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275x250.jpgA slide has been installed in place of stairs at a Berlin subway to give fun-loving commuters a 'fast lane' to their train.

Unfortunately this isn't new German public transport policy but a marketing stunt by Volkswagen.

Their "Fun Theory" team set up the giant red slide next to the escalators inside Alexanderplatz station - much to the confusion of bemused travellers.

They then stood back and watched to see how many people chose to use it rather than the traditional stairs of escalator.

Volkswagen say the scheme shows how people will voluntarily change their behaviour for the better if offered a fun way of doing it. Admit it, you would too.

275x250.jpgUS President Barack Obama has once again been upstaged by a humble fly which buzzed around him as he delivered a speech at the White House.

While the President talked about healthcare in the famous East Room, the pesky insect repeatedly buzzed close to his face.

But while the fly distracted Obama enough to stop him talking, he was careful not to lash out and swat it.

Last year Obama was criticised by animal rights group PETA after killing a fly which interrupted a TV interview he was giving.

Speaking at the time he proudly said: "I got the sucker…" However, now they know he's not going to retaliate, we can expect to see more insects plaguing the President.

A rapper is tying up police emergency lines in Manchester -- by repeatedly calling 999 and singing at operators.

Police say he's called THOUSANDS of times in the past 18 months, but because of regulations they're not allowed to hang up on him.

His calls - where he sings, raps, preaches and plays loud music - are said to have cost over £1,000 per month to deal with, and officers have blocked over 60 mobile phone numbers.

But whenever they do, the man, who speaks with a Jamaican accent, just gets a new SIM card and carries on - possibly blocking real emergency calls.

Recordings of his calls have now been released in the hope someone might recognise his singing… maybe you have seen him on the X Factor.

A man who was loading his clothes into a washing machine had a lucky escape when a van crashed in through the wall of the laundrette.

CCTV shows John Osambo, from New Hampshire, was forced to jump out of the way of the vehicle, which came to a stop next to him.

The van had been driven by a woman who was trying to park her car outside while chatting on the phone.

She says her foot slipped off the break and the van shot forwards and through the wall of the Lee Laundermat.

Still, at least John now has an excuse not to do the washing -- he has claim he's suffering flash backs to his near-death experience.

A 10-year-old boy has set a new world record -- by wearing 215 pairs of underpants at the same time.

Jack Singer set the prestigious pants record at his 10th birthday party after several months of training.

While the youngster was able to slip the bottom layers of underwear on himself the weight and girth of them meant he soon needed help from his parents.

Jack says the excessive weight of the pants even meant he had to lie on his back towards the end of the 18 minute effort, and caused him to lose sensation in his feet.

A Guinness world record adjudicator confirmed he had beaten the previous record of 215 pairs of pants… and that his mom was now bidding for a laundry word record.

275x250.jpgA team of window cleaners were left dangling outside the 44th floor of a US tower-block when a piece of scaffolding fell from the device that moved the cleaners.

The trio had been cleaning the (many) windows on the Wells Fargo Plaza building in Houston, when the accident happened.

When their device broke it meant the platform they were standing on fell, snapped and left the men clinging on.

They were then left hanging by their harnesses for over two hours while rescuers removed a window from above them and pulled them to safety.

When they were finally yanked in from their precarious position one of the rescuers said: "you missed a bit".

A Japanese violinist has shot to fame after posting videos of himself playing the violin to classic Nintendo games.

Rather than simply playing the theme tune, Teppei Okada plays the sound to 'live' games including the sounds of things like jumps and power-ups.

Okada has videoed himself playing other classic games tunes such as Donkey Kong, Yoshi's Cookie and Dragon Quest 4 -- all while wearing a classy (and very white) suit.

The 34-year-old classically trained musician also offers lesson to other game/music fans, which makes us wish we could play the violin.

Actually forget that, we just want enough money to pay him to come and play like this whenever we are playing Mario.

275x250.jpgA patriotic parrot will be cheering for England tonight -- after owners spent a month training it to squark "Come on Rooney".

Feathered football fan Benji - and African Grey - is said to enjoy watching matches and squarks whenever he recognises the England team.

Owner Ruth Borrill from Peterborough says she has taught his to support our boys in South Africa by also cheering 'Come on England' and 'Goal!'.

African Grey Parrots are originally from West and Central Africa, so it is quite surprising Benji is supporting England.

As you can see from the video after the link, Benji currently says "Come on Roon" rather than Rooney -- maybe by the time we are in the World Cup final he will have got it right.

A Brazilian baby with remarkable dancing skills has become an online hit… and once you hit play, you'll see why.

Standing on a kitchen table wearing only a nappy, the little tot starts thrusting his hips in time to the music.

Within seconds he is pointing, waving his arms and pulling complicated dance moves which seem almost impossible for a child so young.

Perched precariously on the table he dances away as family members film him with mobile phones.

The video has now been watched by over 500,000 people online with many YouTubers suggesting the lad could be the reincarnation of Michael Jackson.

When Eric Boehs thought he'd accidentally put his iPad and iPhone in a rubbish truck, he started tracking it via GPS -- and videoing his attempt to get them back.

His Apple toys had gone missing as Eric rushed to take the bins out on his way to work, so he started off by trying to contact refuse collectors.

But when that didn't work he used the MobileMe 'Find My iPhone' facility to discover where his gadgets were - as they were on the move, so he started chasing them.

When he finally caught up with then, he was surprised to find they were not at a rubbish tip or the back of a truck - but that's because he hand't put them in the bin.

Instead he'd left them on the roof of his car and they had fallen off while he was driving… they'd then been tun over and picked up by another motorist.

Millions of fans missed England's opening goal of the World Cup -- because blundering button pressers at  ITV HD cut to an advert.

Just three minutes into the game against USA the channel - which promised to show the World Cup in more detail than ever before - cut to a Hyundai ad.

This meant fans who were watching the high definition broadcast, didn't see Liverpool ace Gerrard score.

In fact the first they knew about it was when the 24 second interruption ended and the match returned to screens, with a 1-0 scoreline and Fabio Capello celebrating.

More than 1m fans are said to have shelled out on a HDTVs specifically to watch England games in HD at home… something they are no doubt regretting.

Toucans at Leeds Castle have started playing a specially adapted version of the classic 1970s hit game KerPlunk.

But rather than marbles falling when they lose, the birds at the aviary in Kent are rewarded with falling fruit when they pull out the right sticks.

Staff at the attraction adapted the game in a bid to keep the birds active in their cage and they appear to take it in turns.

Watching the 'games' has also proved a hit with visitors, may of who have uploaded videos the feathered KerPlunk players to YouTube.

But we are not surprised, isn't it well known that the animal kingdom has a fascination with 1970s board games… unless we dreamt about the turtles with a penchant Connect Four that is.

Details are a bit scarce on this video, but we do know one thing for certain -- this cyclist is very, very lucky to be alive.

The rider was crossing a junction in Asia when a crash between two cars  sent one flying in front of him and the other behind.

The first car had stopped at the junction waiting for the lights to change before pulling out when the second sped into the back of it.

As the two vehicles were carried forward by the force of the impact, an unwitting cyclist was crossing the junction in front of them.

Anyway as we said, we don't have too many details… just press play and enjoy.

A Japanese magician who has started using the Apple iPad in his street show has become an online hit.

Shinya uses a mix of pre-programmed clips and props in his tricks which include producing a pigeon out the the tablet device.

Filmed outside a Apple store in Tokyo, he also creates smoke from the screen and then 'connects' with a friend who bends a fork via the power of the iPad.

A video of his his tricks - based around a theme of communication - has already been viewed over 700,000 times online.

But no matter how hard he tries, Shinya will have not be able to improve on the Steve Jobs trick of getting people to pay £429 for an iPad.

Police are investigating a group of holiday makers who were filmed inflating a rubber dinghy through the window of their car… as they drove.

As the car sped through the streets of Llangollen, North Wales, a passenger held a dinghy out of the window and started blowing.

Possibly over-eager to get to the beach, they then proceeded to inflate the blue dinghy as they traveled at 40mph - despite it nearly hitting several pedestrians.

A motorcyclist who was following the car filmed the shocking incident and uploaded the video to YouTube, where it was seen by cops.

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said they could prosecute for dangerous driving… we think they were talking about the dinghy and not the biker with a camcorder.

A pair of motorcycle-riding handbag thieves in China have been arrested after they were chased by a group of irate shoppers who saw them attack a woman.

The incident, which was caught on CCTV, happened in Wenzhou last week and started when the motorbike-riding crooks drove past a woman and grabbed the handbag she was carrying.

As the pair sped off down the road, the victim tried to run after them, and passers-by who had seen what happened they joined in.

Within seconds, dozens of shoppers and store-owners were following the bike which was forced to double back on himself.

At that point the men were pushed off the bike and attacked by the gang with whatever they had to hand… including one guy who threw a chest-of-drawers at him, really.

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