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275x250.jpgA fox with a head for heights has been discovered living at the top of a 288m tall skyscraper at London Bridge.

The animal, named Romeo by staff, was found 72 storeys off the ground in the UK's tallest skyscraper, the Shard.

It's thought he got there by climbing 71 sets of stairs and a ladder and survived for two weeks by eating food left by builders.

While the building is still under construction, the fantastic fox will have enjoyed sensational panoramic views of London before he was caught in a special cage.

The fearless intruder has now been brought down to earth after being released back on to the streets of Bermondsey.

It appears zoos in Japan have an interesting way of practicing what they would do if a dangerous animal escaped. As this video conclusively shows.

One of the trainers at Tama Zoo in Tokyo recently donned a tiger costume and ran around while colleagues chase him with nets and guns.

26-year-old Shuhei Yamaguchi had to pretend to be a Siberian Tiger which had broken free during an earthquake and go on an hour-long rampage of the attraction.

Dressed in a none too convincing bright yellow costume, other staff used sticks and nets to restrain him, luckily they refrained from pulling the trigger on their tranquilliser guns.

275x250.jpgAn Australian township called Speed, in Victoria, has been officially renamed as SpeedKills -- in a bid to improve road safety.

The name-change is part of a road safety campaign which aims to reduce rural road trauma and increase awareness of the dangers associated with speeding.

Signs welcoming drivers to 'SpeedKills' will be installed at the north and south ends of town for one month, along with extensive media coverage for the campaign.

Bosses from the Transport Accident Commission and Victoria Police say they hope the driving past signs saying SpeedKills will encourage more drives to slow down.

While we sincerely hope they are right, we can't help but wonder what that means drivers in place like Fucking, Wank and Knob Lick do when they see those signs.

200x190.jpgNo-one likes having their cinema experience ruined someone noisily munching on popcorn when they're trying to watch a movie.

But most of us simply tut at the eating offender and carry on. Not so in Latvia, where a man has been shot dead after a popcorn-based argument.

It's been reported that an argument broke out during a screening of Black Swan in Riga, centred around the volume at which someone was eating their cinema treat.

As the credits rolled, the fight is said to have become heated and seen a gun fired. Police say a 42-year-old man has since died and a 27-year-old was arrested.

While we're all in favour of enforcing the Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo Code of Conduct… it's safe to say this is probably going a bit too far.

Naked sausage thief caught on CCTV (Video)

There's a reason Joshua Abernathy has been dubbed the 'sausage thief' -- and it not just because he's said to have robbed a retirement centre of their breakfast meat.

It's also because he revealed his own wiener during the raid in Florida… on a security video.

When centre bosses found their breakfast sausages had been stolen, they reviewed CCTV footage to find the crook responsible, and it's safe to say they were shocked by the images confronted them.

Footage showed a man wandering through the facility before going into a back room, stripping off and then re-emerging minus his clothes.

The naked robber then proceeded to help himself to the meat, a first aid kit and napkins… thankfully in this version of the footage the thief's own sausage has been blurred out

road date advert Love causes people to do some strange things. Just ask Janie Brown, she's spending the day wearing a sandwich board at the side of the road looking for love.

The 20-year-old History student from Birmingham University has turned herself into a human-advert in a bid to find a Valentine's Day date after recently getting dumped.

Over the weekend her boyfriend Steve called time on their six-month romance yesterday but rather than mope, she decided to fix herself up with a date straight away.

Broken-hearted Janie said she hoped a passerby would take pity on her because spending the day alone would be 'depressing'… unlike standing beside a road in Birmingham begging for a dat.

275x250.jpg A steady-handed engraver has completed what he claims is the world's smallest engraving by human hand - by writing on the sharp edge of a razor blade.

Graham Short - who is famed for his microscopic engraving work - etched the words "Nothing is impossible" onto the thin blade with letters measuring just a tenth of a millimetre.

That means they're invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen under a medical microscope at 400 times magnification.

Short says because of vibrations he can only work at night when there is less traffic and that he even has to slow his heart rate to keep a steady hand and works between beats.

Given the work took seven months and around 150 attempts to get right we're impressed he didn't change the wording from 'nothing is impossible' to 'this is impossible'.

Ski and surf fan Chuck Patterson has combined his passions… by skiing a big wave in Hawaii while wearing skis, boots, binding, and even holding ski poles.

The former professional freeskier - who enjoys catching waves almost as much as he does hurtling down mountains - says he initially tried sea surfing a few years ago, but quickly gave up.

But then in 2009 he saw a couple of other surfers riding waves on skis and decided it was time he revisited the off-beat sport. While making it even more extreme.

So in January of this year he travelled to the famous Jaws surfing spot off the northern coast of Maui where he wanted to conquer the 'big mountains' of water.

275x250.jpg Five weeks ago Luke Seall decided to see what he could swap a penny for. Now, after a series of bizarre trades, he's the owner of a plot of land in Bulgaria.

It all started for the 27-year-old from Brighton when he decided to spend a year trying to swap his way up from a 1p coin to something cool.

Initially he used the 1p to buy two goldfish from a friend, these were then traded for an old guitar, which was in turn swapped for a mountain bike and then £50.

And after putting an appeal online, Seall was offered a 10 square metre area of land in Bulgaria for the £50. But he's not finished yet and says he will continue swapping 1st January, 2012… or until he gets something good.

There are good basketball shots, there are great basketball shots… and then there's this 90ft buzzer shot.

High school student Marvin Le Fridge made the amazing shot as the buzzer sounded dutring a recent game between his team the Corcoran Panthers and the Strathmore Spartans.

While it wasn't a tie-breaker - the Panthers won 69-52 - the shot is sure to be remembered for many years to come… and luckily it was caught on video.

Speaking of the shot, Le Fridge said: "At first I was in shock, but then I started jumping around." He's now waiting for a call from the Harlem Globetrotters.

Britain today has an unlikely crime-fighting hero in the form of an elderly woman who used her handbag to tackle a gang of robbers who were raiding a jewellers.

It all happened in Northampton yesterday, as a gang of six men on motorbikes arrived at a high street jewellery store and smashed windows with sledgehammers.

While most onlookers were happy to keep their distance, call police and film the robbery for YouTube, one elderly woman decided to take matters into her own hands.

As this footage shows, she sprinted down the road before letting the guys have it with her handbag and generally giving them what-for.

275x250.jpgA feline fanatic has spent the last 60 years amassing a bizarre collection of over 2,000 ceramic cats… and she won't stop until it's purr-fect.

Pamela Cole, 60, from Birmingham, has been collecting the cats since the late 1940s, after her mother gave her a replica of a beloved kitten.

The collection, thought to be worth over £50,000, contains ornaments worth anything from 10p to over £1,000 and she even has one cat dating back to 600BC.

Pam, who now has a staggering 2,222 cats of varying shapes and sizes, says she keeps them in her spare bedroom and has stopped anyone sleeping in there.

But despite already being short of space to display them, she said she can't wait to get her paws on more.

Snowboarder Torstein Horgmo has become even more of an extreme sport hero after becoming the first person to pull off an amazing triple cork.

Horgmo managed to land the trick on his final run of the big-air competition at the winter X Games in Aspen, bagging himself the gold.

And to make it all the more impressive, he did it despite having several broken ribs from an earlier accident.

After pulling the stunt the Norwegian snowboarder told reporters he should have held back and not attempted it: "It's probably the stupidest thing I've done in my whole life," he said.

But the cheering fans seemed glad he had… well all except the one who was hit squarely in the face as Horgmo threw his goggles out in celebration.

275x250.jpgScientists say we're one step closer to a Star Trek-style cloaking device... after making a paper clip invisible.

Physicists from the University of Birmingham say they were able to successfully make the paperclip disappear - by using a light bending crystal.

While studies have previous used used meta-materials to hide tiny scale objects, the use of calcite crystal has allowed this to be scaled up thousands of times.

This is said to be the first time an object visible to the naked eye has been made to disappear and was achieved by covering the object with the double-refraction crystal.

It works by bouncing light around the object and rendering it totally invisible to the naked eye… either that or the office stationery thief nicked it off their desk without them noticing.

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