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275x250.jpgTeams of chefs in Serbia have been serving up their best testicle-based dishes as part of the World Testicle Cooking Championship.

The event, amazingly now in its seventh year, see gonad gourmets creating the best meals they can from boar, kangaroo and donkey balls.

Delightful dishes on offer at the freaky food festival this year included testicle pizza and the ever-popular goulash style bulls’ testicles.

Visitors taste a selection of the meals before a judging panel decide on which ones really stand out.

Festival organisers also give an award to someone who has been "ballsy" over the past 12 months -- this year it wasn't the man who tried testicle pizza, but U.S. President Barack Obama.

275x250.jpgFighters have battled it out in over 1,000 litres of gravy as part of the 4th annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships.

Dozens of competitors - all in fancy dress - attended the Lancashire event to grapple with each other in the 14ft pool filled with gravy an inch deep.

As over 1,000 fans cheered them on, points were awarded for wrestling skill, fun factor and the entertainment value in the two minute bouts.

Organisers say all the gravy used is made to a traditional Lancashire recipe and they get through over 1,000 litres during the day.

Elliot Rooke, dressed as a bunny girl, took the men's title while the female winner was Elisa Samson who had fought as Little Bo Peep -- In odd news neither of them will ever want a Sunday Roast again.

The French Spiderman, also know by the more mundane name of Alain Robert, has been arrested in Australia after climbing a 57-storey building.

Robert - who's previously scaled the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the New York Times building in New York - made it to the top within 25 minutes.

But police who had been alerted to his impromptu climb without safety equipment were less than impressed and were waiting for the 48-year-old at the top.

Fans who had gathered and the bottom of the Lumiere Building on Bathurst Street, Sydney, to watch the climb were no doubt unhappy to see their hero being led away by cops.

Police are now threatening to throw the book at him… which mean he could soon be climbing the walls of a prison cell.

Just in case 'normal' tornadoes are not terrifying enough for you, a rare flaming tornado has been caught on camera.

The 'fire tornado' was filmed as it burnt through fields in Sao Paulo, Brazil and though it didn't last long is a scary insight into the phenomenon.

Also known as 'fire whirls' and 'fire devils' they are caused by warm updrafts over a fire and can spin at 100mph and reach 1km high.

Luckily, this example didn't come close to those measurements and was gone as quickly as it was formed.

However, this isn't going to offer much consolation to locals in Aracatuba who have seen a number of brush fires spread across the area.

Sky Sports presenter Jessica Kastrop was hit on the head by a stray football during a live pre-match broadcast.

In the clip - which has already become a hit on YouTube - Kastrop can be seen talking to her co-presenter about the pre-season clash in Stuttgart

But then all of a sudden a ball is whipped in by Former Chelsea star Khalid Boulahrouz smashing Kastrop on the back of her head.

The force of the 100mph ball knocked her head forward so fast Kastrop almost head-butted the desk she was stood at.

Boulahrouz insists the battering ball was an accident… and Chelsea fans will tell you he can't normally shoot with that accuracy.

A cycle lane in the US has been given a Nintendo inspired make-over with Mario Kart speed-up arrows and invincibility stars.

It's not know who decorated the lane but they added all the symbols from the game are there including boost mushrooms and slippery bananas.

And some gaming-mad cyclists on North Williams Avenue have even started responding accordingly when the pass over the symbols.

They speed up after traveling over the arrows and try to dodge the bananas which cause you to crash in the hit game.

Lets just hope the bike riders don't think they really are invincible after cycling over a star… otherwise they'll find out why Nintendo didn't add articulated lorries

If skydiving gets boring, some jumpers try to come up with odd ways of keeping hurtling towards to earth exciting.

Some even do bizarre things like jump from a plane while sitting in a rubber dinghy.

Ludewig Kleiner recently made such a jump from 14,000ft... but he also tried solving a Rubik's Cube on his way down

The 29-year-old only released his chute after solving the puzzle, which he was able to complete it in 31.5 seconds, during which time he'd fallen 5,905ft.

Kleiner said he took on the barmy challenge because no-body else had ever attempted it -- we can't imagine why!

A shocking crash which saw a driver launched into the air and smash into a bridge has been caught on police camera.

19-year-old driver Brendan Eden had been speeding along the Ohio highway when he hit the protective barrier in the middle of the road.

Footage from a police car shows how this launched his 1995 Pontiac Firebird high into the air and it smashed into a bridge.

The car then broke into three pieces and the driver was thrown from the wreckage.

A police spokesperson said "He is very lucky to still be alive" -- and it's only after watching the footage you realise what an understatement that is.

In what has to be the stickiest world record ever set, 2,433 people in Mexico City have simultaneously dropped Mentos into bottles of cola.

The resulting soda eruptions were enough to scoop the title for the largest number of simultaneously erupting Mentos geysers.

Each participant was given a 2-litre bottle of cola and a Mentos sweet to create an eruption which will be recognised by anyone who has ever been on YouTube.

Watched by Guinness World Records adjudicators they all dropped the Mentos at the same time, each sending the cola gushing several metres into the air.

Once the adjudicator had taken several showers to get the sticky stuff out of his hair he said: "All those fountains erupted it was just incredible to see."

A Star Wars fan has re-made the sci-fi classic by getting hundreds of people to record 15 second sections of the movie and cutting them together.

Casey Pugh used clips submitted by fans to create a scene-be-scene remake of Star Wars: A New Hope, which can now be seen online.

Some tryed to replicate the big screen action as faithfully as possible usinf LEGO, animation and CGI while other embraced the more low-tech.

Highlights include a slice of pizza which doubles as a spaceship and the countless people wrapped in foil.

George Lucas must be sitting at home and wondering why he didn't use more food based spaceships in the original.

275x250.jpgA video of Roger Federer serving a tennis ball and knocking a bottle off a man's head William Tell-style has become an online hit.

But is the clip real or fake? The internet is currently debating whether it was a great shot, or a great camera trick.

In the video -'leaked' from a Gillette shoot - Federer convinced someone to stand with a bottle on his head.

He then went to the other end of the studio and served the ball knocking the bottle to the floor. For good measure he then repeated the trick.

What do you think, is it a camera trick… or did the first 14 attempts  result in people breaking their nose? Let us know in the comments.

A Hungarian priest who performs skateboard tricks in a bid to encourage youngsters to go to church has become an online hit.

Roman Catholic Zoltan Lendvai claims skateboarding is the ideal way in which God can communicate with young people.

The 45-year-old preacher from Redics, says he learnt to skateboard as a child, but only recently rediscovered it as a way of spreading the religious word.

More than 250,000 people watched him on YouTube and Lendvai claims his skateboarding skills have already encouraged a number of local teenagers to start attending church.

Our only question is, if skateboarding can be a religious tool, does that make Tony Hawks God?

275x250.jpg BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker has been caught out giving the finger to a fellow BBC news host... on live TV.

Schafernaker had been preparing for his bit on BBC News at 10.54 this morning, when host Simon McCoy joked that his "Of course 100% accurate" weather forecast would be on shortly.

But apparently taking offence to the comment Schafernaker stuck his middle finger up -- not realising the camera was pointing at him and broadcasting his obscene gesture.

When he saw the gaffe on in-studio monitors red-faced Schafernaker tried to pretend he was only scratching his chin. Yes, just like a primary school pupil who's been caught swearing by the teacher.

An impromptu pillow fight has broken out on a German airline flying at 20,000ft.

As the stewardess on the Lufthansa flight from Tel-Aviv to Frankfurt handed out complimentary pillows, some passengers started to throw them at each other.

But rather than tell them to stop the feather-filled mutiny, or call for the plane to be turned around or grounded, the good-natured stewardess joined in.

Soon enough there was a mass pillow fight in the cabin, and passengers were screaming with joy as the pillows flew all over the place.

In the end the besieged stewardess was forced to jokingly run off to safety… fortunately (and proving this wasn't a US Airlines flight) she didn't return with an armed air marshall.

275x250.jpgA daredevil motorcross rider was thrown into the crowd at an event in London after he hit a ramp awkwardly.

Andre Villa had been competing at the Red Bull X-Fighters competition at Battersea Power Station when he was propelled from his saddle.

Despite the huge fall into watching spectators, Villa was luckily not seriously injured and (even more luckily) his bike had not made it over the audience barrier.

A spokesperson for the event said no-one had been seriously hurt in the  accident and that three fans suffered minor injuries.

One fan said: "I know this was a dangerous sport. But I thought it was only dangerous for the riders, not the audience too."

An Icelandic football team who shot to fame after a goal celebration video went viral online say they're now under pressure to come up with more.

Stjarnan FC became web heros when their celebration of pretending to be fishing and landing a player on an imaginary line was viewed by millions.

But now the players say they feel under as much pressure to make fans laugh as much as they are to score goals and win games.

As such they've been working on new routines and got the chance to try a few out during a recent 3-2 win.

In odd news the manager has hinted that rather than buying a new centre-back they are on the lookout for a good choreographer in the transfer market.

A 'cowardly' US baseball fan has become an online hit after chickening out and dodging an foul ball… which went on to hit his girlfriend.

The man, known only as Bo, had been watching the Astros v Atlanta Braves game in Houston, when a foul ball came flying towards him.

But after jumping up to catch the wayward ball he changed his mind at the last minute and dived out of the way.

If bailing on the catch in front of thousands of fans wasn't bad enough then speeding ball then stuck his girlfriend on her right arm.

A clip of the incident has now gone viral online… and earned Bo the unenviable nickname of "The Bailer".

Normally when you see 'Cops' style reality TV show arrests people are hiding their faces and non-too-happy about being filmed.

But a US woman had an unusual reaction to police and a TV crew knocking on her door and arresting someone from the house -- she was ecstatic about it.

As soon as the elderly woman spotted the camera she quizzed officers about what it was for. When she was told it was "County Law' she couldn't hide her excitement.

After asking when the show would air she repeatedly whooped "County Law, County Law, County Law!"

So cringe-worthy was her outburst that her pal - who was (let's not forget) being arrested on TV - begged her to stop because it was embarrassing.

275x250.jpgAn amateur wrestler from Russia has died after taking part in the World Sauna Championships in Finland.

Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy had made it to the final of the annual event where he had to see how long he could endure the 110C temperature.

But after six minutes Ladyzhenskiy - who has competed in previous years - was dragged out of the sauna by judges after collapsing. Her was later pronounced dead.

Timo Kaukonen from Finland, who had also made it to the final ahead of 130 others, was also pulled out and is currently being treated in hospital.

Organisers instantly cancelled the event… presumably to give everyone a chance to cool down.

A clumsy kiwi bird with two broken legs is being given rehabilitation treatment -- including treadmill sessions.

The runtish bird was originally taken to vets when it was found in a bad condition in New Zealand in December.

Dubbed Piwi, the bird had a broken leg that had healed badly and vets were left with no option other than to re-break it and straighten it.

But shortly after it was taken to a wildlife park for rehabilitation the dopey bird somehow broke it's other leg resulting in a visit to Massey University's Wildlife Ward.

Once there it was given rehabilitation treatment including 'running' on a treadmill… and it didn't even need to pay an excessive gym joining fee.

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