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A pair of drivers have survived a dramatic truck race crash in Brazil.

As one of the speeding truck drivers lost control during the Formula Truck series event at Interlagos, he ploughed straight into a competitor.

The accident saw Bruno Junqueira drive his truck 'over' Diumar Bueno's ripping off the entire cockpit.

But while both vehicles were ruined, Bueno was able to walk out of his cab and while Junqueira was taken to hospital he only suffered minor injuries.

However, this isn't the most remarkable thing about the story… that has got to be that so many people turn up to see speeding trucks.

275x250.jpgA man who constantly pops up in the background of live TV broadcasts has now invaded over 100 live news reports.

Paul Yarrow, a 42-year-old community worker from London can often be seen lurking in the background as reporters talk to camera.

Sometimes he's talking on his phone, sometimes he's reading a newspaper, but he always stands in front of the camera.

In fact his plump frame, balding head and trademark beige jumper made Yarrow and online sensation and sites were even set up to chart his appearances.

So far he's appeared on BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, Sky News, Al  Jazeera… and now NewsLite, which means he has really made it.

275x250.jpg A video of a man walking across America - which was made using stop-motion photography and 2,770 images - has become a massive online hit.

Since it was uploaded a week ago, over a million people have already watched the video of Michael Johnson walking his way from New York to San Francisco.

Producers took thousands of still photographs of Michael walking during a 14-day trip
from one side of America to the other, then carefully put them together the create the dramatic effect.

The result is so impressive it almost doesn't matter that the production was paid for by Levi's which features prominently at the end. Almost.

A fighter jet pilot in Canada had a miraculous escape when he ejected from his CF-18, seconds before it crashed to the ground in a huge fireball.

Brian Bews had been practising low-flying aerial manoeuvres in advance of and upcoming air-show when sparks started coming out of his engine.

The quick-thinking pilot ejected from the plane as fast as he could and despite it being so close to the ground he was able to get out.

And it's a good job he did, because his £20million Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet smashed into the ground in a ball of flames.

Amazingly Brian only suffered a sore back and a scratch on his are in the incident -- though he also has to tell his boss he destroyed a £20million plane.

A unfortunate news presenter on Taiwanese TV suffered an asthma attack on live TV -- after choking on a mosquito.

Huang Ching had been reading the news when a rogue mosquito entered the studio and headed straight for her mouth.

Being a true professional, Ching carried on despite the bug flying into her mouth and continued to read the headlines.

But the tiny bug set off a asthmatic reaction and TV bosses were forced to cut to adverts as while Ching was given medical treatment and rushed to hospital.

Experts say she would have been fine if she'd simply spat the bug back out, but Ching said it would have been rude to do that on TV.

A greyhound race in Australia has been declared a 'no race' -- after a real-life hare ran across the track and distracted the dogs.

The dogs had been chasing the traditional faux bunny at Shepperton Stadium in Victoria, when the hare invaded the track.

It sprinted in front of the racers and crossed to the outside of the track - distracting the dogs, one of which chased after it.

Because third-placed Ginny Lou (20/1) rejected the robot rabbit for the real thing the race was voided.

After a hare-y few minutes the £19,000 of bets which had been placed was refunded to punters.

Guests at a US wedding were provided with unusual entertainment when the groom challenged his new bride to a cake eating contest.

In his defence, Hall Hunt is one of the world's top competitive eaters and has earned over £40,000 thanks to his digestive powers.

On top of that, Joey Chestnut, the number one ranked competitive eater in the world was a guest at the wedding and joined in the fun.

A video of the event posted to YouTube shows the hungry-looking trio attacking plates of wedding cake during the 30 second bout.

Despite being able to much through 63 burgers in eight minutes, Hunt says his wife won the contest… well he couldn't upset her on the big day could he?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a parasailing donkey flying over the sea in Russia, obviously.

A Russian leisure firm is being investigated by police on animal cruelty charges after using a flying donkey in a stunt to promote their parasailing service.

Beach-goers looked on in a mixture of intrigue and horror as staff at the private beach club in Golubitskaya led a unwitting donkey towards their parasailing equipment.

The ass was then attached to the parachute harness, and before many sunbathers had worked out what was happening, it was launched high into the air.

Shocked holidaymakers watched as the terrified donkey spent the next 30 minutes flying over the the Sea of Asov… and wondered if they'd had one too many holiday cocktails.

German autobahns are often seen as the promised land for motorists with a taste for speed. But not this weekend -- there were 3 million people picnicking on there.

A 37 mile stretch of A40 autobahn between Duisburg and Dortmund was closed over the weekend with massive picnic installed as part of a cultural celebration.

The 'Still Life' event was held in celebration of the Ruhr region of Germany with regional music and dance performances taking place throughout the day.

It's thought the 20,000 connected tables broke a world record as the longest table and with 3 million atendees it's also likely to have been the world's biggest picnic.

One lane of the motorway was kept clear for the one million cyclists and skaters who travelled along the autobahn -- considerably slower than vehicles normally do. 

275x250.jpgA firm has revealed a set of robotic legs which they claim will soon allow previously wheelchair-bound people to walk again.

Rex Bionics claim their 'Robotic Exoskeleton' can be used by paralysed people and allows then to walk and even traverse steep slopes and stairs.

The brains behind the giant gizmo are a pair of Scottish guys who are now living in New Zealand and have spent £5m developing it since 2006.

Richard Little and Robert Irving say the REX device will go on sale later this year for £100,000 each and that users can master control within a couple of hours.

While we think allowing previously wheelchair using people to walk is a great thing, let's just hope this doesn't speed up the impending robot uprising and cataclysmic destruction of mankind.

Thrill-seekers at a Russian theme-park had a more exciting time than expected when a cable snapped on a rocket ride and left them dangling 70m in the air.

Ten unfortunate 'cosmonauts' had been on dubious-looking 'Rocket' ride at Divo Ostrov theme park on Krestovsky Island, St Petersberg, when the accident happened.

As the ride spun around, the cable supporting the rear of the ten-seater rocket snapped and the back plunged -- leaving the riders screaming and in fear for their lives.

Luckily rescue teams were quickly on the scene to free the riders from their 70m dangling position and no-one was seriously hurt.

And there was us thinking the joy of theme-parks is that while scared to within an inch of your life, you are always entirely safe. Guess Russia has a slightly different approach.

275x250.jpgAn environmentalist diver has become an online hit after recording a video of himself serenading a man-eating shark.

Andy Brandy Casagrande started off by scuba diving into shark-infested waters off Guadeloupe Island, Mexico while clutching his guitar.

He then started singing and playing his shark friendly ditty "The Great White Shark Song" as a pal filmed him swimming next the giant beasts.

The resulting music video has become an internet hit. But how could it not with classic lyrics like: "If I was a great white I wouldn't bite you, but I'd swim right next to you".

Andy says he recorded the song to prove sharks are not as fearsome as most people think… unless they don't like the music you're playing.

275x250.jpg An animated avert which showed Queen Mary turning into a gruesome zombie has been banned for scaring young children on the tube.

The London Dungeon ad had been appearing on digital displays at London tube stations with a regal portrait of Queen Mary quickly transforming into a terrifying ghoulish image.

But after a series of complaints, bosses from ASA have ruled the  Bloody Mary Tudor exhibition ads should be pulled -- because they are too scary for the public.

We can only imagine how Queen Mary would have taken the news that her image was to be removed from display… during her reign from 1553 to 1558, she had more than 300 people burned alive.

Researchers have discovered gorillas often play games of tag, in much the same way as school-children in a playground.

Experts say they observed the games - where the apes would hit a playmate and then run away - between infant and teenage gorillas in a series of German zoos.

During the hit-and-run games the apes would swap roles, with the chaser becoming the chased and trying to get away.

Behavioural biologists from the University of Portsmouth say this shows how apes test the limits of what is acceptable behaviour and to test their peers and even their parents.

However, we think it shows our dreams inter-species games of tag could yet become a reality.

275x250.jpgSpanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas celebrated his World Cup victory by snogging his girlfriend Sara Carbonero live on TV - much to her surprise.

Carbonero had been interviewing the World Cup winner for Spanish TV station Telecinco when he appeared to get tongue-tied and emotional.

As the keeper broke down in tears Carbonero - who is dating the Real Madrid goalie - asked him if he wanted a moment to compose himself.

He didn't. Instead he simply said: "No, this is what I want to do," before grabbing her and snogging her - much to her surprise and embarrassment.

The clip has since become a hit online -- let's just hope it doesn't set a president for all post football match interviews.

A Spanish pitch invader who tried to get his hands on the World Cup trophy was floored by a single punch from a security guard.

Jaume Marquet Cot - also known as Jimmy Jump - had run across the pitch ahead of the Holland v Spain final towards the famous trophy which stood on a podium on the halfway line.

But as Barcelona fan Jimmy tried to place a Catalan hat on the World Cup, a security guard stepped up and landed a right hook around his face, knocking him to the floor.

The red-faced 36-year-old - who has previously invaded countless football pitches, the Spanish Grand Prix and even the Eurovision Song Contest - was then carried shamefully off down the tunnel.

While the serial pitch invader has previously been let off easily for his stunts he is now in custody waiting to be charged… and still wondering where that fist came from.

275x250.jpgA psychic octopus dubbed 'oracle of the deep' has predicted Spain will win the World Cup final against Holland on Sunday.

Paul - who lives at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen - currently has a 100% prediction record after correctly foreseeing all the Germany results.

He predicts winner by eating mussels from a box draped in the flag of the team he thinks will win, sometimes taking as long as an hour to pick.

But this time the canny cephalopod took just ten minutes to predict Spain will win the South Africa World Cup final.

The news will no doubt go down well in Spain… much like a squid paella. 

Israeli troops who were filmed dancing while on patrol and wearing full combat gear are to be investigated by military bosses.

The clip - in which the six gun-totting men perform a choreographed routine to Kesha's "Tik Tok" - became an instant hit online.

Not surprising given it showed the soldiers walking down a street in Hebron before pausing, getting into position and then dancing.

While other videos of troops doing similar stunts have been laughed off by bosses these men were in the field and presumably on duty.

A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Force said there was an investigation happening and that the officers commanders had been contacted -- something tells us it wasn't to book them for the Christmas party.

275x250.jpgA "psychic" octopus with an uncanny ability to predict the result of World Cup football matches has tipped Spain to beat Germany in the semi-final.

Paul the octopus, from he Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany has so far correctly predicted all the  games involving the national team.

His predictions involve handlers at the attraction putting two boxes of tasty mussels into his tank, each with the flag of one team on the front.

The mussels he goes for first are then taken to be his "psychic" prediction and bookies claim many people even place bets on the back of them.

However, the creature has a less then perfect record when these two teams meet - during Euro 2008 he wrongly picked Germany as the victor against Spain. If he is right this time he could end up in a paella.

Police in Florida have found an unusual way of deterring crime -- riding through busy bars on horseback.

Officers say entering bars and clubs on horseback shows a stronger police presence and makes people less likely to commit crimes.

And looking at this video we think it could work, you wouldn't want to get busted at the bar by this guy would you?

However, some businesses in Tampa are said to be worried that when it's busy over a weekend someone could get hurt or even trampled by a horse.

Unsurprisingly videos of the horses walking into bars have also become an online hit -- and prompted one too many 'a horse walks into a bar' jokes.

There's been a sharp increase in the number of couples hiring dance instructors to help them perform choreographed routines at their wedding, it has been claimed.

Exerts say a 30 percent increase in rehearsed dancing is due in part to the popularity of shows like Strictly Come Dancing - but also seeing other couples on YouTube.

Given some examples of extravagantly choreographed and rehearsed routines have as many as 12 million views online, it's not surprising many brides-to-be want to get in on the act.

It's even said the average couple now spends around £250 on dance lessons and choreography for their big day.

And in odd news, it's not all Dirty Dancing style moves on the dance floor, one of the most common requests is learning how to Moonwalk -- at least it stops him getting cold feet.

275x250.jpg Six-time hot dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi was arrested when he stormed the stage at this year's New York International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Speed-eater Kobayashi had refused to take part in the event because of contract issues - but tried to get on stage after the champion was crowned.

Joey "Jaws" Chestnut was gobbling his way to his fourth title by (munching 54 hotdogs in 10 minutes) when Kobayashi jump onto the stage as fans shouted "let him eat".

After wresting with police he was arrested and taken into custody overnight --  it's not know if he was given a hot hog while in jail.

275x250.jpgA distracted baseball fan who was using his mobile phone during a recent game got hit in the face by the ball.

The New York Yankees fan has been chatting away on his phone during the game against the Mariners when the accident happened.

As Seattle's Rob Johnson hit the ball into the stands everyone in the stadium seemed to be watching the ball.

Well everyone except for the poor fan who as talking on his phone and didn't notice it until it hit him in the face - much to the amusement of commentators.

"Oooh... he got hit in the face," said one of the announcers… who was glad something interesting had finally happened in a baseball game.

275x250.jpg An Olympic sprinter who can run 100m in a speedy 10 seconds has competed in a weird 'Man v Horse' race -- and comprehensively lost.

Jamie Baulch - who won a silver medal at the 1996 Olympics - took on Peopleton Brook in the odd £10,000 race at Kempton Park last night.

Despite taking an early lead over the 16 hands thoroughbred, Baulch - who hasn't run competitively in years - was easily passed with 40m to go and ended up well behind.

Peopleton Brook finished in 10.06 seconds and immediately started talking about wanting a race against Usain Bolt -- well we think he would have done if he could speak.

275x250.jpgPolice in New York are hunting for a woman who robbed a store while wearing a Catwoman mask -- and have released comic book inspired wanted poster.

In fact the wanted image looks like it could have come straight from a DC comic and can't be too helpful in tracking down the crook.

Officers say the woman went into a high-end shoe store and spent over half an hour looking and shoes while wearing the feline mask.

She then went to the till and handed over a note which said Give me the money. I have a gun.’ before grabbing the cash, stuffing it into her bag and leaving.

Cops have now released CCTV of the incident and the less than purrfect photofit in the hope someone can help locate her -- we think they are hoping Batman is around.

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