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275x250.jpgA 245-year-old mummified man has been given a CT scan at a US hospital -- to see what illnesses he might have suffered when alive.

The remains are currently on loan from the Hungarian Natural History Museum to the California Science Center in LA and due to go on show to the public.

But while he's there, experts wanted to conduct a computerised tomography scan to get a 3D record of his condition and insight into the way he lived.

It's hoped the non-invasive scan will show if Michael Orlovits - born in 1765 - suffered from tuberculosis like his wife who was also preserved by the cool, dry air of the family crypt.

There was us thinking hospital waiting lists were a new thing. This poor guy had to wait 245 years -- including the time it took for the tech to be invented.

275x250.jpg A country hotel designed specially for dogs has opened in Wales - complete with luxury rooms and a swimming pool.

The Royvon Pet Hotel in Merthyr Tydfil should mean you don't feel guilty about jetting off on holiday and leaving your dog behind… because they'll probably have a better room than you.

Charged at £29 a night pampered pooches enjoy a private room, an extensive selection of spa/grooming services and a swimming pool. There are also indoor and outdoor play areas.

The Presidential Suite even includes a 22 inch TV mounted on the wall -- ideal for watching Animal Planet or old episodes of Lassie.

275x250.jpgA theme park is being forced to spray a roller coaster with insect repellent -- because open-mouthed riders are swallowing flies.

Bosses at Alton Towers say too many people riding TH13TEEN ended up chewing insects because it's located in a wooded area.

And after looking into the impact of eating bugs - the majority carry illness-causing bacteria - they decided to do something about it.

The park will now trial the use of natural essential oil of the lemon eucalyptus in a bid to minimise the amount of insects swallowed and killed.

A spokesperson said flies are also surprisingly calorific… 20 flies are apparently the equivalent of a small bag of jelly beans.

A rapper is tying up police emergency lines in Manchester -- by repeatedly calling 999 and singing at operators.

Police say he's called THOUSANDS of times in the past 18 months, but because of regulations they're not allowed to hang up on him.

His calls - where he sings, raps, preaches and plays loud music - are said to have cost over £1,000 per month to deal with, and officers have blocked over 60 mobile phone numbers.

But whenever they do, the man, who speaks with a Jamaican accent, just gets a new SIM card and carries on - possibly blocking real emergency calls.

Recordings of his calls have now been released in the hope someone might recognise his singing… maybe you have seen him on the X Factor.

A 10-year-old boy has set a new world record -- by wearing 215 pairs of underpants at the same time.

Jack Singer set the prestigious pants record at his 10th birthday party after several months of training.

While the youngster was able to slip the bottom layers of underwear on himself the weight and girth of them meant he soon needed help from his parents.

Jack says the excessive weight of the pants even meant he had to lie on his back towards the end of the 18 minute effort, and caused him to lose sensation in his feet.

A Guinness world record adjudicator confirmed he had beaten the previous record of 215 pairs of pants… and that his mom was now bidding for a laundry word record.

275x250.jpgPeople who read lots of books are generally thought to be smarter than their less well read counterparts -- but that idea could soon be challenged.

Bookstore owners across the UK are compiling a list of the most stupid and amusing they have heard from shoppers.

Examples so far include the customer who asked if Anne Frank wrote any more books after her diary - and the man who when asked to specify what sort of map he wanted said "mappy maps."

Another of the gems compiled to celebrate Independent Booksellers Week is the lady who asked "Did Charles Dickens write any shorter versions of his books?"

But our personal favourite is the teenager who wanted to return a copy of Douglas Adams'
Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy -- because it didn't even contain anything about Italy where she was going Euro-railing.

275x250.jpgA professional pooper scooper says he recently found ripped banknotes worth $58 (£40) in the dog mess he was clearing.

Steve Wilson had been picking up poo in St. Louis when he noticed one particular mess contained something odd.

On closer inspection, Steve, who works for 'DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal' realised it was a number of banknotes - presumably having previously been swallowed by the pooing pooch.

He then proceeded to pick the notes - which totalled $58 - out of the mess and sanitise them, before returning them to the dog's confused owner.

As many of the notes were ripped (but still had an intact serial number) they will now be paid into a bank… so they can be taken out as another deposit.

275x250.jpg A bald penguin at a UK wildlife centre have been given a specially designed wetsuit to protect him getting sunburn over the summer.

Ralph, a ten year old Humboldt penguin suffers from a moulting problem which causes him to lose all of his feathers within a couple of days.

This means that unlike other penguins - who moult as new feathers grow - his pink skin is left exposed and he could easily get sunburn.

A spokesperson for Marwell Wildlife in Hampshire said the wet suit is made from neoprene, has velcro fastening and was made to measure… well even we didn't think you could buy penguin wetsuits in the average surf shop.

275x250.jpg More than 20,000 people have gathered to watch an annual event where racers run through a town carrying someone in a bed.

The Great Knaresborough Bed Race saw 91 teams of bed-carrying racers complete the three-mile course in a bid to win the (obviously prestigious) title.

While some racers, like the winners Ripon Runners - who finished in 13.56 minutes - take the event seriously, others compete in fancy dress and with decorated beds

The Bed Race dates back to 1966 and with over 630 competitors this year is still growing -- in case NewsLite enters a team next year I'm putting my name down for the position in the bed. 

275x250.jpgA four-man mountain rescue crew were called out to save the life of a dog which became tired on a Snowdonia mountain walk.

Nero, a 10-year-old black labrador had been trekking above the Ogwen Valley near Bangor, when he became tired and the stoney path caused him to suffer sore paws.

His owner, a woman in her 30s, didn't know what to do and dialled 999 for mountain rescue - asking them to help the poor pooch back down.

A team was dispatched and located the dog and owner before taking it in turns to slowly carry Nero down on their shoulder

The mountain heroes say it took three hours to get off the mountain -- and that the phrase 'rescue dog' is normally a description rather than an instruction.

275x250.jpgFor many people there would be nothing sweeter than receiving an Apple iPad as a gift -- unless it was coated in chocolate.

Stefan Magdalinski knew his Apple obsessed wife Kay would love an iPad for her birthday so had one imported from London to South Africa.

But he didn't stop there, he also wanted to give her a special treat and delay the surprise of her finding out.

So he commissioned a luxury chocolate shop in London to coat the high-tech gadget in milk chocolate using a carbon-freezing process.

After somehow getting through customs - we can only imaging what this looked like on an x-ray - the package was shipped to South Africa.

275x250.jpgFrench psychiatrists have diagnosed Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars - who later became Darth Vader - with borderline personality disorder.

Eric Bui of the Toulouse University Hospital says he made the diagnosis after watching the prequel movies and comparing Anakin to diagnostic criteria of mental disorders.

He says the young Jedi matched six out of the nine borderline personality disorder criteria, thanks to his separation from parents, his impulsiveness, violent outbursts and anger management issues.

His illusions of invincibility and crises of identity are also said to have made him a classic example of the disorder.

Suggesting they may be in need of a stint one the psychiatrists couch themselves, the experts even claim with psychotherapy the fictional character may not have turned to the dark side.

Millions of fans missed England's opening goal of the World Cup -- because blundering button pressers at  ITV HD cut to an advert.

Just three minutes into the game against USA the channel - which promised to show the World Cup in more detail than ever before - cut to a Hyundai ad.

This meant fans who were watching the high definition broadcast, didn't see Liverpool ace Gerrard score.

In fact the first they knew about it was when the 24 second interruption ended and the match returned to screens, with a 1-0 scoreline and Fabio Capello celebrating.

More than 1m fans are said to have shelled out on a HDTVs specifically to watch England games in HD at home… something they are no doubt regretting.

A powerlifer competing at an event in Chicago tried to squat 1,008 pounds -- and ended up projectile vomiting on a judge.

Logan Lacy was trying to lift the heavy weight at the American Powerlifting Federation contest when the embarrassing accident happened.

As he tried to stand, raising the weight, his cheeks puffed out and then he proceeded to vomit onto judge Garry Frank... who was sitting two metres in front of him.

Logan than passed out and collapsed to the floor, luckily he is okay, other than his dented pride.

In his defence, the phrases "Lift this" and "Do an Exorcist impression" can sound surprisingly similar.

275x250.jpg Daredevil athletes have jumped from the edge of a 90ft deep sinkhole in a remote part of Mexico, as part of a cliff diving contest.

Divers in the 'Cliff Diving World Series' performed stunts and reached speeds of 40mph before hitting the dark water of Cenote Ik Kil.

Gary Hunt, from Southampton was the overall winner and managed to pull off a Triple Quad – one of the most difficult dives in the world.

The Red Bull event lasted for two days -- though most of that time was probably taken up trying to get back out after each jump.

275x250.jpg Firefighters were forced to rescue a cow from a family's swimming pool after it broke through a fence to their garden and jumped into the water.

Unfortunately after taking the dip in Motcombe, Dorset, the bovine was unable to get back out and had to be rescued by firefighters.

A total of 18 firefighters were needed to attach a harness to the half-tonne animal - which had been sedated by a vet - and lift it out from the chilly water with a hydraulic crane.

After a quick check from a vet the cow was able to trot back to the field, but given the traumatic day it had, we think it will probably be producing milkshake for a while.

275x250.jpgMore than 400 competitors have battled it out in a range of sports at the Wattoluempiade (Mud Olympics) in Hamburg, Germany.

Events included football and volleyball matches as well as bicycle races… all on mud.

The Mud Olympics are held each year on the mudflats of the river Elbe and organisers say the weather this year was a good combination of warm and wet.

Other events included skiing competitions, where, you guessed it, dirty racers competed on mud rather than snow.

After the events were finished mud-caked participants where hosed off with industrial hoses… though we are sure some didn't clean behind their ears.

275x250.jpgThousands of fans have gathered to watch an annual shin-kicking championships which date back to the 17th Century.

16 competitors battled it out in the vicious contest in Gloucestershire where they grasp each others shoulders and quack at their rivals shins.

Wearing traditional white smocks and with their socks stuffed with protective straw, fighters then have to push their competitors to the ground after landing a good kick.

This year Londoner Kieron Lee was named champion after beating Gareth Price - part of a stag party from Wigan - in the final.

While the shin-kickers left with cuts and bruises they should consider themselves lucky -- steel toe caps were banned from the event in the 1950s and before that broken legs were commonplace.

275x250.jpgMany book shops are filled with CCTV cameras in a bid to catch would-be shoplifters -- but not this one, meet the Honesty Bookshop.

Based in the grounds of Hay Castle in Hay-on-Wye, Wales, the odd store allows shoppers 24-hour access to their secondhand books.

There are no staff (and certainly no CCTV cameras) and bosses rely on the honestly of buyers to make a profit.

All paperbacks are priced at 50p and hardbacks £1, with shoppers encouraged to pay by slotting their cash into 'pay here' boxes dotted around the shelves.

It's not known how many books get stolen from the store each year -- but when we visited the crime section was looking a little bit thin.

A Japanese magician who has started using the Apple iPad in his street show has become an online hit.

Shinya uses a mix of pre-programmed clips and props in his tricks which include producing a pigeon out the the tablet device.

Filmed outside a Apple store in Tokyo, he also creates smoke from the screen and then 'connects' with a friend who bends a fork via the power of the iPad.

A video of his his tricks - based around a theme of communication - has already been viewed over 700,000 times online.

But no matter how hard he tries, Shinya will have not be able to improve on the Steve Jobs trick of getting people to pay £429 for an iPad.

Police are investigating a group of holiday makers who were filmed inflating a rubber dinghy through the window of their car… as they drove.

As the car sped through the streets of Llangollen, North Wales, a passenger held a dinghy out of the window and started blowing.

Possibly over-eager to get to the beach, they then proceeded to inflate the blue dinghy as they traveled at 40mph - despite it nearly hitting several pedestrians.

A motorcyclist who was following the car filmed the shocking incident and uploaded the video to YouTube, where it was seen by cops.

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said they could prosecute for dangerous driving… we think they were talking about the dinghy and not the biker with a camcorder.

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