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The father behind the infamous 'Balloon Boy' prank now claims he has found proof of alien life on Mars.

Richard Heene has presented his 'evidence' in a seven-minute ranting video which he has posted online.

During the clip Heene, who now introduces himself as a member of the 'Psyience Detectives' reviews various NASA photographs from the Mars lander.

In some he claims to see to see the heads of aliens, which in others he says he can see vehicles, fur, structures and bones.

Or as he so convincingly makes his scientific claim "That's a bone man, Bone!It's got to be a bone."

275x250.jpgSecret files revealed today show that Winston Churchill was accused of ordering a UFO cover-up - because he was worried people would panic.

The latest batch of UFO files released by the National Archives include a letter from the grandson of an RAF officer who was also one of Churchill's bodyguards.

In it he claims his grandfather overheard Churchill talking about aliens with US wartime General Dwight Eisenhower - in particular a UFO shadowing aircraft returning to Britain.

The letter goes on to claim Churchill said the incident needed to be classified because it would "create mass panic among the general population and destroy one's belief in the Church."

In odd news none of the documents have yet revealed whether Churchill really did have a hotline to the TARDIS and Doctor Who.

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