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275x250.jpgUS weather reporter Kim Perez didn't forecast this -- her boyfriend proposing to her live on TV.

The Weather Channel presenter was busy talking about rainfall in Florida when her policeman partner Marty Cunningham walked onto the set.

He quickly dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him, as he did music started playing and the US map switched to a screen saying "Will You Marry Me?"

Luckily he wasn't left embarrassed, Kim said 'I will,' before adding ‘You got me’ and ‘You make me so happy.’

Then came the traditional end to any good marriage proposal… a voiceover introduces the football forecast.

Pyramid UFOs filmed over Kremlin (Video)

275x250.jpgA bizarre giant pyramid-shaped UFO has appeared over Moscow's Kremlin where it is said to have hovered for several hours.

Videos of the flying object - which some claim is about a mile wide - have been posted to YouTube where they have been watched by thousands of people.

Some UFO experts claim the clips make compelling viewing and are the closest anyone has come to proving that aliens have visited the earth.

However, more cynically minded theorists suggest it could be an odd shaped hot air balloon or even a hologram.

As the good people of Moscow haven't all run screaming into the night we are tempted to think it may not be an alien craft. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

A sports fan watched in horror as friends fired guns at his 60-inch TV - after he bet them on Facebook that his team would win.

Wayne Spring was so confident that the Washington Redskins would win a recent game against the New Orleans Saints, he decided to bet his prized TV on the outcome.

He told pals on Facebook that it the Saints won, they could all go around to his house and shoot his TV. Guess what happened.

About 10 Saints fans arrived totting guns and beers and the 60-inch HD TV was positioned in his garden in front of the impromptu firing squad.

They then let rip and the television was shot dozens of times … Spring says he will be watching the rest of the NFL season on a 13-inch black and white set.

A US policeman who dances as he directs traffic has become an internet hit after videos of him have been uploaded to YouTube.

Dozens of clips show officer Tony Lepore strutting his stuff as he directs cars and busses around Rhode Island with a carefully choreographed routine.

The 62-year-old twirls, jumps and drops to his knees as he blows his whistle and points to tell drivers at busy the intersections when to move.

He is said to have started dancing on duty after seeing something similar on an episode of Candid Camera in the 1980s.

While Lepore wears full uniform including white gloves when working, he must be tempted to take one off Michael Jackson-style while he moonwalks cars in the right direction.

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