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275x250.jpg Designers have created an 'airbag collar' for cyclists who don't want to be seen in a normal helmet -- but equally don't want to smash their head open.

The 'Hovding' helmet is the brainchild of Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin who received requests for a helmet which would not spoil your hair-do.

After six years, they say they've now perfected their odd helmet which looks like a scarf and only springs into action when accelerometers and gyro-meters inside detect sudden jolt.

It works much like an in-car airbag and speedily inflates with helium and wraps safely around the wearers head… though it may spoil their hair while saving their life.

A Peruvian police officer had an amazingly lucky escape after being knocked off her motorcycle by a huge truck.

The female cop is said to have only suffered a broken shoulder and bruises
in the horror smash where she was a split second from death.

Identified locally as special forces officer Sonia Nalvarte, the cop had been crossing a major roadway when she found herself in the path of an 18-wheel truck.

As she collided with the front-right side of the cab she was knocked off the bike and almost ended up under the wheels.

While it's not too often you can refer to someone with a broken shoulder as being lucky, we think it's fair in this case.

Amazing footage of a unicorn running through the woods has been released by a science centre in Canada who said they were investigating the clip.

Staff at Ontario Science Centre issued a press release claiming a video was submitted them by a Toronto resident who accidentally caught the 'unicorn' on camera.

Peter Hickey-Jones was meant to have been filming a woodpecker when he saw the mythical horned creature and pointed his camera at it briefly.

A OSC spokesperson even said: "The Science Centre is reviewing the footage frame-by-frame to determine whether the claim is legitimate."

However, later -- when it was pointed out how coincidental the timing of the find was (they have an upcoming exhibition on mythical creatures) -- they finally admitted it was a fake.

A Finnish newsreader has been sacked after he was caught drinking beer on live TV -- during a report about alcohol licensing laws.

As producers cut back to the studio camera from footage about Finland's alcohol licensing laws, host Kimmo Wilska was seen swigging from a bottle of beer.

After the footage was aired, his bosses were apparently quick to sack the boozy news reader, but he insists it was just a joke.

Kimmo claims he was pretending to drink from the bottle as a joke for colleagues in the studio and had not intended for it to be broadcast.

Fans of the news anchor have now started a Facebook campaign to get him his job back which 23,000 people have already joined… many of who think the news should be presented by a drink host anyway.

275x250.jpg A Dutch man has interrupted a current affairs talk-show on live TV...  by asking the hosts where the toilets were.

Student Barry Creemer shocked producers of the 'Pauw en Witteman' show when he stood up from his seat in the audience and walked in front of the cameras.

But it was when he then proceeded to ask the presenters of the show where the nearest toilets were, that really left them flabbergasted.

While the hosts calmly answered and pointed him in the right direction, their discussion soon descended into a round-table giggle-fest and they look like they might wet themselves laughing.

One day this is going to go horribly wrong, crazed by their own power Improv Everywhere will send their legions of order following hipsters on a murderous rampage across US cities.

Luckily that day was not yesterday. Instead they got people to tidy up New York stores, give out cheerful high-fives and hold a surprise birthday party.

More than 3,000 people took part in 'The MP3 Experiment Seven' where they all simultaneously followed recorded audio instructions.

After gathering in a selection of New York stores they all pressed play on their MP3 players at the same times and followed a series of directions.

You know the drill, they stand still, people without headphones look confused... it's really probably better if you just watch the video.

Real-life cars being rigged to be remotely driven via the internet - it sounds like an idea which could only have been dreamt up for Top Gear.

But Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have got nothing to do with this. It's actually a marketing stunt by car manufacturer Mitsubishi.

The Japanese firm have used a combination of remote control software and hardware modifications to make some of their Outlander Sport vehicles into giant remote control toys.

Using technology similar to that featured in a Top Gear challenge they will soon let members of the public take control of the cars via their personal computers at home.

During the online test drive, users will log-in to control the £14,000 car by using their keyboards as though playing a computer game -- what could possibly go wrong?

275x250.jpg X Factor boss Simon Cowell has officially changed his name from 'Simon Phillip Cowell' to 'Lightning Cowell'… but only for 24 hours.

Cowell had been annoyed at having to call X-Factor contestant Storm Lee by his legal name, and joked with fellow judges about changing his moniker to  "Lightning".

Unbeknown to him, Cheryl Cole contacted the UK Deed Poll Service and had the paperwork drawn up for Simon to legally change his name, which he was presented with live on ITV2's Xtra Factor.

After a few moments thought, Simon agreed to make the change for 24 hours by signing the contract in front of named witness Cheryl Cole… but only if he was allowed to hold the contract.

Hollywood movie star Johnny Depp shocked pupils at a London school by making an impromptu visit as his alter-ego Captain Jack Sparrow.

Taking a break from filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Depp  was responding to a letter sent by a pupil at Meridian Primary School in Greenwich.

The 47-year-old said nine-year-old Beatrice Delap had written asking him to lead a mutiny against her teachers -- and he was only too happy to oblige.

Along with other members of the cast dressed in full costume, the actor walked into a specially called assembly to address the children.

He suggested that if he were to take over the school, they could all eat sweets until their teeth fell out… he must have forgotten he was already in England.

275x250.jpg Barack Obama was left red-faced when the presidential seal fell off his lectern as delivered a speech in Washington.

Obama was mid-speech as he addressed the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit when there was a large clunking sound.

Leaning forward over the top of his lectern he said: "Oops. Was that my err… " before shrugging his shoulders.

Dismissing the prop failure the president then added, "It's alright. All of you know who I am." He has a point.

The Bolivian president has been caught on camera kneeing a political rival in the groin during a 'friendly' football match which was on TV.

Evo Morales had been taking part in the game against a group of political rivals to raise money for charity.

But the match quickly turned nasty and after being riled by a tough tackle to one of his team-mates, the President stepped in.

And by "stepped in" we mean kneed his victim, Daniel Gustavo Cartagenam, in the groin, sending him falling to the floor. All in front of TV cameras.

The foul-tastic game ended 4-4 and two players from each side were sent off -- making the match the only thing dirtier than politics itself.

275x250.jpg A football player in Germany has been caught sneakily groping the boobs of a female referee -- during a game on live TV.

Hertha Berlin defender Peter Niemeyer claims the incident was an accident, but many claim this TV footage suggests otherwise.

Niemeyer was playing in the second division Bundesliga game against Alemannia Aachen and after a ruling from ref Bibiana Steinhaus, says he went to pat her on the back.

But Steinhaus - who was refereeing her first live TV match - had stepped backwards meaning the player instead ended up cupping her left breast. He didn't end up scoring… the game ended 0-0.

A photographer has taken some amazing video footage from 19 miles above the Earth - by attaching a camera and an iPhone to a balloon.

Luke Geissbuhler decided he wanted to take a look at the Earth from above without having to rely on the usual NASA equipment, so he built a miniature spacecraft. As you do.

The tiny ship featured a high-definition camera, an iPhone for tracking via GPS and was built to withstand the extreme conditions experienced travelling to the edge of space.

After eight months of fine tuning, the camera-ship was attached to a weather balloon and released from New York… with the obligatory countdown provided by his kids.

When a US congressman took his grandson to the House of Representatives, he probably expected the lad to be fascinated by watching his granddad speak.

Not everything went to plan. As this C-SPAN video shows the young boy wasn't quite as engaged as Ted Poe would have liked… in fact, he fell asleep.

Reports state the representative for Texas and former judge had taken his grandson on the floor to hear him speak about domestic violence.

But by the time it was his turn to stand, the boy was already dozing off and as he speaks his eyes can be seen slowly closing before his head falls to one side.

We think someone will be double checking theme-parks and ice cream are on offer next time granddad says "Do you want to do something fun today?"

A man left staff at a McDonald's in Swansea more than a little bemused when he made a late night stop at their drive-thru… on a horse.

The unnamed man - who has been dubbed 'the horseman of the Happy Meal' - had calmly trotted up to the window of the McDonald's drive-thru.

Filmed by a group of guys, who appear to have enjoyed a night out, he then placed his order before making his way to the second window to collect his food.

Interestingly, staff act like this sort of thing happens every day and paused only briefly to compliment the rider-diner on his stallion before he rode off into the distance.

For those of you who were wondering he ordered a Big Mac and fries… well horses don't come with a drinks-holder do they.

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