the store - luckily not injuring anyone.

And while Song stopped briefly to survey the damage with his hands on his hips, just seconds later he instructed his client back into the chair.

Song says he wanted to finish the job rather than send the man away with half a haircut. If that's not worth a tip we don't know what is.

The Andrex puppy - which has starred in TV adverts since 1972 - has been replaced by a computer generated dog for a new ad.

In their latest advertising campaign, Kimberly Clark, the firm behind Andrex toilet paper opted for a CGI dog rather than the iconic Labrador Retriever puppy

The 40 second advert entitled 'It's the Little Things' shows the digitised dog using a computer, baking a cake… and briefly chasing a toilet roll.

A spokesperson for Kimberly Clark said: "We really believe we’ve given him a new lease of life and have evolved his character."

Something tells us viewers might disagree… if you put your ear to the computer you can almost hear them starting "Bring back the real puppy" groups on Facebook.

A massive 16-floor hotel has been built in the Hunan province of China in a record time -- under six days.

The impressively speedy build, shown in time-lapse photography, saw the New Ark Hotel rise from an empty space in just 136 hours.

Developer Broad Sustainable Building, who worked until 10pm each night, say the five days and 16 hour construction time is thanks to the use of pre-fabricated parts.

The frame of the 50m building - which is built to withstand a magnitude nine earthquake - took just 46 hours to put together, with the building enclosure taking another 90.

Personally we'd love to see the face of someone who'd gone on holiday for the week and come home to discover the 16-floor hotel in front of their window.

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