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We know it's dangerous, but it always looks like fun when it snows and you see people being dragged along behind a car on their sledge.

And it appears members of the Swedish airforce agree, because here's a video of them doing it… being towed by a fighter jet.

In the clip three nutty Swedes are pulled along by ropes as the jet weaves around the airfield. At least they have helmets on.

We just wish the video had ended with the fighter jet taking off and the  airforce guys clinging on for dear life.

It goes without saying that you should not try this at home… unless you have your own airfield and fighter jet.

275x250.jpg A retired teacher has entered the record books after being recognised as the biggest collector of Santa Claus-themed memorabilia in the world.

74-year-old Jean-Guy Laquerre from Quebec, Canada, has accumulated an incredible 25,189 festive items from 33 countries over the past 22 years.

His record-breaking collection, which is still growing in size, now take up most of his house, but it all started with a single Santa Claus statuette he was left by a dead relative.

That inspired he to acquire more and more, but now Jean-Guy has a band of helpers who send him Santa Claus gifts from antique shops and garage sales… whether he wants them or not.

275x250.jpg The Mini is known for its pint-sized proportions - but for one mechanic it was still too big… because he wanted it to fit INSIDE his motor home.

As a result Lester Atherfold spent three months shortening his cherry red version of the 1964 Mini 850 from 10ft long to just 7ft 10ins.

That means the car - which still manages to reach speeds of 75mph - can now be transported in his AEC Reliance coach as he tours the world.

Speaking of his mini Mini, Atherfold said: "People often laugh at the car, especially young girls for some reason." 

275x250.jpgA bus driver who was filmed veering into the wrong lane to 'brutally murder' a snowman has been forced to resign.

The Frostie killing happen on the University of Illinois campus after students built a large snowman in the middle of a road.

While other drivers were slowing down to carefully navigate around the obstacle, one bus driver seems to have taken exception to the snowman.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows him veering his bus onto the wrong side of the road to smash into the figure an obliterate it.

But while the students enjoyed the snow massacre, bus bosses were less impressed and say the driver has been forced to resign. And that's snow joke.

A young lad has become an online hit after getting up during a TV interview about the death of his father and performing a weird dance routine.

He was sitting in-between his mother and sister during a live TV interview on NBC's The Today Show when Keegan Roberts felt the need to groove.

As his mother talked to host Meredith Vieira about life after losing her husband the youngster spotted himself on a monitor and started to dance.

While his sister tried to calm him down the lad was having none of it and continued to strut his stuff.

But within seconds he was dancing a furious jig and pulling moves which would seem more suited to a Lady Gaga video than an interview about his dead dead.

275x250.jpg Bosses at an aquarium in the UK say they're planning to reduce waste this Christmas -- by feeding their fish leftover Brussels sprouts.

Staff say they stumbled on the finding that the fish have a 'surprising penchant' for the unpopular but festive vegetable.

As a result Alton Towers Resort have started recycling any left-over sprouts served in the hotel by dropping them in the tanks.

They say they're not sure of the impact the diet will have, or whether it will increase fishy flatulence but that they will 'monitor the situation'.

It's that time of year again. No, not Christmas... it's time for one man stunt show Aung Zaw Oo to release his annual showreel.

Each December the stuntman from Washington releases a video of himself performing impressive tricks, which goes on to become an online hit.

And this year looks set to be no exception, because in his latest YouTube video he can be seen doing stunts with diabolos, flower sticks and kung fu.

There are also some of his old favourites, such as jumping into a pair of shorts, flipping off walls and juggling while riding a bike.

Some people have been so impressed they suggest the only thing to slow him down would be Kryptonite… though Aung says this would just give him an advantage over Superman.

275x250.jpgConfused fans of Coronation Street who watched the tram crash on the soap have been calling Manchester transport bosses… to see how it will impact schedules.

Struggling to separate fact from fiction, viewers have been calling Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive to check if trams are still running.

A spokesperson for GMPTE told Newslite: "We had approximately half a dozen calls to  after the Coronation Street crash episode on Monday.

"None were from people panicking or in distress, they were simply calling the next morning to ask if services were affected."

Personally we're now wondering if the confusion is a sign of the high quality of the special effects… or the intellect of some viewers.

A barber in Alaska would have been forgiven for stopping what he was doing when a SUV smashed through the window of his barbershop.

But while Han Song simply paused to check the driver of the car was okay, he then continued to finish his haircut.

CCTV footage shows the moment the out of control driver dramatically smashed through the window into the store - luckily not injuring anyone.

And while Song stopped briefly to survey the damage with his hands on his hips, just seconds later he instructed his client back into the chair.

Song says he wanted to finish the job rather than send the man away with half a haircut. If that's not worth a tip we don't know what is.

275x250.jpgTeachers often seem to delight in the errors made by some students. Which is why sometimes it's particularly enjoyable to see a learned teacher come a cropper.

A head-teacher has been forced to make a grovelling apology after a teacher sent a school report to a pupil littered with FOURTEEN grammatical errors*.

The short report sent by the schoolgirl's form tutor at Gleed Girls’ Technology College, Spalding, was strewn with misspellings, incorrect apostrophe use and even had letters missing.

Shockingly, the first error can be instantly found in the subject line of the e-mail, titled: ' form tutor report for parents everning'.

But even more shockingly… we don't think it was a PE teacher who sent the error-laden email.

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