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A man claims to have filmed a 'UFO squadron' flying over California in the night sky… cynics say he's merely captured a flock of birds.

YouTube user KevinMC360 - who claims this isn't his first UFO capture - says he saw the UFOs over Oakland, California, last week.

Describing the night-vision footage, Kevin points to three lights moving in a triangular pattern as being the 'UFO squadron' and uses a plane as his point of reference.

And while cynics suggest a host of more mundane explanations, Kevin insists these are the same spacecraft which he filmed around a year ago… which were also dismissed by more cynically-minded viewers.

275x250.jpg Everyone's got a theory abou tArea 51 and the "Roswell incident", and to be honest we though we'd heard them all -- from weather balloons to crashed alien craft and everything in between.

But we'd never heard the one about Russia trying to spark public hysteria in the US, by launching a bizarre craft containing grotesque surgically altered children before.

Anyway, that's the latest theory doing the rounds - courtesy of the new book "Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base" written by investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen.

In it she cites an anonymous source who says Joseph Stalin recruited infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele to create "grotesque, child-size aviators" and launch them into US airspace in 1947, in a bid to spark public hysteria… not sow the seed for hundreds of UFO and alien based movies and TV shows.

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