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A 'sweet-toothed ghost' has been caught on camera flinging a packet of sweets from a supermarket shelf after closing hours.

CCTV footage shows the moment the item was hurled the IGA store in Adelaide -- despite there being no-one around.

Bosses say they now believe the store is haunted by a sweet-toothed ghost, adding that they think it's pretty cool.

The video has recently become a hit on YouTube… where obviously no-one is calling it a fake.

275x250.jpg Staff at a pub in Birmingham say they are being haunted by the ghost of a former landlord who knocks over glasses and throws beer mats at customers.

Henry Skinner -- who was murdered 116 years ago -- is claimed to haunt the Birmingham city-centre boozer The Trocadero.

Skinner served in the military before running the pub and was well-known in the city and ran a popular boxing academy.

But nowadays he's said to spend his time knocking over glasses, throwing beer mats, moving things around the pub at night and making the money in fruit machines rattle.

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