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We've all tried throwing rubbish into a bin, only to see it land on the floor. But while you might have brushed it off as a bad throw, a Japanese inventor took it as a professional challenge.

As a result he decided to create a robot bin which moves around the floor to catch rubbish thrown at it.

The Smart Trashbox uses a Kinect-style 3D motion tracking camera to track rubbish thrown at it, while a battery and motorised wheels make sure it's there to catch it.

A video which shows the development of the Smart Trashbox has become a YouTube hit and been viewed by more than two million people.

275x250.jpg An 11-year-old boy somehow managed to get through five airport security checks to board a plane and fly from Manchester to Rome on his own.

Liam Corcoran had been out shopping with his mom in Wythenshawe in south Manchester, when he decided to head to the airport and jump on a plane.

The plane-mad lad reportedly followed a family as they passed through Terminal 1 at Manchester Airport, and continued to pass through security checks unnoticed.

He even boarded a flight to Rome - despite not having a passport or boarding pass - and was not stopped by airport security staff, ground or cabin crew.

It was only noticed the boy was on the flight when other passengers raised concerns and after touching down in Rome the was put on an immediate return flight to Manchester.

A three-year-old girl has become an online hit after her dad filmed a video of her climbing a door frame.

Sofya Dickson from Leicestershire had been performing her trick when dad Peter decided he should film it and put it online for friends and family to see.

Writing on YouTube he said: "Not sure where Sofya got the idea for this but I should of known to be worried when she was quiet for 10 mins. Came downstairs and all I could hear was 'I can do it, I can do it'."

But he was shocked to find that more than 215,000 people have viewed the 38 second video of climbing Sofya and he's been fending off calls from international media.

A policeman guarding the Olympic Torch as it made its way from Kent to London last week did his best to keep waiting flame-fans entertained, by dancing as they waited.

The cop decided to strut his stuff in front of hundreds of onlookers in Sevenoaks and jumped off his bike to do his thing.

He then broke out dance moves including a bit of breakdancing, spinning around and the occasional crotch thrust.

Obviously with that many people watching his routine was quickly uploaded to YouTube where it became a hit.

A baseball fan has become an instant American hero after catching a foul ball between his legs.

The man had been holding his snacks and a drink as he walked back to his seat at the game between the Blue Jays and Indians.

But that wasn't going to stop him when Clevelands Jason Kipnis hit a high fly ball which ended up in the stands.

The ball bounced over fans and the man somehow managed to stop and hold the ball between his legs. The crotch catch got a standing ovation from other fans… when was the last time your crotch got that?

275x250.jpg Women who find parking their car at a new car park in the German town of Triberg particularly easy will have the local mayor to thank ...  he allocated easy' parking spaces for them.

Mayor Gallus Strobel made the bizarre decision - which sees certain spaces with male and female symbols - because he says men are better at parking than women.

The female allocated parking spaces are wider than normal and are easier to access. Those marked for use by men tend to be those close to concrete pillars and ones which can only be reversed into.

Denying claims of sexism, the 58-year-old mayor reportedly said that there were great women drivers and pointed out 10 spaces were reserved for women and just two for men.

What do you think, are men better at parking than women? Do you care? Is this just a marketing stunt for Triberg?

275x250.jpg We've seen our fair share of cat videos here at NewsLite Towers. Which is why we're kicking ourselves that someone beat us to the idea of launching an internet cat video film festival.

But kudos to the people over at Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis who are currently looking for entries for their Internet Cat Video Film Festival which is part of their Open Field project.

Members of the public are being asked to nominate their top viral cat videos - with the most popular getting screened at the gallery on August 30th.

A spokesperson for the gallery said: "While YouTube may count views and decide Internet cat popularity on a global scale, we’d like to know which kitty clips are striking a chord with the local community.

Whether it’s sleepy kittens, piano cat, or mom cat hugging her kitten, these short feline-centric video clips continue to get more and more views every day.

Bosses at a Dutch TV news show have been left red-faced after accidentally giving Angela Merkel 'Hitler' moustache in a background graphic.

Nos television's six o'clock news had been covering a meeting between the German Chancellor and French President Francois Hollande and used a suitable photo.

But because of the way the image merged with the studio background, a black line appeared on her top lip, making it look like she had a Hitler-stlye moustache. Oops.

Speaking after the gaffe, bosses of the show said: "It was an unfortunate coincidence."

275x250.jpg While most people in Britain were upset to see Andy Murray lose to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final, Oxfam were torn -- because they netted £100,000 thanks to the Federer win and a bizarre bet.

When he died in February 2009, Nicholas Newlife left his entire estate to Oxfam. This included the outcomes of a series of outstanding bets he'd placed. One being that Federer would win Wimbledon seven times before 2020.

That meant the charity scooped more than £100,000 thanks to the win. William Hill's Graham Sharpe, who took the bet from Mr Newlife, said, "Normally we'd have mixed feelings about paying out such a hefty six figure sum, but in this instance it seems that it was meant to be."

A spokesperson for Oxfam said: "Oxfam was torn throughout this year's Wimbledon final - we wanted a win for Britain, but we also had a sizeable vested interest in Federer taking home the trophy."

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