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275x250.jpgBikes get stolen. Even when locked to a lamp posts -- but what if they where locked to a lamp post and raised 15ft off the ground?

That's the question a group of German inventors asked themselves shortly before creating a lamp post-climbing bike lock.

The team from German electronic components firm Conrad dreamt up the gizmo as part of a recent advertising campaign.

Made from motorised skateboard wheels, the device locks a cycle to a lamppost and then climbs 15ft up taking your bike out of the reach of crooks.

Bikers then simply press a button on a remote control to get their bike returned when they're ready to ride off… unless the battery has run out, or someone had locked their bike under yours.

A little dancer has become a big hit on the internet after a video of him strutting his stuff was uploaded to YouTube.

During the dance, Angelo Baligad - known as Lil Demon - spins on his head, somersaults and supports his body weight with a single hand.

Now seen seen by more than 450,000 people, the clip was shot during a dance off contest in Hawaii where the pint-sized kid took on someone twice his size.

His rival Joshua Lee 'Milky' Ayers had pulled out some of his best moves but was left shocked when Lil Demon began performing in front of fans.

Then Ayers had to pull out his best ever performance… making out he wasn't embarrassed by getting owned by child. 

A video of an audience member vomiting into a plastic bag during the recording of a Spanish TV show has become an online hit.

Despite being filmed over a year ago the clip, from 'Know How To Live' has recently shot to internet fame.

The 42 second video shows a presenter talking to camera about how to achieve healthy skin as the audience member vomits into a clear plastic bag.

It's only when other members of the audience start waving their arms and calling for help that the camera zooms in to a point the puking can't be seen.

We can sympathise with the vomiter… watching This Morning leave us feeling in much the same way.

Most shoplifters try to discretely slip products into their pocket or bag… but not this one she had a more blatant approach.

Police in Ohio say Nakita Norman was arrested after being caught on CCTV cameras stuffing two fur coats in her trousers.

After casually walking around the store Norman removed the security tags from two coats while another man and woman distracted staff.

Then she opened her coat, lowered her trousers and proceeded to stuff the bulky fur coats - valued at £3,200 - into the legs.

Amazingly the 44-year-old was able to leave the store unnoticed… even though she had suddenly developed a slightly funny walk.

A video of a heavily pregnant woman with a baby apparently trying to burst out from her stomach Alien-style has become an online hit.

In the one and a half minute clip, the French mom-to-be is seen lying on her back as her unborn child kicks and wriggles inside.

This causes her stomach to contort and wobbly - much to the amusement of the mother, her partner and another child.

And the video has also become an online hit gaining more than 150,000 views of YouTube since it was uploaded earlier this week.

But while many viewers have been amused and drawing comparisons with the chest-busting creature from Alien -- several expectant mothers have been left terrified. 

Police in Turkey say they've busted a bizarre gang of crooks who were stealing sheep from the back of moving trucks.

And in a bid to prevent further crimes, the officers then got them to re-enact their crime for a video which has been uploaded to YouTube.

Officers say the arrests were made after they discovered the gang were driving behind sheep-carrying tucks on a motorbike and cart.

One gang member would then climb onto the moving truck and start unloading sheep into the cart without the driver knowing.

Officers claim getting the gang to recreate the crime on video is to  dissuade others from similar crimes… but we all know they really just want more views for their account.

A footballer has been dubbed the 'Cannibal of Ajax' after being caught on camera biting the neck of a rival player.

Ajax and Uruguay ace Luis Suarez was playing in the match recent against PSV Eindhoven when a confrontation happened.

But rather than being part of the usual footballer slap and exaggerated fall, the striker opted for an altogether more vampiric approach.

Unseen by the referee he leaned forward and sunk his teeth into the neck of PSV Eindhoven midfielder Otman Bakkal.

Suarez was not punished during the game but has since been suspended for two games… and team-mates have started hanging garlic in the dressing room.

We once threw a ball of paper into a bin from eight metres away, bouncing it off two surfaces... unfortunately there was no-one else there to see it.

Luckily for this Japanese teenager -- who was recently equally in the zone while playing a basketball arcade game -- no moment now goes unrecorded for YouTube posterity.

As such she's become an online sensation after a video of her shooting an amazing series of consecutive baskets on the game was uploaded to the internet.

In the 70 second clip, the girl can be seen stepping up to the machine, grabbing the orange balls as soon as they're released.

She then proceeds to notch up 256 points by hurling them at the basket with the sort of speed and accuracy normally reserved for NBA players… and even then only the good ones.

275x250.jpgIn a bid to make voting more interesting, a political party in Spain has produced an advert where casting her vote gives a young woman an orgasm.

The controversial ad from Young Socialists in Catalonia shows an excited-looking woman walking into the polling station and after letting her hair down, being handed a ballot.

She then places her vote, but only after dipping her ballot in and out of the ballot box several times while rolling her head back and moaning in pleasure.

As she releases the paper into the perspex box, she orgasms, before looking rather embarrassed and leaving the building sheepishly.

While the ad has proved a hit online, rival parties have complained it's "misleading". But imagine what would happen to voting rates if it wasn't.

275x250.jpg It was one small step for spud, one giant leap for spudkind. A potato has been dressed as Santa and launched to the edge of space. As you do.

The bizarre space mission was organised by a primary school in Devon with kids dressing the spud with a white beard and red hat.

It was then placed in a pop bottle 'rocket' christened Spudnik2 and attached to an extra large helium balloon and launched from a local car-park.

Also fitted with camera and a GPS system Spudnik then rose 17 miles up before the balloon burst and everything fell back to earth. Luckily no-one was injured the space potato -- that would be embarrassing.

It's good to keep an eye on world politics… if only so you can have a laugh when otherwise calm politicians resort to fisticuffs, just like this MP in Argentina.

During a recent budget debate in Argentina’s parliament MP Graciela Camano flipped out at a rival MP, Carlos Kunkel.

But she didn't limit her attack to a verbal assault, after standing beside him and shouting for several seconds, she then slapped him around the face.

It's said Camano had lost her rag after Kunkel made aspersions about her private life, rather than it being a policy-based disagreement.

Whatever happened, all we know is that Kunkel didn't retaliate… and this sort of thing could certainly liven up Westminster. 

275x250.jpg A stunt mountain-biker who racked up 21m views on YouTube by pulling jaw-dropping tricks has released a new video - Way Back Home.

Former Edinburgh bike-shop worker Danny MacAskill shot to fame in 2009 after uploading a video to the internet.

As a result, he performed his unique brand of mountain bike stunt in TV adverts, music videos and secured sponsorship with Red Bull.

And it was for them he recorded the eight minute 'Way Back Home' during which he performs a series of gravity-defying stunt on route from Edinburgh to Skye.

We'd be lying if we said we'd remained conscious for all of our lectures at university -- which is why we're glad we were not taught by this professor.

Professor Talbert recently flipped when one of his students at Cornell dared to yawn in his HA 1174 class and then not own up to it.

After hearing the yawn Talbert spins around and demands to know "Who did that? I want to know. Stand up."

When no-one does, he flips out telling them "My bad side is as bad as my pleasant side is pleasant" and that "I won't tolerate impolite."

He then screams: "If I hear one more of these overly loud yawns.. get up and walk the hell out. Yawn outside!" … we can only assume he didn't get enough sleep.

An enraged bull had matadors and bullfighting fans running for their lives when it jumped from the ring at an event in Mexico.

The 1,000-pound bull ran straight at the barriers before jumping up and landing amongst the crowd at Plaza de Toros in Mexico City.

Suddenly fans, who'd been watching from the 'safety' of second row of seats, found themselves with a closer view than they would have liked.

One man even leaped into the ring to escape the beast… and then quickly remembered that's where the bull would be returning.

While no fans were hurt in the incident a picador -- the guy responsible for spearing the animals during the fights -- was injured. It's almost like the bull knew what it was doing.

275x250.jpgFor most footballers, putting in a performance which gains world-wide attention can only be a good thing for their career.

But that's because not many players have had the dubious honour of making what is being described as the world's worst miss.

And as such, we can only advice Qatari footballer Khalfan Fahad to keep off the internet for a couple of days.

During a recent match against Uzbekistan at the Asian Games, Fahad chased a backpass and found himself unchallenged inches from goal.

But he somehow ended up hitting the post by committing a howler of such proportions we'd be surprised if he can ever look at a football again without breaking out in a cold sweat.

275x250.jpgA brave/stupid kite surfer has used the recent high winds to perform a series of dangerous tricks -- including jumping over Brighton pier.

Lewis Crathern, the former British kitesurfing champion, made the death-defying leap by using the gales and choppy waves to launch himself into the air.

He then manipulated his kite to carry him over the iconic landmark, before landing safely on the other side.

Speaking of the stunt the 26-year-old said: "You only get one try. If you don't get it right you could die."

Which just goes to show he must have balls of steel -- in fact we're surprised he didn't catch them on the top of the pier.

275x250.jpgA video of a horse travelling in the back of a car along a US motorway has become an online hit -- well how could it not.

The odd footage was shot by the Potter family as they drove between Osage City and Topeka on the way to the supermarket.

Dad Rick says he'd spotted a mane of hair flowing from the window of a car and as he drove past took a closer look.

At that point he realised it belonged to a horse which was happily travelling in the back of the car on folded down seats.

As his family shouted "Smile, horsey!" the the horse turned around to look at them… presumably this distraction reduced the horsepower of the car.

275x250.jpg A group of British space fans have successfully launched a paper plane into space and captured some amazing images in the process.

The trio of amateur space enthusiasts created an impressive paper aircraft with a 3ft wingspan and launched it using a helium balloon.

A small onboard camera then took a series of photos as it soared to 23 miles (90,000ft) above the earth and the balloon burst due to air pressure.

The plane then glided back down from the edge of sapce landing 100 miles from where it had been launched… and to think the best I've ever made have only gone eight metres.

Explosives experts were left red-faced when a 83m tower they were demolishing in the US fell in the wrong direction.

Not only that, but the falling tower even smashed into another building and hit power-lines leaving 4000 houses without electricity.

The Mad River Power Plant tower in Springfield, Ohio was meant to be falling to the east but instead came down the the south east.

It's thought a undetected crack in the tower caused the error which prompted media who were there to film the event running for safety.

Our favourite bit is at the end of the video, after screams of terror, and people running in all directions one guy calmly says "The blast went the wrong way."

275x250.jpg A 69-year-old granny who became a hit in European nightclubs thanks to her DJing skills has now performed her first gig in the US.

Ruth Flowers, also known as 'Mamy Rock', now looks set to become a star in the US after playing to a crowd of over 3,000 adoring fans.

The OAP DJ says she first caught the DJ bug at a birthday disco for her grandson five years ago, and has been playing gigs across Europe ever since.

Flowers enjoys mixing techno with the likes of the Rolling Stones… and she must be the only DJ who can call them a nice bunch of young lads.

275x250.jpg A US woman has become an internet hit after solving a puzzle on the Wheel of Fortune TV show... despite just one letter being revealed.

Caitlin Burke, 26, was appearing on the popular show when she was presented with a 27-letter prize puzzle, knowing only that one letter wan an "L".

But much to the shock of the host, she said she was going to take a guess… and then he was left flabbergasted when she got it right.

Burke had said she'd got a good feeling when she made the guess "I've Got A Good Feeling About This!" and  she was right to, she won a trip to the Caribbean and $9000.

A pillow fight recently broke out on US flight with dozens of passengers hurling their complimentary pillows at each other.

Luckily this video doesn't end with an armed air marshal standing up, but rather a bunch of frequent fliers having fun at 36,000ft.

The impromptu pillow throwing took place on Continental Flight CO1905 from Phoenix Airport to Washington State as an air stewardess handed them out.

Members of the influential FlyerTalkers frequent fliers forum started throwing the soft missiles up and down the aisle at each other and the stewardess.

One commenter said after the incident: "Pillow fights are more fun at 36,000 feet!" -- they made no comment about anything else.

275x250.jpgSure you can get bored on the drive to work, but it's dangerous to use your mobile at the same time… let alone also reading a book and Kindle.

A motorist in the US had been filmed driving at 60mph while reading a book, answering his mobile phone and fiddling with a Kindle.

In the video the cameraman can be heard commenting that the man is reading a book -- which he has lodged between the steering wheel and dash -- while driving.

Then, as they film him, he pulls out a Kindle eBook reader… quickly followed by a mobile phone. Causing them to burst out with laughter.

All of this means the driver must be the world's best multitasker or very stupid. Or quite possibly both.

A footballer was booed by fans after picked up a pitch-invading duck and callously hurling it over the advertising boards.

The bizarre incident happened during a Belgian First Division match when Zulte-Waregem's Mahamadou Habib Habibou spotted the stray bird.

After a goal-keeper tried and failed to contain the duck, Habibou ran into action chasing the bird briefly, before grabbing it by the neck.

But while fans had cheered the chase, they soon turned on Habibou -- when the player hurled the duck over advertising hoarding and into the ground.

While the duck appeared to waddle off uninjured the footballer has been dubbed the "Cat bin lady" of Belgian football. 

TV news broadcasts are normally slick, uber-professional affairs… but not always, as this blunder-filled minute of disastrous television proves.

The clip from Channel 10 in San Diego has become an online hit for packing so many gaffes into a short space during a live broadcast.

The 11am newscast begins with a shot of a weather-girl caught unaware, before panning to hosts who promptly bungle their lines as the introduce a news item.

After cutting to the outside link, there's an uncomfortably long pause before the reporter starts talking and the cameraman seems to get distracted by a pensioner on a mobility scooter.

In fact it's all so blunderful, we can't help but question whether it's fake… though we really hope it's not, because it almost makes us look competent.

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