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This helicopter pilot is our new hero, after spotting a toy plane stranded in a tree, he rescued it and returned it to the boy who had crashed it.

Despite being busy flying a Robinson R-22 helicopter, the pilot saw the lad flying a scaled-down P51 Mustang, and then crashing it into a tree.

He quickly sprang into action and swooped down, hovered over the tree and got his co-pilot to lean out an grab the wing of the plane.

Once they'd retrieved the toy, they landed outside the house and returned it to the boy.

275x250.jpg The UK Foreign Office has spent £10,000 to have a giant 120-year-old dead snake re-stuffed.

Measuring 20ft long and known as "Albert" the snake - which hangs in a Foreign Office library - is said to be regarded as a departmental asset.

The odd spending was revealed after a Freedom of Information (FOI) request from political blog Guido Fawkes.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office reportedly said of the spending: "It is quite a bit of money, but he is a very big snake."

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