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A daredevil rollerblader has leaped from the 131ft high first floor of the Eiffel Tower and onto a massive quarter pipe ramp.

Inline skating champion Taig Khris, 34, fell 10m before landing on the 30m-high ramp and rolling into a wall of padding to break his fall.

The leap - which took two attempts to get right - was watched by thousands of bystanders who gathered in Parc Du Champs de Mars to watch.

After losing his footing during the first bid, Khris got it right second time, setting a new world record for the highest roller-skate jump.

In odd news, this is probably also the first time someone has set a world record while sliding on their bum into a giant airbag.

He used to be the prince of darkness - but to promote his latest album, Ozzy Osbourne seems a bit more like Jeremy Beadle.

Ozzy has spent a day scaring visitors to Madame Tussauds waxwork museum  New York and posting the resulting videos on YouTube

The Black Sabbath frontman sat motionless at the attraction and then, when fans posed to have their photo taken with the lifeless looking dummy, shouted "boo".

As the visitors screamed so did he, and to be honest we are not exactly sure who looks the most scared.

The stunt was part of a promotion for Osbourne's newest album, "Scream" -- which is what Sharon Osbourne does every time she wakes up and sees Ozzy lying next to her.

Engineers working for Dyson have used their new bladeless fan to create an  assault course for a balloon… it must have been a quiet day.

Dozens of the Air Multiplier fans - which blow air through a bladeless hoop - were lined up around one of their labs.

The head of each fan was then positioned to create a complete loop of air flow and a balloon was launched into it.

The balloon then wobbles its way around the course - which goes along the floor and over desks and piles of boxes - being sucked in the rear of each fan before being blown towards the next.

It's all rather impressive, but at £200 per fan it seems a rather extravagant way of moving a balloon around. And why do you need to do that anyway?

There's never a good time to get a parking ticket, just ask TV reporter Gayle Anderson -- she was recently issued several live on TV.

Gayle, a reporter with KTLA, had been doing a live segment from California about the ideal sort of car to take on a road trip.

But as she chatted with a motoring expert, they spotted a Santa Monica officer writing a parking ticket for a parked they were filming.

And after handing over the $50 fine, the officer moved straight on to the next of the ten cars being used in the show, and then the next…

But to her credit, Gayle managed not to react in the way most people do when getting a parking ticket (or 10) - which is good given there could have been children watching.

Shoppers and office workers in Zurich were left part bemused, part terrified when hundreds of people instantly collapsed to the floor.

All across the city green demonstrators simulated dropping down dead at exactly 12.15pm yesterday - to protest about a series of proposed nuclear power stations.

The campaigners say their action simulated a nuclear radioactivity disaster which could happen in Switzerland, if the stations are built.

Many onlookers who were not in on what was happening were frightened by the mass fall - which was similar to events in the hit show FlashForward.

Their response also gave a great insight into what a post apocalyptic world might be like, some responded by trying to help 'victims'... but most simply stepped over the bodies.

A £275 million bridge in Russia has been closed after it started severely bouncing up and down in high winds.

The wobbling of the 4.5 mile bridge was so bad it threw some cars into the air as they tried to drive across it and into Volgograd.

Engineers had spent 13 years planning and building the beam bridge which opened eight months ago and claimed it would be more stable than a suspension bridge.

But high winds proved them wrong with drivers saying their commute suddenly felt more like a roller- coaster -- and looking at this video we can see what they mean.

The bridge was closed while safety checks were carried out and will reopen shortly. Bosses say the problem was simply "The wrong type of wind."

Workers moving a 100-year-old statue as part of renovation to a town square in Belgium have given the perfect example of how NOT to do it.

The team had been tasked with moving a statue of Flemish lawyer Gabriel Mudaeus while work was carried out in the public square in Brecht.

After attaching a harness to the base of the 10ft stone finger, which stood on a podium, they used a crane to lift Mudaeus onto the back of a lorry.

And that's when it all began to go wrong. As the crane lifted the figure, it toppled forward until it was dangling horizontally and had clearly suffered some damage.

But a split-second later the statue slipped out of the harness and plunged head first onto the back of the truck, decapitating Mudaeus… at which point the workers hoped they were on Just for laughs.

A TV news presenter was shocked when the guest on her show (who was admittedly also her boyfriend) proposed to her live on air.

Anna Fedorova, host of Prime Time Russia, had been interviewing her partner Neave Barker, a journalist for the Arab news network Al-Jazeera on the show.

As the pair talked about various cultural activities in Moscow, Barker interrupted his partner saying: "Anya, it's time for me to ask you a question."

He then stood up and after letting he know her colleague and family were in on the stunt, he produced a diamond ring and asked her to marry him.

She quickly said yes and ran over to Barker who put the ring on her finger -- all while announcements about street battles in Kyrgystan scrolled along the bottom of the screen.

A rally driver crashed and rolled his car after being distracted by a spectator dropping his trousers and waving his bum.

Mark Tapper had been storming along the track during Stage 15 of the Rally New Zealand when he passed some fans in a tree-lined area.

But unlike most spectators - who drivers have to block out of their minds as they speed along at a dangerous pace - one guy stood out.

That's because he'd dropped his trousers and was mooning the cars as they went by. The slight distraction caused Tapper to clip a grass verge and flip his car.

As you can imagine the driver was non too happy and the language in this video accurately sums up his feelings to the bum-barer… so you may want to limit the volume if you're at work.

A robot has been used to conduct a wedding ceremony in Japan -- well where else was it going to be?

The i-Fairy robot, according to makers Kokoro Co the first non-human ever to lead a wedding, costs £45,000 and has flashing eyes and plastic pigtails.

Yesterday the programmable 4ft tall robot led a wedding in central Tokyo between bride Satoko Inouye and groom Tomohiro Shibata, in front of 50 guests.

During the ceremony the i-Fairy directed the couple to exchange vows and even said in a tinny voice "Please lift the bride's veil," before asking the pair to kiss.

When the inevitable robot uprising happens, we will no doubt look back at moments like this an question why we didn't see it coming… until then enjoy the cute video.

An armed robber picked on the wrong guy during a raid at a Leeds bookmakers, as this CCTV shows.

When the robber pointed a gun at the head of Martin Richardson - an 18-stone rugby player - his have-a-go-hero gene must have kicked in.

Martin was blocking the exit to the store when the man waving the gun (which turned out to be a replica) told him to open the door and get out of the way.

But rather than do what he was told the judo expert picked up a nearby chair and hurled it at the confused robber.

He then proceeded to wrestle the raider to the floor and sit on him until police arrived to arrest him. Martin says he'd not been in a good mood that day anyway.

A clever copywriter has landed his dream advertising job -- by buying the names of his ideal employers on Google.

Alec Brownstein used Google adwords to buy the names of creative directors at top New York ad agencies for a total of $6.

This meant when they "vanity searched" Google for their own name (like you don't?) they saw a message from him above the normal search results.

His message "Googling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun too." along with a link to his website, go him interviews with four of the five people he targeted.

As a result he accepted a job with Y&R NY… where he is now required to come up with equally creative ideas on a daily basis.

275x250.jpgBosses at car manufacturer Volvo were left red-faced when a press demonstration of their new collision avoidance system failed.

Volvo had arranged for photographers and journalists to see their new safety feature in action preventing a car from crashing.

The technology works by using a sensor on the front of a car which calculates if a crash is imminent and  automatically applied the breaks leaving the driver safe.

Or that's the theory. Unfortunately the demo didn't go to plan and as you can see from the below video the S60 car smacked straight into the back of a truck it should have avoided.

But all was not lost… at least you can see the windscreen wiper continues to function even after the smash.

This CCTV footage shows how an Australian dad saved his baby son by tightly holding onto him when an out-of-control car ploughed into them on the pavement.

Incredibly, Andrew Leach only suffered a broken leg in the horror crash, and little Haydn miraculously escaped without a scratch on him.

The accident happened near Sydney when an 82-year-old female driver suffered a suspected heart attack and lost control of her car.

As the video shows, her vehicle mounted the curb and headed straight towards the Leach family.

Andrew says he intentionally held his son tightly and lifted him out of the way of the accident knowing he would be hit and injured himself.

An advert for a fart smothering blanket which claims to quickly absorb the odour of flatulence has become a YouTube hit.

The 'Better Marriage Blanket' is said to contain the same type of carbon fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons.

Since the ad - which claims to offer a "real solution to a very real problem" - was uploaded to YouTube, it's already been watched more than 1m times.

Denver science teacher Francis Bibbo says he created the material 15 years ago but it is only now coming to market as a product for gassy couples.

Makers say the £30 blanket makes an ideal wedding or anniversary gift for your loved one… or you could just cut down on the baked-beans.

Police officers arrived at the scene of a reported armed robbery, only to discover the 'crime' was actually a shoot for an upcoming movie.

Cops had been called out when a passerby saw what they thought was an armed robbery at a grocery store in New York.

But when the SEVEN police cars arrived and 15 officers burst into the store, they discovered they weren't needed.

That's because the weapon which had been seen was a prop and the person waving it at staff was an actor in a independent movie.

Police say the director had forgotten to notify them he was filming a scene involving a firearm… given how close his actors came to being shot, we don't think he will make that mistake again.

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